The End Times Pt. 1


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A lot of us think that the mark of the beast is going to be an obvious 666, but no. See the mark is not 666. The Rothschild’s identify themselves by a shield. The mark of the beast could be the eye of Horus, or the all Seeing Eye. Don’t look for 666 (that is to deceive you) look for symbols. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 666, don’t be ignorant.

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The End Times Pt. 1

  1. 1. 08.18.11 End Times “ When God chooses a person to handle His word, there should be a resemblance the word of God. The person should somehow look like Jesus,. You should be able to see the scriptures and read your pastor’s wife, not a first lady because that’s not in the Bible. Your pastor should fit the description of what you read.”   “ God said, "I need a woman who is not going to usurp her authority over a man. The world has banked on the authority of the woman and have put her in a position to hold up the balls of the men.”   “ If a man had the authority that a woman has over another man, 9/10 times he’s not going to obey. He would stand up to him and say, "Who do you think you’re talking to?" So it’s a mother that always disciplines a child. A man comes from a woman, but a woman does not have authority over a man.”   “ Humiliation always comes before exaltation.  "If I exalt you before you become humble, you’ll become prideful then destruction comes.”     1 Peter 2:1-3   James 3:13-16   “ Truth means "Emeth" in Hebrew. The first letter of the alphabet donates that God is first of all things and the last letter acknowledges that He is the end, so truth means that God is the beginning.”
  2. 2. The Kingdom of God   What does the Kingdom of God really mean? What does it mean to seek ye first the Kingdom of God?     “ To really understand that you are in Christianity the right way...that you are seeking the Kingdom of God...that you are a follower of Christ and that you have the kingdom with you. You should be progressing.”   Matthew 4:17 – “What the Lord is saying is that the Kingdom of Heaven is now.”   “ The ultimate reason that Jesus had to die was so He could send His Spirit. If He stayed here on earth He couldn’t send His Spirit to everybody here.”   “ When He said, "I’m leaving and I’m coming back", what He’s saying is "I’m leaving and coming back to receive My Spirit and My Spirit will be found in My people.”   “ He had to leave so He could also intercede on our behalf to God. So now we understand that there was no benefit if He stayed. He had to leave so He could intercede and so we could get His Spirit.”   “ Intercession means to act between parties with a view to reconcile differences, to plead on behalf of another, to mediate.”   What about God, what does He want out of the deal?   For those who are familiar with the catholic faith...let’s go to:   Hebrews 7:11-25
  3. 3. “ We’re talking about kings. Now Jesus is a type of King and in the Catholic Church they have the pope. The pope represents the high priest or the high king.”   Verse 12 – “Every time a new priest comes the law has to change. Every time there is a new pope the law has to change.”   Verse 13 – 17  – “The priest was not given an oath by God. The priest was never given an oath by God to mediate on your behalf. Why? Because they could not die and sacrifice their blood for our sins. Why? Because they too were sinners. So how is it they can walk up to you and put a piece of bread in your mouth and mediate on your behalf and they are a sinner and God did not put an oath on them. The pope cannot be your mediator.”   Verse 18 – 20  – “Why does Jesus keep being referred to Melchizedek? Because He was not identified by a birth date or death date....he had no genealogy, so He’s still living. The spirit of Melchizedek had no family; no birth dates, death dates, and neither did Jesus.”   Hebrews 7: 1 –3   “ Until Christ came, and when then they reasoned together before Jesus was sent, they sent a type of them, a type of Christ.  Moses was a type of Christ, Abraham was a type of Christ, and Melchizedek was a type of Christ.  Moses means "draw" and that’s what Jesus is gonna do because he is a type of Christ. "Yall keep playing with Me, but they were a type of Me." Abraham represents what Jesus was gonna do, Melchizedek represents what Jesus was gonna do, they only represented what He was going to do. Moses means draw, Melchizedek means King of Peace. So before He comes He sends His spirit and the he shows up in His spirit.”   “ If you leave before Jesus comes, if you are really God’s child. Should God happen to take you home before He comes, your family can rejoice because you ought to be a type of Christ that leaves your spirit for them to enjoy. So no matter if He takes you, the Spirit of Melchizedek should still be here because I am a type of Christ. I am Him and He is me. So If He takes me and He’s still here, then I’m still here.”
