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Vital Signs of a Christian


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“God is excited and wants us to trust Him so He can prove Himself to us. "I need to depend on your ears, position yourself. Always be ready to hear and receive from Me"

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Vital Signs of a Christian

  1. 1. 03.01.12 Vital Signs of a Christian“The Word is what keeps you and sometimes you need deeper revelation to what you read.”“God can clean you up but you just gotta get hungry.”Concerning angels and prayer:“When a cab driver gets dispatched, he has gotten keyed to go somewhere (a dispatch hassent it somewhere). If you are praying and dispatch angels and you have not sent the wordout, where are they going to go? The angels are waiting, but they only move off of the word ofGod. When you pray you have to pray a prayer that causes movement, that cause a flow so wedon’t pray vain prayers. That’s why Jesus has to intercede because we are praying theproblems, not praying the word. What God wants us to do is to tell Him what He saidconcerning the problem. “If I can hear a relationship then I can answer you, if I don’t hear arelationship then I cant answer you.”“If I’m speaking what I feel every time I pray, the angels won’t move because they don’t moveoff of doubt.”“One of the vital signs of a Christian and one of the things we must do as a Christian is beable to speak God’s word.”“Speaking Gods word requires you to lose your vocabulary and to begin to speak like Him.You cannot talk the same way. You must lose your speech. When you become a Christian youmust be trained all over again on how to talk because our mouths act as our speaker. Ourspeaker should be Jesus because our words are a clear representation of who’s speaking.”
  2. 2. “God didn’t die until you were finished sinning. That’s why God sent Jesus in a timely manner.He told Jesus, "If You go before theyre done sinning, I’m gonna have to charge them for thesins after the fact.”“The words we speak identify who our speaker is. If we start speaking the word of God, then westart looking and acting like the word of God.”2 Portals:1. Ears – our ears channel words to our heart, which makes up our spirit man. This is why a lotof us get hurt because we heard something that went to our heart. Whatever penetrates theheart forms the spirit.”“In our heart is where the manufacturing of faith takes place.”“Jesus doesn’t give you faith, its manufactured by what you have allowed to go in your heartand what you have allowed to come out. The reason why faith manufactures because it neverstops. The more you put in it gets stronger. When you let something tear it down it breaks...itnever ends.”“When you speak stuff out of your mouth that’s not faith, you allow the demons to come attachitself to the word and the angels can’t come pull you out of it because you haven’t spoke God’sword.”“Faith is manufactured in our heart, but it needs the right speaker.”“Every time you speak death it removes something. Every time you say "I can’t" or "it’simpossible". But it’s supposed to be impossible because you shouldn’t be able to do it..onlyGod. If you can do it, God isn’t in it.”
  3. 3. “Everyday we should wake up speaking God’s word and not our own words to thecircumstances to our life.”“When you speak God’s word we are dispatching angles over our lives because His word isattached to angels.”“When you dispatch angles they gather the material you need for the day. They go before youand that’s why when you show up to places, favor is there.”“When you hear from God (this is how you get wisdom).”“You need to have a hearing heart because unless you learn to hear from God, you will bestuck for the rest of your life.”“Things that block us from hearing God’s word and the reason why it won’t soak in your spiritis unbelief and an undeveloped spirit.”“You think you re grown but you’re not. People with an undeveloped spirit, watch what ticksthem off.”“An undeveloped spirit is just like a baby that’s born premature.”“To believe something, you have to let it be and leave.”“To believe you simply make a choice and a decision that you will stand firm on it and believe itno mater what.”“What develops your faith? Mediating on the word of God.”
  4. 4. “You shouldn’t have an immediate reaction to sin. Too many of us have an immediate reactionto sin but its already paid for.”“Stay the course! Don’t let anybody take you off of what you believe, know and have seen. It’san awesome thing to see what you believe and know. Some people don’t see what they believeand know, they just believe and know.”“Theres a fact of the matter and the truth of the matter.”“What helps you understand when people die is when you release ownership. Understand whothey belong to...the Lord.”“Why did Jesus pay the cost for sin? He paid that because a lot of you all were never asked ifyou were going to sin when you were born. You were born into sin, but He didn’t ask youbecause if He knew that you were gonna serve Him, He could have allowed you not to be bornbecause your rights were stolen from you by someone else’s disobedience. Sin has aneffect...its an trickles down.”Generational curses:“The third generation breaks the sin. But their kids (the fourth generation) are supposed tobreak some. It’s not your job to break them all. The stuff that you have a problem with is thestuff you’re supposed to break.”“We are supposed to break the curse, not take care of it.”“You don’t even have the authority to break the curse. You have to get permission from Jesusto even break the curse.”
