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How to Be Perfect Pt. 2


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“Your faith has to get you to a certain place to save you, and if your faith can’t get you there He can’t save.”

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How to Be Perfect Pt. 2

  1. 1. 06.02.11 How to Be Perfect Pt. 2 Somebody along the way has helped you get to where you are. It’s no way that you can fully take credit for being a perfect human being all by yourself.” “ God’s role in our salvation is to call us. It’s our job to progress in our salvation. We progress in our salvation by submitting our will to His will.” “ Salvation is an action that expresses itself, so if you are saved for real, you will be an expression of Jesus Christ.” Let’s break down five fold so we can understand: Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, and Evangelist. You need all five of them to make you perfect.” “ The teacher teaches and what they teach ought to manifest itself if they are teaching the principles of God.” “ The purpose of the work is to keep us in the progress of our salvation and in turn God uses that to build our faith. So God gives us the work that’s needed to give us the faith that’s needed to save us. Your faith has to get you to a certain place to save you, and if your faith can’t get you there He can’t save.” “ If you come to Jesus, accept Romans 10:9-10 and do nothing else, you’re going to hell.” “ A lot of people assume that when they do the work of the fold that it saves you, but we must understand that the work of the five fold doesn’t save you. Just because you are doing the work of a pastor, that doesn’t save you.” James 2:14-18
  2. 2. “ Salvation cannot be earned. If you have little or no works people think that you’re out. If you have no work to do then people say that you are not going to make it. How can you be saved if you have no work to do? People under that type of theological thinking think if your good works outweigh your sins that you will go to heaven and if it’s the other way around you wont make it in. Why would God judge your salvation off of work? Because the work that you think you should be doing may not be the work that’s needed to save you. I don’t need you to be a carpenter…it’s painting that’s going to save you.” “ Ministries built off of these principles have rules, and they are called the “works” ministries.” “ Rules are laws that have nothing to do with our holiness. Rules are laws that never clean you up. Rehearsal after rehearsal and conference after conference and never getting clean because you are under a rule that requires no holiness.” “ Jesus’ earthly ministry took place in a religious environment that was oppressively legalistic and works based. When He came, they were work based not holiness based. That’s why so many people in church fight for titles and positions. They are trying to climb up the ladder, but God says the greatest one among you is the servant not the bishop, pastor, teacher or evangelists.” Matthew 23:1-7 “ Verse 4. They send you out to do a ministry called each one win one, but they wont do it. These churches lay these heavy burdens on you and they never lift a finger to see if what they asked you to do even works. They don’t even know if it has any power.” “ Verse 7. They love to be seen in the mall and the marketplaces. That’s why they have giveaways. Up at Giant with the camera waiting to be seen but the people in their churches are suffering.”
  3. 3. “ Jesus was speaking to the religious burdened people who were burdened down in a religious based burden system. They tie you up with heavy burden: bible study Monday night…Prayer meeting Tuesday night…chorus Wednesday night…sisters in love on Friday night, and brothers hanging out not trying to be gay on Friday nights! Where do you get freedom in Christ? They are making Christ become a burden to you.” “ The religious burdened were people burdened down with works based in religious systems, but God offers relief for them all.” Matthew 11:28-30 “ A lot of people don’t want relief and want to be burdened down because it’s a way that you can hide in your sins and keep sinning. When you keep going so much you make excuses for why you are sinning.” “ When you’re resting in Christ that’s when you really have peace and joy. You’re young and restless and you need hope for tomorrow. Let Jesus be your guiding light. As the world turns, this is a general hospital for all My children and you only have one life to live.” “ When you are restless you don’t know how to enjoy Jesus. “Take My yolk upon you because it’s easier.” “ Jesus is calling everyone who labors and is heavy laden, those who work hard. Works hard at what? Building their religious ministry. Whatever the pastor says do, they do. If the pastor says, “I want everybody to wear a blue shirt today.” They do with no explanation. If the pastor’s wife has stilettos every woman in the church got to have them. Why? Because they are following a religious rule, it’s a slave.” They are not calling you a slave but they are treating you like one.”