  4. 4. “ The popes are operating illegally but permissively to accomplish the perfect will of God.”   “ Jesus interceded for us twice. First when He died and He’s interceding for us now.  Every time you sin, He sits at the right hand of the Father and says “I plead the blood of Jesus over that sin, Father don’t look at that, don’t count, I’m pleading the blood of Jesus because I covered that, they belong to Me, I’m sending the Holy Spirit which now gives you strength." The moment you start, He intercedes on your behalf for the sin He already paid for.”   “ He empowers us by the Holy Spirit and this is how we become conquerors over that thing because as He’s standing there and before you get ready to commit that sin, you start feeling His strength and being filled up with His power and out of nowhere you can walk away from that thing and you wonder what happened. It’s because He’s interceding for you.”   “ When you feel separated from God and His love, you can trust in Jesus that He’s bridging a gap between you and the Father.”   “ The Kingdom of God is what? The Kingdom of God is a restored garden of Eden, back to His way of life and God’s government.”   “ There will be none in the kingdom of God who did not choose to be there by righteousness, and there will be none in the lake of fire who did not choose to be there by their wickedness.”   “ We must demonstrate our faith in this King who has the Kingdom that we don’t understand what seek ye first the Kingdom of God is because He’s gonna tell us. We must then demonstrate our faith by obeying God. When we do this like Abraham whose faith obeyed God that caused God to change Abram to Abraham as a deal of His promise, because Abraham was a type of Christ. Abraham means father of many nations.  He sent His spirit of father of many nations..."go before Me.” “ The promise that God made to Abraham included the Gentiles and Jews.”
  5. 5. “ The Jews were circumcised, that’s how they determined the real Jews from the fake Jews by the law, but the Lord says that those who have the same faith as Abraham are considered My children. This is probably the understanding where He says I have sheep that are not of this fold because God knew it wasn’t the act of circumcision; it was the obedience of their faith because they watched what Abraham did.”   “ So why was Abraham called Father, didn’t Jesus clearly say call no man Father. Abraham did what God did, he sacrificed his son. So he was able to get that spirit called father of many nations. God knew people were going to obey Abraham from that faith not necessarily that circumcision. That’s how we become sheep of another fold.”   Romans 4:10-12   “ Abraham wasn’t even circumcised. Many have heard that you are justified by faith, and if you never understood what that meant, that scripture says how.”   “ The first thing that we need to understand when looking at God’s Kingdom is that man needs a kingdom. A man of God needs the Kingdom of God. A woman of God needs the Kingdom of God.  Another significant promise that God made to Abraham when concerning the Kingdom of God was the Kings shall come out of the Kingdom of God.   “ Kings have to be birthed out of the Kingdom.”   1 Chronicles 17:11-14   We are going to show you how the church is not the Kingdom:   Mark 1:14-15   “ It is necessary to believe the gospel to be saved, but how can you believe it unless you know what it is? So if you had a false pretense of what the gospel is, are you saved and by whose gospel are you saved by?”
