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Get Your Own Faith


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“Many are struggling because you have an inherited faith. There has to be space made for you to believe God.”

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Get Your Own Faith

  1. 1. 02.12.12 Get Your Own Faith “ If you believe in the Bible you wouldn’t just read it, you would do it.”   “ Nobody’s real. Many people don’t serve God because of the state of the Christians. Christians are some of the fakest people in the world.”   “ Technically the person without the pen and bible may be better off than (you who says you are a Christian).”   “ God wants us to do a self-check and look within ourselves because there is clearly something still wrong in the body of Christ.”   “ There is a problem with the way Jesus is being presented. The presentation is off because of the hands presenting Him.”   “ God said close the Bible because you don’t really believe Peter walked on water. The only way you’ll believe it is when you have your own water experience. When you have your own experience then the Lord can show you what it really means is that, "I can do the impossible."” “ People read the Bible literally because they don’t have the anointing upon them to understand the revelation of the word. When God gives you the revelation of the word, that’s the meat and the meat is His heart. He wants you to flow like He flows and think like He thinks.   “ This is why people can’t believe Peter walked on water because people go to church and come out walking in gossip.”   “ A worship service should provide a place of freedom, not a place of captivity. So if you are still captive in a free environment, it's evident that you are still a slave to something.”
  2. 2. “ When you are in a free environment, what the Lord is trying to do is captivate you.”   “ Whenever you have a slave mentality and the truth shows up, your faith will shift back to the mentality of a slave if it not pure truth that’s in you.   “ A worship service should always provide a place of freedom, not a place of captivity.”   “ If you are captive in a free environment, it's evident that you are still a slave to something”   “ I need an authentic faith!”   “ The next thing you go through and nobody else is around, you’re gonna see if you have an authentic faith.”   It’s time for us to stop faking. God is going to start going in the inner of you and revealing your garbage to His people. It’s going to be so strong it won’t even take a prophet anymore. If you are faking He’s going to reveal your innermost trash to the trashiest person. Every where you go He’s gonna stoop your fake faith.  You’re gonna go up to somebody and try to minister to them and they’re gonna say, "You know what, you’re fake! "So it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual.” “ God is on fake alert with this fake faith...your demonic witchcraft and hocus pocus. He’s gonna allow it to be exposed.”   “ Men trying to use little sly talk and hocus pocus on women, but you keep playing around because one thing you can’t pull a trick on is another trickster and that’s Jezebel. She lays low until its time to go in for the kill, until she sees her meat doing something. She’s says, You’re mine and I’m watching you." Every time you turn around you’re gonna feel her looking at you. You’re gonna feel obligated to her because she’s here to let everybody know you’re fake. Your faith is fake.”
  3. 3. So how do I get this real faith?   “ When you have authentic faith you will deeply be encouraged at your place of the cross. When Jesus knew He had to carry the cross, He had to have faith in something that would allow Him to continue carrying His cross. All while they thought He was looking down, He was looking up. He was being pulled by faith.”   “ When everything else fails, your faith should never fail you.”   “ If you have faith that’s keeps failing you, then you have faith in somebody that has no power. If you say you serve Jesus and you believe in Him and you have no power, you need to check your faith.”   “ If you have no power then you have no faith.”   “ Whoever you have your faith in that’s whose power you have.”   “ God said, “I’m tired of you all minimizing Me and putting Me on your level, making Me an imperfect God in your imperfect mess. When I touch you and clean you it’s done, but you all have so many excuses because you’re not ready.” It’s not because He’s not ready, so we make excuses for our imperfect faith.”   “ See you feel encouraged when you are walking by faith, but we cannot feel encouragement when we are not walking by faith.” “ In the midst of Jesus being beat and persecuted, if Jesus would have thought to kill them it would have happened. He could have formed in His mind, "I want all of you dead", and it would have happened just because He thought it, but He kept the faith of His Father. His faith was, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
  4. 4. “ That’s why you’re not being kept because we need real faith. We have a faith problem. You are drawing your powers from the wrong place in the time of adversity.”   “ Our true power comes from our ability to say "no" to temptation.” “ Let me really see if you want everything I have for you, because if you do, your mind will not switch in the middle of temptation. It will remain on the faith.”   “ What temptation does is give you an opportunity to put yourself at ransom. Let me see if you’re ready to die, if it’s going to be this or Jesus.”   “ Jesus would have failed if he used His power and that’s why we keep failing because we are using our power. We won’t keep our eyes in the faith.”   “ The enemy knows when he can tempt you. He goes to and fro seeking whom he may devour. So he says, "May I?" And you say yes because your faith is weak and he knows you’re going to operate out of your power.”   “ When you got real faith you won’t keep being tested with fake behind and fake triceps because you’re not real and neither is your faith.”   “ Temptation is an opportunity for me to gain power. So when temptation comes am I going to use my faith or the faith of My Father.  When my faith gets weak is when I have to put my face in my Fathers face to draw His faith because His power is that you not fall.” “ Many of us will never experience half the stuff Jesus did. “Just obey Me and greater works shall ye do.” If He was able to not even think to kill them while they were beating Him, how much more would you be able to do if you don’t think what you want to think when that phone call is coming through?”