  4. 4. “ Those who have overburden ceremonies or in other words they are having spiritual anxiety. An impossible burden of religiosity piled on them that they would never be able to accomplish with their own ability. How? Woman thou at loosed can never be accomplished through a conference. A conference can’t make a woman loosed…a conference can’t make a woman glamorous…only Jesus can.” John 15:1-10 “ Verse 6, If Jesus isn’t at the conference, nothing is happening. When this happens what they are doing is having you work hard at being religious. These people are soul-lead, they are not lead by grace. You are not saved unless God’s grace saves you.” “ Soul-lead people cannot stay in the presence of a Holy God. Their sins will not allow them. When you are grace lead you are gracious towards God. When you are soul-lead you are coming into the presence of His holiness and are the main ones talking every other month about they’re going to leave. Why? Because there’s no grace for that sin you committed because you’re lead here by your soul. Salvation hasn’t truly got you. How can you think about leaving out of the presence of God? You want to leave so you can sin. It literally makes your flesh sick to be in the presence and holiness of God because you were lead by your soul not grace.” “ Verse7, If you abide in Him and He in you whatever you ask God for you will have it. Stop being defeated, and stop thinking negative thoughts. Why are you walking around defeated? our Daddy isn’t defeated! So what you’re in a situation, it’s just a situation. But you have to bear fruit to prove that you are a disciple.” “ The more I choose His will, the more He looks out for me and takes care of. I don’t have to worry about anything, stuff just happens because I’m making a choice.”
  5. 5. “ Verse 2, God prunes you because you belong to the vinedresser. You are being told to stop masturbating, to stop sleeping around, and to stop looking in the mirror at yourself and taking those lustful, slutty pictures because you are being pruned. God says don’t do that because you are apart of the vine. He said no, don’t act like that you are apart of the vine! The vinedresser isn’t pleased with that. Don’t listen to Lil Wayne, you’re connected to the vine. He doesn’t want that in His ear” “ What is the fruit that the branches bear? In order for you to bear fruit you need a Kingdom, Why? Because you are fruitful in the Kingdom of God. You need a boat, an ark, a prophecy, a vision.” “ We can’t do work for salvation. When receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, now you wait, you need something to do. You don’t know how to save yourself. You’re not saved because you go to church, you need something to do. You know you are saved because He gives you work. You can’t do work for salvation so He gives it to you. “When I give it to you, do your best, and that’s how you know I’m saving you. That’s My life line to you, I’m trying to save you through the work I’m giving you.” If you got saved and you had nothing to do what would you do? Nobody can make up something to do, only Jesus by way of the Holy Spirit can lead you to tell you what to do.” “ You better thank God when He gives you something to do, and you better keep it because Godly positions don’t come around too often.” Let’s look at the structure of the five fold: “ The pastor must be a man. It’s a known fact that many women are awesome at preaching and teaching but they are not supposed to be a pastor. Does the gift come before the order of God because God’s order is His calling and He has to call things in order?”
  6. 6. “ God said let there be light before He told Adam to name the animals. Now if He‘d told Adam to name the animals before He said let there be light, Adam would’ve had no light to name the animals. Then He would’ve called the snake the bear. God had a purpose for them, so His order is His calling and He calls everything into order.” “ When you go back to the garden, why didn’t Adam speak to Satan? He would’ve known who he was. Satan knew who he could deceive because he knew who had authority to talk to him. Eve should’ve went and got her man. Submit! A woman can tear up some stuff, keep ‘em out of trouble.” “ There are so many out of order women in the Body of Christ. Women in the church are out of order and the worldly women are out of position. Rather than the women in the Body of Christ submitting to the word of God they are making the word submit to their gift. “I have a gift to preach so I’m going to call myself a pastor. So now you have created an idol because you are causing God to bow to you.” “ Our work shows our obedience to Christ which builds our faith. If you get tired of working for Jesus, you’re not going to have ay faith. If you are disobeying God’s word in your works, then you have no faith in Him, and His word says it’s impossible to please Him without faith.” “ See God says you can ask Me all the questions you want to ask, but the problem comes when you question My answer. That’s what you don’t do. You don’t question God’s answer.” “ Talking to God shows that you interact with Him. A lot of people don’t have a real relationship with God because He’s not real in their life. He’s some imaginary thing off to the side that you can’t touch and can’t hear from. You’re supposed to be able to experience God and hear Him because He’s a living being. He lives! If you are not experiencing any of those things, you need to ask yourself who are you worshipping.”
