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IBAGRADS Admission Counseling Seminar


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Go through these slides! While you are reading the slides, find the words which are odd out (formatting-wise). Collect all NINE words. Re-arrange them to form a sentence. SEND US THE SENTENCE!

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IBAGRADS Admission Counseling Seminar

  1. 1. Prominent Business Schools• IBA• LUMS• CBM• SZABIST• BAHRIA, KU, IQRA etc.
  2. 2. IBA and LUMS 2013 Admission • Programs offered • Eligibility Criteria • Admission Process • Fee and Scholarships • Admission Test • Managing Test preparation
  3. 3. Programs offered at IBA• BBA• BBA Entrepreneurship• BS- Economics and Mathematics• BS- Accounting and Finance- New• BS- Computer Science
  4. 4. Programs offered at LUMS• BS- Biology/Chemistry/Mathematics/Physics• BS- Computer Science/Electrical Engineering• BS Hons.- Econmics/Mgmt Sci./ Pol. Science• BA- LLB• BA- Humanities a History
  5. 5. Other UniversitiesSimilar programs are offered at other universities BUT What is the “difference” ?
  6. 6. Why IBA and LUMS are best?1. IBA and LUMS selects best students competitive- want to be on top direction- want to have counseling sessions ambitious- have high aims talented- have done well in test and in academics2. IBA and LUMS alumni are among the top business leaders Pakistan. Examples Rahim Lalani, Head of TRG Tech Badar Khushnood- Country Representative, Google Pakistan Tabish Gauhar, MD KESC Saleem Shahzad, CEO of Nishat Chunian Shaukat Aziz, ex PM pakistan Tariq Kirmani, ex MD PIA and PSO Hina Rabbani Khar, Foreign Minister Mujahid Hamid, Ex-Chirman, Lever Brothers, China. Asad Umer, Ex CEO ENGRO
  7. 7. Am I eligible for IBA and LUMS?• Intermediate Students Should get 65% Below 65% can apply too, but…. Students should make outstanding efforts Some programs require 60%• A-level Students 2 Bs and 1 C in principal subjects All students appearing in inter/A level exams 2013 are eligible to apply
  8. 8. Getting Admission in IBA• Get 1900 in SAT or clear the test 70% weightage Needs to clear Quantitative, English & Essay• Perform well in interviews 30% weightage 90% students clear this stage
  9. 9. Getting Admission in LUMS• Fill Application form• Clear the test• Separate weightage for past grades• No interviews
  10. 10. All programs require 65% or less If you don’t get grades your admission will not be cancelledIBAGRADS offers equal opportunity and acceptance for every student
  11. 11.  SAT: OCT 6, Nov 3, December 1, January 26 LUMS Sci/Commerce in February 2013 IBA- June 2013 CBM SZABIST – June/July 2013 Admission are offered only once in year
  12. 12.  Top 10% test scorers get 50% off Needy students get up to 90% off IBA doesn’t reject any students on the basis of fee.Details are available on IBA’s website
  13. 13.  To-date, nearly PKR 1.9 billion has been disbursed to LUMS students in financial assistance. Almost 50% students receive Financial Aid. NOP program gives 100% scholarship Interested candidates get financial assurance for higher studies.Details are available on LUMS website
  14. 14.  Required preparation time: 3-4 months  Tests before or Just after your exams  Relax while others look around  Make sure that you get at least 65% in Inter Be part of free and interactive information session  Your 1st Year/Matric Grades will be counted  Importance of Test
  15. 15. How to prepare without jeopardizing your grades? October to February PREPARE FOR Aptitude Tests/SAT January-February-March Take SAT-LUMS-Test March till JUNE FOCUS MORE on INTER/ Revise your Test preparation JUNE/JULY Refresh Test preparation/ Take IBA/CBM/SZABIST Test
  16. 16. • Focus, Dedication and Commitment • Disciplined Hard work • Strong Academic Achievement • The best things in life are not free, hard work is key• Involvement(Extracurricular &Social Activities) • Demonstrated initiative and ambition
  17. 17.  SAT: Classes for Dec 1 & Jan 26 are in progress LUMS/IBA/CBM/SZABIST Test starting Sep 30th AKU/MCAT- March Test from Nov 11th GIK/NUST/FAST/ECAT Test starting from Nov 11th Class Schedule and Fee Details are available from IBAGRADS Admission Office &
  18. 18.  Only students with exceptional background get admissions in top universities. Students who can’t afford don’t get admission in a top university. It’s very difficult to prepare before board exams It’s not difficult for A-level students to pass the entry tests. Early preparation will be forgotten by the test date Only grades are required/important Aptitude tou bana hua hi hota hey…….
  19. 19. Intermediate students Moavia Naeem – Pre Med. 74%, IBA Muhammed Haris Ansari - Pre Engg, 78%, IBA & LUMS Uzair Aftab, - Pre Engg, 76.73%, LUMS Ali Hassan - Pre Engg, 70%, IBA A level Students Mustafa Siddiqui, 1A& 2C, Lyceum School, IBA Muhammed Siraj , 2A’s & 2B’s, BSS, IBA & LUMS Miqdad Zia Qazi, Private, IBA Female Students Anna Shafqat – Pre-Engg, 75%, IBA Saira Hannan – Pre-Engg, 73%, IBA Faryal Qureshi – Commerce, 76.38%, IBA
  20. 20. Next ECAT Admission Seminar• 04th November, North & Bahadurabad Campus
  21. 21. IBAGRADS Results• On average 75% have been getting admission in IBA/LUMS/CBM/SZABIST • Female classes- 2013 20/33 got admission in IBA and LUMS Personalized Career Counseling Sessions • SAT Average Score Improvement- 400 points