  6. 6. “ The kingdom of God is going to be a visual place. It is something that can be seen, but only by those who are born again. It’s something that others cannot see.”   “ Carnal people who make no claim to having been born again...they see a church. They can’t see a Kingdom.  That’s why when people come in here they can't stay because they don’t understand that this is a Kingdom, they only can see church. They don’t want to make a commitment, but they want help because it costs to be in the Kingdom, but there’s no cost to go in the church.”   “ Carnal people are welcome in the church, but when they come in the Kingdom they can't stay because there’s nobody here carnal with them. So leave the Kingdom and go back to church. They think they are having church, but the Kingdom of God is not in them because they are not born again. You come included with the Kingdom of God because Jesus is the Kingdom of God.”   “ You gotta have a Kingdom mindset, not a church mindset.”   “ So He said, "When I come back I’m coming to get My Kings and Queens, but I’m coming back to get them from out of the Kingdom, not the church.”   “ Kings aren’t in church; they’re about their Father’s business. They get annoyed when they are being controlled by one ruler ship of a pastor.”   “ Kings can’t be under a routine. I can't have you tell me when to clap, I’m a King and I belong in a kingdom environment where there is freedom and each king has rule over there own territory. We don’t interrupt each other’s territory. That’s why you have everybody in the church trying to get to the one king because they are not made to be Kings and Queens of Jesus.  He said I’m a royal priesthood. We are from a peculiar generation, we’re not even supposed to look a like, so why do all the churches look a like...because He’s not in them.”   “ A King can identify a false one, and can tell when they are around something fake because He dwells in them.”
  7. 7. 1 Corinthians 15:50   “ The Kingdom of God is something no human of flesh and blood can enter or inherit, but now, doesn’t flesh and blood enter the church?  They’re comfortable there; they can go back after going to the club. They’re not in a Kingdom; they’re not in a new Garden of Eden.”   “ Everybody is doing the same thing in the church. That’s why people can go to church, have sex, and go back and sing on the choir.”   “ Really, no church has the right to identify themselves as church, only He can do that. So why did He switch it up from a church to a Kingdom? Because He knew that Satan had dominion over the church, but he can’t have dominion over the Kingdom because he knew the kings weren’t gonna let him in. He knew the kings wasn’t gonna compromise with him. The kings ain’t gonna play with him, the kings ain’t gonna lay down with the church folks.”   “ You still playing church and I’m living a royal life because He is coming to set up His Kingdom right here on earth and if He’s setting up I gotta know how to be Kingdom minded and not church minded. I gotta know how to act in a Kingdom. I gotta know how to behave in a Kingdom. I gotta know how to pray in a Kingdom.”   “ Church folk have no Kingdom principles, no royalty about themselves because if you were royal you would take that rebuke and eat it and clean yourself up and understand that God is trying to make you out of a King.”   “ Anybody can enter a church because it’s just a building. But anybody who comes in a Kingdom, they can only stay if the Kingdom has entered into them.”   Ephesians 6:12   “ The Kingdom does not enter into men, men enter into it after resurrected in the other words after they are no longer flesh and blood. So after you are no longer flesh and blood is when you inherit the Kingdom.  You enter into the Kingdom after you are born again for real.”
  8. 8. “ When we enter a Kingdom, we allow the Holy Spirit and Jesus to govern us.”   “ Because the churches do not allow God to reign over them, they are under the government and ruler ship of their pastor.”   “ The Kingdom of God can only rule over obedient children.”     The Timeline   “ How close are we to the first resurrection? No one knows the time, date, or hour, but where are we?   Daniel 2:1-25   Daniel 2:31-35   All of these represent kings that were set up and brought down:   Gold – Babylon Empire Silver – Persia Empire Bronze – Greece Empire Iron – Roman Empire   “ Iron & Clay is the revived Roman Empire and that’s where we are right now.”   Ecclesiastes 1:9   “ In the iron and clay empire: This is where people are interlocking in marriages.”   Matthew 26:3
  9. 9. Who is the Revived Roman Empire:   Astor Bundy Collins DuPont Freeman Kennedy Lye Onassis Reynolds Rockefeller Rothschild Russell Van Duyn   “ The whole purpose of the dream of Daniel was to reveal God’s government. When Daniel told Nebuchadnezzar "the only person that can reveal this dream is God not an astrologer, not a person on the face of this earth", what he was telling Nebuchadnezzar was that Jesus is coming to build His Kingdom on the earth.  He’s gonna take all yall out of here, and build His Kingdom.”   “ Those 13 people listed are the bloodline behind the illuminatti, the new world order.”   “ Annuit Coeptis – He favors our undertaking (on the back of a dollar)”   “ Novus Ordo Seclorum - new world order (on the back of a dollar)”   “ The peace symbol is peace without Jesus. This is what they are trying to do, achieve peace without Jesus.”   “ God is really using them though, to set all this up, because this is gonna be His Kingdom.”
