If You Make It to Heaven, Will You Stay?


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When there’s unforgiveness in your heart, what God does is He uses people to push your buttons. What those buttons are is the unforgiveness that’s in them, in you. The people that push your buttons and get on your everlasting nerves, what they make you sick about, is what you make God sick about.

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If You Make It to Heaven, Will You Stay?

  1. 1. 09.11.11 – If You Make It to Heaven, Will You Stay Pt. 1 “ The Lord desires to reveal to us that we are supposed to be functioning as spiritual beings having a human experience.”   “ In order to operate in the Spirit, you must know where you are.”   Everything starts in the Garden of Eden   Genesis 3:2-7   “ There’s a Garden of Eden being set up for the now, and this Garden of Eden being set up for today is the One World Order. It’s really a garden and if you’re not equipped, you’re going to see by your natural eyes and eat of their fruit.”   “ Adam & Eve really set the stage to show us what we were going to go through.”   “ If you’re weak, you’re gonna respond to their offer by your natural eye.”   “ God wants us to understand that there is a war going on between our flesh, our spirit, our faith, our love and our forgiveness. This is going help us for the Garden of Eden and the One World Order.”   “ God says, Listen, if they have not love, it’s no point in reading the Bible, so close it.” If you don’t understand what love is you need to close the Bible because Jesus is love and the Bible is His word and the word is Jesus.” “ There is a war between our flesh and our spirit and until we understand and catch this revelation of the end time, many of us are gonna be subject to the same deception of Adam and Eve.”
  2. 2. This very moment...this hour...this second...this minute, God is calling us to a freedom and our biggest issue is that we lack true freedom and the only way to this freedom of whom the Son has set free is free indeed. It must be expressed by the way of love.”   “ Unless you have the love of Him dwelling in you, you’re gonna see this from your natural eye and think that Jesus doesn’t love you. When it’s famine in the world, and their the ones with the food, you’re gonna assume by your natural ability that Jesus has left.”   “ God was trying to teach us how to suffer.  When you suffer with Christ, you get to reign with Him. A lot of us have not learned to suffer. So whenever they do what they’re gonna do its gonna be a time of suffering, but if you have learned how to suffer, when the time comes its gonna be easy for you.”   “ Some of us are trying to love others who don’t know what love is, and it’s costing you too much. In other words, it’s costing some of us our freedom that we have come to know and to love you freely.”   “ People who are not recipients of love and people who don’t understand what true love is make you put a price tag on your love. They cause you to start loving with conditions. Normally you could get in my car and I wouldn’t ask you for gas money. But because you love through bondage, now I have to pay the cost because it’s hard to love you and what we are actually paying for is their bondage of what they're calling love. The fact that you have selfish love causes me to hold back, now I gotta put a price on my love which I had known was free.”   James 5:20 “ We’ve heard that love covers a multitude of sins. Your love and my love should be able to help sinners face their sins and repent. But instead when sinners meet you, they find themselves back in their sinful nature. They met you and there’s no change, but you’re supposed to be the representative of love.”
  3. 3. “ There’s not enough love in you for the sinner to face their error. So every time you run into somebody that’s going to tell you about yourself, you don’t want that because you don’t see that as a source of love. They are only interested in the love that they are in bondage to.”   “ Parents have the hardest love to negate. "Mom, thank you very much, but Jesus knows exactly what I need. The same Jesus you were praying to and wanted me to have, now that I have Him. You don’t want me to receive His love and your trying to play Jesus for me because you think that you can outlove Jesus.”   “ He had to separate somebody from the family so that you can see that Jesus had to separate Himself to die on the cross for you. So He had to separate me so that you can see the love of God. I’m just an example. I’m not better than you, I’m just an example. "I’m not grown Ma, I just want you to understand that the tears and the prayers, God is answering them. See, you were asking for love and didn’t know love like this.”   “ Jesus love was so awesome that He not only died for His kids, but He died for His enemies.”   So why does you love cost me so much?   “ See ,true love is love for the truth and it judges according to the truth, otherwise it was not love at all. It was just hypocrisy and deception.”   “ True love doesn’t ignore evil or the intentions of evil.” “ What God is commanding us to do in this very hour is love and it is a commandment.”   “ Your freedom is locked up in your being able to love. We are called in our freedoms to desire and seek the happiness of others with the same zeal that we seek our own.”   “ The way that you express your freedoms shows the amount of love that you have in you.”