  5. 5. Developing your spirit:“To develop your spirit you need to read the word and meditate on the word. You need toobey the word, pray and listen for His voice.”“If God was really talking to you, He would tell you to stop sinning.”“You can tell when people haven’t really repented because they are nonchalant. They shouldreally be somewhere praying thanking God that He didn’t smash them.”“There will come a time when God says, "No longer will I pay for this", and what He won’t payfor He didn’t die for. If He didn’t die for it, you have to pay for it.”“I need to know the difference between me speaking and God speaking and He wants us tobuild that relationship of is," Lord if its you confirm It.” When He confirms it, go and move onit.”“Be planted by the roots (the root is the word). If you let people pull your roots out, then you’llhave the word out of you. That’s like letting somebody take your heart. These are nationscoming to take your heart from God.”“To hear God you have to expect to hear Him. Look for Him. Listen for Him. Expect to hearHim.”“You can’t say you want to hear from God and go off in la-la land and do whatever you wantto do. Expect Him to speak.”“God is excited and wants us to trust Him so He can prove Himself to us. "I need to dependon your ears, position yourself. Always be ready to hear and receive from Me.”“Let Jesus rescue you, don’t rescue yourself.”
  6. 6. “This is why we gotta have faith because right at that faith point, God has a million ways ofworking stuff out.”God said we make it so hard, but He said "My yoke is easy and My burden is light." If youare going through, those are your burdens on your back. Don’t get yoked up with somebodyand you can’t steer right. If you are dealing with somebody that is not keeping youbalanced, what conversation is there that needs not to be? "If you’re not keeping mebalanced how can I even remotely think that Jesus wants me with you.”Idolatry:Psalm 115:4-8“Crucifixion was invented by the Romans for great criminals and murderers. People whowear the cross around their neck worship the fact that He’s dead. People in the illuminatiwear that and want people to think that theyre for Him but they’re not. They wear it becausetheir saying that your Jesus is dead, but the God says that they are dead just like theiridols. Nothing comes out of their throat and they can’t speak or walk in the right direction.They are dead.”“Now we know that Jesus always called God "Father". But there was one point when Hedidn’t call Him "Father", but called Him God and that was when He was on the cross. Aslong as He was dying for sin, He couldn’t call Him father. When He was paying the price forsin, He wasn’t His father anymore, He was His God because He needed Him to save Him.”2 Kinds of Christians: Carnal Christians and Christians who walk in the Spirit.Revelations 21:8
  7. 7. Carnal Christian love dead works. They love to explore something dead. They will sleep withanything, give themselves to anything and will not count the cost for anything. They have noramifications of danger. They have no instincts to detect anything with life.“Faith is essential for a new life because it’s important for your growth and victory.”“Without faith it’s impossible to please God. Why? You have to believe in God in order to stopsinning.”“If you keep sinning, you don’t believe you’re going to hell. In the midst of sinning people don’tthink. You have to believe that there is a hell set aside for people who keep sinning.”“Sin breaks your faith and the more you sin, you break your faith and stop believing what He saidbecause the sin gets stronger than the faith. Thinking you got time, you now believe in the sin notthe faith.”“A lot of sins are offspring of the original sin.”“Let’s say your mother was beaten. Her beatings would cause her to raise you overprotective, andthe offspring of your upbringing is bitterness.”“The reason that we cannot convict people of their sins and being sin orientated(Gravitating to sin). Why? When you convict people of their sin and being sin orientated, it drivesthem into a religious gear. How? Because the only person that has the authority to convict them isthe Holy Spirit and if they don’t have Him, there’s no conviction. That’s why when you pump themthe word to them it doesn’t penetrate.“The Holy Spirit doesn’t talk to flesh.”“No matter what you’re doing, when you hear the word your spirit-man should respond.”
  8. 8. “Conviction is the job of the Holy Spirit. If they’re not convicted, the Holy spirit isn’t in them.”“Conviction of the Holy Spirit makes you a new creation. If we make people feel convicted, wemake them religious.”“People of the world don’t repent because they have no idea what sin is...but we do. If you go tosomeone in the world and ask them to repent, they don’t know what sin is. The flipside is thatChristians shouldn’t know what sin is, either, because its been paid for.”“When your kids go to the store and what you buy them shows all they do is wear them theyhave no idea how much they cost. The only time you know what sin is if you paid the price for it.You have no business knowing what sin is.”“You should have no idea what sin is. If the Holy Spirit can’t convict you with His word, you’renot saved.”“When the Holy Spirit cleans you up you’re not supposed to know sin, you’re supposed to knowgood and evil. You’re supposed to know good doctrine from bad doctrine. If the world doesn’tknow sin and Jesus paid for our sins, why do we know sin? The only way you know sin isbecause you’re still paying for it.”“We are not without sin, but here’s an example. A surrogate mother for another woman is not"with-child", she is carrying a child. She’s carrying a child but it’s not hers. She’s not takingownership of it.”“Some people are born into sin, but some people aren’t even raised right to get out of it. Thatkind of sin you can tell because you can’t stand it. People say you are just like your mother.”“Show people love. It’s not time to shove the Bible down peoples throat.”
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