  10. 10. DCLXVI is on the back of the dollar, but look at the Roman Numerals:   D= 500 C=100 L=50 X=10 V=5 I=1 666 = The Mark of the Beast is on your money.   “ Only Kingdom minded people are gonna have this revealed to them what’s going on so they wont be without knowledge”   Now something about the pope:   1 Samuel 6:1-7   “ Another pagan image we see on the pope, that hat he wears is a Dagon fish”   Judges 16:23   Revelations 13:16-18   “ A lot of us think that the mark of the beast is going to be an obvious 666, but no.  See the mark is not 666. The Rothschild’s identify themselves by a shield. The mark of the beast could be the eye of Horus, or the all Seeing Eye.  Don’t look for 666 (that is to deceive you) look for symbols. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 666, don’t be ignorant.”   “ It’s no different than skulls and bones. It’s a secret society that President Bush and all them went through. You may say it’s just a belt, but when you buy it you are supporting them to kill you.”   Revelation 17:1-2
  11. 11. “ The great prostitute is the church. They have committed fornication and prostitution.  That’s why its so many churches lead by women without a head, with no husband, or either the husband is technically a woman because it’s easier for the kings out there to trick a woman.  That’s why they move the heads out of the way and give the woman so much authority and independence by way of the government. These good government jobs made these women independent of needing a head.”   “ A woman can preach and God can use whoever He wants to, but a woman should not be in authority over a man in a pastor’s position.”   Revelation 17:3-6   “ The seven heads and the ten horns is the new Revived Roman Empire...the Illuminatti.”   Verse 6 - “Drunk with blood of Gods holy people. She trapped them. Why? because they were all able to do what they wanted to do by way of this woman prostitute.”   Revelations 17:6-10   1. Gold – Babylon Empire 2. Silver – Persia Empire 3. Bronze – Greece Empire 4. Iron – Roman Empire 5. Western Empire   “ The Revived Roam Empire is the sixth king and Jesus is the seventh.” How did the church commit adultery and fornication and why did Jesus call them the mystery Babylon? She linked up with the government. That’s why you see so many political people standing in the church. See the church says "Now I’ll give you something if you just come and follow me."  See you need favor when you are trying to build your 5,000 seater.  That’s why you see them in the pictures at the ribbon cutting with the congressman and the delegate. She’s committed fornication, prostitution, and adultery with the government because the only way she was able to get this stuff done was by their approval.”
  12. 12. “ This is how you get stuff you weren’t supposed to have because you got it from the world. That’s why He said, don’t focus on the possessions that you have, but focus on the promise because the possession is not yours." Somebody else laid a foundation for that stuff, that stuff isn’t yours.”   “ What you are now hearing, you are responsible for and accountable for. So you can go and get another tattoo if you want to. You probably did the last 25 in ignorance, but this 26th one is not of God. Your body is not your own so why are you tatting it? Why are letting Jesus feel needles if He already had nails? Because you think you own yourself.”   “ The church had direct political union with the human government.  God only told us to pray for those who have authority over us. If you are big enough for a political person to come to your church that means you have influence. The government only messes with those that have influence in numbers.  That’s why the mayor shows and bishop gets a street, and then he’s the next political face who’s running and you remember by advertisement who helped your church, so who you gonna vote for?”   “ You should not be persuaded by your pastor or anybody else who to vote for.  You’re not picking anybody. They make you think you have a right. They already know whose coming, it’s a bloodline, and it’s already set up.  It ain’t a miscount, yall already know who yall gonna pick.”
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