  7. 7. “ Jesus says, “I want to be real in your life. If I came down I would scare you. If I came down I would blind you because I’m too bright, but you just walked pass the living room and the TV blinked, that was Me. Pay attention to what I use to get your attention. I’ll use anything to get your attention because you’re My child. I made you because I didn’t want to be by Myself.” Try being just a spirit and nobody knows that you are around. He wants to be known. He wants to be seen. He wants to be loved. He doesn’t want you listening to your music all day and He can’t get in, He can only come in through what’s clean. He said, “when you get lonely, I’m just waiting for you to turn to me, but you turn to everything else, you’re never satisfied, I’m here.” “ The mouthpiece or prophets are God’s spokesmen. Their primary duty was to speak God’s message for His people. If you are really His child, you look forward to God using the prophet with great expectation. Only His true children will listen to a true prophet. So if you are not His, you won’t listen.” “ See if you are doing stuff and you are getting away with it, and Jesus isn’t showing the prophet, something is wrong. So if you don’t know how to rebuke me, then God isn’t talking to you concerning me. I’m just supporting your religious ceremonies.” “ God ultimately uses prophets because they represent His love and His mercy. He uses them to warn people. If He didn’t love you He wouldn’t warn you. He uses them as a way to provide a way of you escaping hell. That’s why it hurts when a prophet rebukes you and it’s a real one, it rips your soul to pieces. It leaves you scarred and belittled. If it hurts you that bad, you haven’t felt nothing yet if you went to hell. Imagine. Father I would rather take this if this is going to keep me from hell. If that ripped me to pieces what would hell do to me? So God says, “when I rebuke you its got to hurt because it’s supposed to make you not want hell. Because if you don’t like pain, you’ll stop and obey. It’s a way of escape. Take it, eat it, and love it.”
  8. 8. In part one, the best example of an Evangelist we looked at was Noah. Now the best known prophet we’re going to look at is Jonah. Jonah (the whole book) “ Jonah 1:3-4: “When God calls you to do something, you’re going to do it. You can get a ticket from here to Egypt but God will rock the plane to get His anointing off the plane.” “ Jonah 1:16: “Now not only did God have Jonah, but now He got the sailors too.” “ See Jonah was mad because everything he prophesied didn’t come to pass. He didn’t look at the importance of his prophecy because they were meant to save people.” “ Jonah 3:10: “When you really repent for what you have done, whatever God said He’s going to do to you, He’s going to repent for what He said He’s going to do to you so it doesn’t happen. So when you really repent, He’s going to repent. But He’s not going to repent if you don’t really mean it because He can’t go back on what He says.” “ The thing that God says He going to do to you is evil, so He has to repent for it. He created evil and uses evil for His good. But He is not evil so when He speaks anything evil. He has to repent for it to Himself.” Jonah 4:7-9: “God said what are you angry for. He said the same way you got an attitude about the plant being gone from covering your head is the same way I feel about Nineveh. I’m angry that Nineveh is out here sinning and I sent you. You want the plant so you can be saved, and there are 120,000 people in Nineveh. Your shade is gone, right, but those are My people. It isn’t about you, it was about them, and I just used you. Now you understand how it feels. My anger was what sent you to them.”
  9. 9. “ God is saying to us that it’s not about us. We’re not here to give you no props, no glory or pay you any attention.” “ For the sins that we committed all of us deserve death. The least I could do with this mortal trashy flesh is make it worship a living God.”
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