  4. 4. “ If you don’t act like a free person, you don’t have love, you’re a slave to lust, and you are in bondage. How can you say you have Jesus and you have no love?”   “ Love is supposed to be free. When Jesus died did He say, "This is gonna cost you $5,000?", or did He just die?”   “ Our freedom is locked up in our love level.”   “ Just like Jesus we ought to get to a point when we love that it hurts. When He bled, that was love. Those were love drops. The nails pierced in His hands was because He loved you. God said, "Do you see her? This is all you have to pay for." He said, "I’ll pay it, I’ll buy it, I can conquer this with My love.”   “ This is why people who have a love problem cannot make basic decisions because they are not loved right. Any decisions that you make as a spiritual being should be made by and with the spirit that you profess that lives in you. So I can never make a bad decision because all of my decisions are right decisions, but they may be said at the wrong time.”   “ Any decision you make by and through the Spirit of the Living God is a right decision, even though it may be the wrong time. God says, "I order the decisions. Because you are loved, you make the decisions by way of My Spirit. My Spirit receives them and then I order them in the direction that your life needs to go." If the Holy Spirit lives in you, stop being afraid to make the decision, if it’s the wrong time. God will put it in the sequence in which it’s supposed to come around. He will start speaking to the decision, “Decision number 2; get in step number 5.” “ How do I know when one is up? Because the door opens. How do I know when I’m not supposed to do decision number 2? Because the door closes.”
  5. 5. “ So in the spirit...what happens is we make decisions with the Spirit, and the decisions are received by the Spirit, and the Lord communicates with you by the decisions and orders them to accomplish the will of the Father for your life. So don’t ever be afraid when you got the Holy Spirit living in you to make a decision...make it. And if you’re afraid to make one you don’t have the Holy Spirit.  Make the decision, seek wise counsel, but after you seek, make one.”   “ What do we need to receive His love? We need genuine faith. Only real faith can produce real love then the opposite is fake faith. Fake faith will produce fake love. So people got fake faith and they’re loving us for fake.”   “ People who love without relying on God’s Spirit always wind up trying to fill their own emptiness rather than sharing their fullness. Then love ceases to be love then it becomes selfishness and the Christian life begins to look like it’s too hard because you are forgetting that you are not called to live it by yourself, but you are called to live it with the Spirit of God.”   “ How do we live with the Spirit of God? By walking with the Spirit of God. So How?”    Galatians 5:16-18   “ If you are lead by the Spirit, you are not under the law.” “ Notice that Paul didn’t say if you follow the Spirit you are not under the law, he said if you are lead, which emphasizes that the Spirit is doing the work, not you. So if you’re trying to do this by your own strength it’s not going to work. We must be lead by His power so we can walk by the Spirit which means staying hooked up to divine source.”   “ When you are not lead by the Spirit in your decisions you keep getting unloved results.”   “ If you walk by the Spirit it will lead you in the right places, and most of all, it will cause you not to go to your fleshly desires.”
  6. 6. “ If you need another reason on why you shouldn’t trust your own spirit is because you should know the penalty sin brings...consequence, punishment, and guilt.”   “ Some of us are addicted to punishment because we keep returning to the same old sins as if we’re not loved. So we are literally becoming addicted to punishment and living under the law.”   “ How do you allow the Spirit to control you? By keeping your heart happy.”   “ The joy of the Lord is your strength. We say it but we don’t know what that means.  Everything God says has a purpose and until it’s fulfilled in your life you haven’t captured what He said, you’re just repeating it. He doesn’t want you to repeat Him, He wants you to be Him. He wants you to mimic Him and be an example of Him. So how do you get joy? It’s simple...by resting in & on His promises.”   Galatians 5:17   “ So here is the war, the sinful nature wants to do evil, which is the opposite of what the Spirit wants.”   “ God made evil too, but He didn’t make it for you to know it. That’s the problem, it was His business and not yours.”   John 3:6 Romans 7:18 Romans 7:25 “ If the love of God in you is some good, you should be able to pull what’s in me out.”
  7. 7. “ Law is a system of rules and guidelines usually enforced through a set of institutions.”    “ Before the law Jesus wasn’t there. Jesus needed something to build us up to receiving Him and that was the law, it was the stage.”   “ An institution is a structure of social order and corporation governing the behavior of a set of individuals. Within a given human committee, institutions are identified with a social purpose and permanency transcending individual human lives and their intentions. This is what the One World Order is going try to do, change your very intentions for a social purpose and with the making and influence of rules governing cooperative human behavior. So the way they feel they are gonna get you to cooperate is by changing your intentions.”   Romans 8:3   “ It was God’s very intentions to weaken our sinful nature by way of the law so we could receive Jesus. See, when you are weak that’s when you start looking for a savior, and that’s what they’re gonna do. They're going cause everything to look weak so you can start looking for a savior. Then they’re gonna start playing with your intentions. So that’s why Jesus wiped out the laws and constituted His new institution and it’s not the church, it’s the government of the Kingdom of God.” “ God’s government is His Kingdom, and there are no intentions there but freedom.”   “ So what is flesh that I cant seem to win a war against this thing;? Your flesh is your ego.”   “ The flesh is your ego which fills an emptiness and uses the resources in it’s own power to fill itself.  Flesh is the “I” who tries to satisfy the “You” with anything but the mercies of God.”   “ Galatians 5:24 and compare that with Galatians 2:20, “it is no longer I that live, it is no longer the ego that lives.”