  5. 5.   “ In your weakness He’s made strong.”   “ We think that we have an understanding with Jesus. Jesus says, “You brought Me down to your understanding?” Lean not to your own understanding and in all your ways acknowledge Me. See you have incorporated Me in your mess that’s why I got to expose it because you included Me. Leave Me out your stuff! I’d rather that you not even know Me.”   “ Jesus said, "I’m long suffering because I’m trying to prevent you from suffering-long.” “ As long as you’re serving Me I’m going to beat you. As long as you’re serving Me I’m going to find you out. As long as you’re serving Me, I’m going to discipline you. So if you don’t want Me to discipline you, I’d rather that you not even know Me because I’m doing My job. I’m going to always show you that I’m bigger than you.”   “ The problem that you all have with Me is time. You thought you had two weeks to get away with it, but to Me that’s only a minute, that’s why I didn’t do anything yet. My clock is different than yours because I need to give you time before I smash you!”   “ Don’t rush God, respect Him”   “ A person can tell you all about their experiences in life, but that’s their faith. Their faith will only cause you to believe. The difference between in what you believe and their faith is the experience. Your experience is supposed to cause someone to believe your faith, but if you don’t have an experience, you can’t build off of someone else’s.”   “ Your faith should cause someone’s belief to be drawn to God.”   “ This is a personal walk and you need your own faith, and your faith ought to bring you some power.”
  6. 6.  “ People say they’re waiting on Jesus to speak, but Jesus already spoke. You are taking too long to listen.” “ How much faith did you need to go inside of person with no condom? That had to be some gusty power. See, that’s why God can’t fill you with His faith because you are too powerful with your trash. Imagine a strong army with no power.”   “ We need our own faith!”   “ Many are struggling because you have an inherited faith. There has to be space made for you to believe God.”   “ People know Jesus not because they are saved, but because they are rescued. Somebody always came to their rescue. Somebody always had to buy you food because you don’t have sense enough to rescue yourself.”   “ A saved person doesn’t crumble when they don’t have, a rescued person will.”   “ If you’ve been rescued, how are you going to have your own faith? Whoever rescued you, that’s their faith and that’s why they believe for themselves and for your foolish behind! If you believed God for yourself, then let your salvation save you!”   “ The person who rescues you has the powers to reel you back in. The one rescuing you is the one who controls you, the one who has the mind over you.” “ When your faith comes back to you it will say "saved" or "rescued" and you won’t make it off of rescued.”
  7. 7. “ Some people are stumbling blocks to the growth of others. You’re giving people rides when Jesus wants them to walk. He said, “You trying to take them where van-go can take them. If you let them catch the van-go then maybe I can talk to them.”    “ Stop giving people what hasn’t even told them that they deserve. If you keep playing God, you’ll suffer the consequences with them.”   “ You can tell whose faith you have if you ever walk away from God.” “ God is trying to prepare you to get to a place where He can lift His presence up of off you and you will begin to feel naked. Some of you all should feel naked now and don’t even have audacity to feel naked because you think you’re covered.”   “ You can tell those that step away from their faith because two things happen to show you if you are saved or rescued, you either live or die.”   “ When you have your own faith you have to want it. Just like you have a car and you can say "I own that, I have the title to that, the deed to it." Carry it. When you own your faith, the opinions of others are not so important anymore because you have your own relationship with God.”   “ You can tell those who don’t have their own relationship because when you ask them a question they list what they didn’t do.”   “ With God your relationship is proven by the way you live. It’s proven by your lifestyle not your mouth style.”   “ Some people have provable faith where they try to prove it. If you own the car you can care less if people call the police because you own it. So go get Jesus because when He shows up, He’s going to find Himself.”