  8. 8. “ Your ego must be crucified.” “ Just because the ego has been crucified there’s still an “I” it’s a new “I” that lives by faith now in the Son of God who loved us and gave Himself for us, so I no longer live by my ego and the principles of what momma and them said to me. I thank you, they brought me to this point, but I now live according to and by faith what Jesus says.”   “ If you still have a lot of stuff in you, if you’re still struggling with dreams and touching yourself. If you can't stop eating, if you can’t stop desires of sex, if that stuff can’t stop, what does that mean? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t a Christian.”   “ A Christian is not a person who does not experience bad desires. A true Christian is a person is who is at war with those desires by the power of the Spirit of God. This is how you know you’re a true Christian because you’re going overcome them. "I’m at war.”   “ Conflict in your soul is not all bad, but there should be a longing in our spirit for the day when our flesh will be utterly defeated and pure and loving desires flow from our heart. Even while we’re going through this stuff, something should be in us saying, "Man I can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to war and battle with this stuff anymore. I’m tired of these desires in me. I’m tired of this stuff rising up against me. All I’m trying to do is live right, but I’m in war.”   “ There’s something worse then the war between your flesh and your spirit. The worst thing is not to be in war at all because if there is no war, that’s a clear indication that your flesh is in control. So now you’re not in war, then you shift to battle. The battle is with the flesh and the ego and there the same thing and there both gonna win.” “ A lot of you all are battling with your ego and your flesh and you can’t come out a conqueror because there’s no Spirit in you. Your ego is fighting itself.”
  9. 9. “ The issue comes in when there is no longer a desire to fight. This is a clear sign that you are in battle. So guess who you just surrendered yourself to? Yourself! So get out of the battle, go in combat, and go to war. Let go of the battles! Let go of the stuff that all you need to do is fill your heart with joy. Once you get joy, your flesh gets angry and rise up then it shifts from a battle to a war.”   “ You’ve been taking the wrong tools to the war! You don’t need the bible in war. You try to read the Bible and you go to sleep. In wartime the Bible is not called for. You need to fight the good fight of faith. Usually in our dry spells many of try to pick up the Bible and read it and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. In war you're soul is fighting. Your soul is looking for something in a war and in war what you are supposed to do is rest. That’s not the time to fight.  Remember when Jesus was on the boat and He was sleeping and it was war going on all around Him, His soul needed to rest.”   “ How does resting help me? You rest by soaking, drenching, and burying yourself in and bringing to remembrance in your spirit the promises of God. So when all hell is breaking loose you can say, "Peace be still. This is not my battle, but this is a war that is already won." You don’t need to pick up the bible, but believe what the Lord said.”   “ Hide yourself and rest and stop sticking your flesh up to fight. Hide yourself because if you keep getting up you’re gonna get wounded. You wont be able to handle that punch, then your gonna respond in a fleshly way.” “ When the war is over, the Spirit will work the miracles of renewal in your life as you continue to mediate on His unspeakable promises day and night. The wars are temporary. They never end. One comes after another, but when something comes up, the promises show up. This when you get to a place where you can rest in the joy of who He is.”
  10. 10. “ The church will ask, “How many of you are saved, if you know you’re saved and going to heaven raise your hand. If God was to come back right now, who’s going to heaven?" But what’s gonna happen in heaven when you get there? You gotta go for judgment, but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna stay. So the question is how many of you know you’re gonna stay when you get there?”   “ A lot of you all will come in front of My presence and when I have to judge you, a lot of you all will miss it because of one thing...unforgiveness. Unforgiveness is gonna keep you out of Heaven.” “ When you truly forgive somebody you do what Jesus did, you die for them regardless.  If you truly forgive somebody and you know there’s something wrong with you, you won’t hurt another person.”   “ If I know something is wrong with me and I wont tell somebody, I know that there is unforgivneess in my heart.”   “ When there’s unforgiveness in your heart, what God does is He uses people to push your buttons. What those buttons are is the unforgiveness that’s in them, in you. The people that push your buttons and get on your everlasting nerves, what they make you sick about, is what you make God sick about.”   “ If we all are one, true unforgiveness would say, if you pluck my nerve, my heart would say, “God I don’t want them to be punished because I don’t want to be punished for it either because I see you as me, we’re supposed to be one."  So you want to see somebody to be punished, but do you want God to get back at you for what you’ve done?” “ Forgiveness is not forgive and forget, that’s a lie from the world. It’s forgive and remember and what you remember let God heal it.”   “ What unforgiveness does is cause us to want the person to feel what we won’t forgive ourselves for.”
  11. 11. “ Some of us are so unforgiving that we’re selfish and Jesus is saying, "Forgive them." Why? So you can pardon yourself. Can you touch that person and say I understand, and now that I’m forgiving you, I’m forgiving myself.”   “ Sickness harbors itself in bitterness and hatred.”
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