  8. 8.  “ If you really believe something you will live it out. People couldn’t pressure you and people couldn’t talk you out of it.” “ It’s at the point of your faith that you will not run away from the will of God, but you will run to it.”   “ You need your own faith because it’s at that place of adversity where you need to have your own experience for you to say "no". In adversity the girl shows up (I can hear what ma says) but I don’t have her experience.”   “ The five fold is the government that God set up to help build us as individuals. The five fold was set to show us an example. After the example, after a while He says, "I want to become the five. I want to become you pastor, your prophet, your evangelist, your apostle, your teacher." The five is to get you to the one...Jesus Christ. The reason why God uses them for a period of time because even they can become a stumbling block. God then has to stumble over the pastor to become your pastor. "Receive the example of the five fold so you can be complete in Me. If you can obey the pastor then you can evangelize, if you can evangelize, then I can set you up.”   “ God gives you revelation according to the level of your faith.”   Everyone knows the scripture that says I desire to give you meat but you’re still on milk? But what does it really mean? It means that your faith hasn’t grown because you haven’t digested the last thing He’re choking. You’re supposed to regurgitate the Word because it’s supposed to come up and out of you when you face certain things then you are supposed to put it back in.”   “ When you grow in faith is when you need to remember to humble yourself as a child. See He tells you to come out of a child-like state, then when you come out He says, "Humble yourself like a child because now that you can understand Me I don’t want you to think you’re grown. Eat this steak and humble yourself before I slap you. You’re not bigger than Me, you just know what I know."
  9. 9. “ The more meat you get the stronger you get, the more milk you get the weaker your teeth get. If you’re drinking milk and you’re grown it doesn’t help you anymore. Milk is for babies. If you try drinking similac see what it does other than send you to the bathroom.”   “ Some of you all are wrestling God with no meat, but you’re gonna lose your teeth. He’s pinning you down and you are lifting yourself up and there is always somebody there helping you lift yourself up and fool yourself.”   “ In your wrestling period is when you realize that God is trying to keep you from destroying yourself. So something has to give because He’s trying to help me and keep me.”   “ The greatest thing the Lord wants us to learn in the Kingdom is that what we have to do to build our faith is make a personal sacrifice...a sacrifice made for the sake of the Kingdom. At that place that’s where God is trying to mature you. At maturity you begin to realize in dealing with people that yes, I know that you love me, but I understand that you live for God so therefore you can’t compromise for me.”   “ A lot of you all are fooling around with different nations. God wants us to understand and know that people represent a nation. When you go messing with certain people you are hooking up two nations that were never intended to be together. They are at rivalry with one another. That’s why He said don’t be unequally yoked because when you hook up with a nation out of order you are walking together with them yoked and its stopping you from doing what you need to do. Keeping an unequally yoked nation next to you causes you to birth unequally yoked children.” Ezekiel 16:1-3   “ Your mother is a nation, your father is a notion. It’s out of the unequal yoke that God said "I’m going to birth Me out of their mess since they want to obey Me.”   “ When you tell your mother that you have some of her ways from and she says you don’t, that’s a denying nation. Everything is daddy’s fault.”
  10. 10. “ God gets His chosen from out of the non-chosen. He doesn’t take a chosen and a chosen and birth a chosen. He births the chosen out of the chosen because that’s the impossible.”   “ The womb represents flesh. You are such royalty that there can be no association with a womb. You’re chosen, you’re royalty, a peculiar people, that’s why there is no association with a womb.”   “ Real faith is going to give you the real power when temptation shows up. That old faith is in the past. "It is no more, I shall have faith that produces power!”   “ Who you fall to is who has your faith, that’s who holds your faith.”
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