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Do You Have Good Spiritual Hygiene?


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When you smell and you start trying to fix other problems, you start making commitments to yourself to change areas that you feel are out of odor, and order.

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Do You Have Good Spiritual Hygiene?

  1. 1. Do You Have Good Spiritual Hygiene? “ There is something taking place in the body that God wants us to play close attention to in this season. There is something going on the atmosphere between the wheat and the tare, this is the season we’re in in the church.” “ The wheat and the tear must grow together.” “ The tear…tear up stuff Monday through Saturday and come bless you on Sunday.” Matthew 13:1-23 “ The seeds among thorns choke the tender ones, the ones that just came to do the will of the Lord. Why you doing it this way? Why can’t you handle it this way? You do it better than me…this is a choker.” V10 “When Jesus speaks, why do people not understand? Five people tell you the same thing and its still not enough? Have you been permitted to understand the secrets of heaven or do you need a disciple to tell you the people what the secrets are?” V12 “Even if Jesus told them the secrets, He would have to take them anyway because they can’t understand them.” “ You better thank God that you can see, hear and understand for yourself. It’s a dangerous thing when Jesus is sitting in front of you talking to you and you still don’t recognize that it’s Him and you’re getting offended that He’s even speaking to you like He don’t know you.”
  2. 2. V19 – “The tare tries to confuse everything you try to touch for God. You say God said right, they say left and God hasn’t even spoken to them. They get angry because you know how to hear from God and they can’t.” “ The state of the church now has unfavorable growing conditions for new wheat to come out of older fields. For you to be new wheat the soil has to be good and in older conditions the tare rules the church. They would choke you out, so you can’t grow in older conditions. The soil is not healthy enough to keep you rooted.” “ You have to be in a church that has soil rich and fertile enough to keep you rooted to break to the sin in your life.” “ You need healthy soil to give you healthy roots. It was never about your sins.” “ When God said that many are called but few are chosen, He said, “The few represent My first fruits, they are the first ones I’m taking. The many are those that are called later, but they are going to go through something.” “ You cannot change your own heart. What’s in it will come out! You can fight it all you want to, if you are crooked, then you a re crooked.” Matthew 13:24-30 The tear’s are nasty and infected with the wrong ideas by Satan. They are nasty and can’t even fake to be right. Anything Jesus says, Satan got an idea for it and the very thought of obeying somebody makes them sick.”
  3. 3. “ The tear’s were planted amongst us when we were sleeping. That doesn’t mean that the servants weren’t watchful and weren’t on their game and blamed for the mixed field, it was normal sleep time. But night time is when the enemy comes to do his thing, to drop seeds…the wicked amongst the good.” “ This is why God puts Himself in a prophet to block the plans of the enemy while the church is sleeping.” “ If you are disobedient God can’t use you to carry out His plan.” “ So while you are sleeping, God sees it and He is downloading His information to the sleep prophet. Jesus knows what you are doing and when He gets you, you get an attitude and what you are really telling Him is that you don’t want to get gotten.” “ Because they have a slight idea, you can’t tell a tare that they are a tare because when you tell them what it is they’re going to try to shift and be camouflage so they’re not noticeable. Let them operate.” “ The good seed is the first fruits that God has planted in His field to grow and mature.” “ If God pulls the tares out too soon, He could possibly stunt someone else’s growth.” “ The tares will either rip you to pieces, or push you into your destiny.” “ How is your spiritual life going and can God get glory out of your spiritual death or do you stink?”
  4. 4. “ A lot of times when God is trying to kill some of us, we smell it, hear it, taste it, and see it…we know.” “ When was the last time you have taken a spiritual bath?” “ We will never grow unless we want to. You will never attempt to get clean unless we want to.” “ Some of yall think you are so clean but what you are really doing is bathing your death. You are giving your spiritual death a bath and making it look clean.” “ When we start to smell you, you get mad when we smell you and deny that you are stinking by trying to fix other problems. “It’s not my arms but my hoodie.” Whatever it is, you stink!” “ When you smell and you start trying to fix other problems, you start making commitments to yourself to change areas that you feel are out of odor, and order.” “ People never focus on the problem because it takes a prophet. It takes somebody else to tell you where you stink. You knew you stink but didn’t know where the smell was coming from.” “ Instead of making a commitment to a situation and finding ways to correct it which brings forth rules, you should become like Christ.” “ It always takes somebody else to tell us where we stink spiritually because nobody ever wants to admit that they stink.” “ Commitment is like saying, “I’m going all natural.” All natural is your way of doing things. “I’m going got make a commitment to come to church on time, that’s your way.” If you do things organic it’s all Jesus, it’s what you get, nothing added to it.”
  5. 5. “ God simply wants us to learn to handle situations the way He does without making vows that break and lead to bondage and rules. Just be like Christ. If it’s hard for you to be like Christ, then you aren’t Him.” Pay attention to this parable: “ If the top surgeon who works on everybody else needs surgery, he can’t perform surgery on himself so he now has to go to another doctor to have surgery. The top surgeon has to lay down and let someone else cut him, but when he goes he gets an attitude about how he got cut. It was never about the cut but about can you trust me. God is trying to lay some of us down, but we are concerned about the cut. God can’t go in and get anything out because by the time he starts slicing, we get to hollering…so you stay that way.” “ God says, “I’m trying to break you by saying please, thank you and by honoring you but you don’t even want to receive that, so how you going to come under my knife?” John 11:1-37 V4 “Is your death for the glory of God?” V19 “That’s the problem, you have people trying to console you on your loss when they shouldn’t be crying over that mess they need to let it go ahead and die.” V35 “When you are in your mess it hurts Jesus, He cries.” V39 “Jesus got to the entrance of your filthy heart and told you to move the stone! Whatever is holding you up from Jesus going in, move it! Get that anger out of there, that confusion out of there, that jealousy! “Stop telling Me that you are with Me and you got stones of heart. Roll that trash out of My way.”
  6. 6. V40 “God is saying I don’t care what you’ve done. If you move the stone and let Me in, I will turn your funk into a fragrance.” “ V41 “Roll the stone and look up, stop looking to the prophet and the pastor” V43 “Jesus called Lazarus out of death, not death out of Lazarus. Notice He didn’t call death out, because He had authority over it. You all are talking to death. You are bathing death. Call yourself out of death, not death out of you.” V44 “That’s how you look. Death bound his thinking, his breathing, his moving, and once he came out Jesus said unwrap him.” “ The dead can’t call out the dead.” “ See some of yall, God is trying to kill and if you die it is going to be a blessing to somebody else because it’s like if God can kill that, I know I stand a chance.” V15 “Jesus knew already that Lazarus would be dead so He didn’t go because He was waiting for Him to die. Jesus is waiting for people to stop pretending, ready to stop faking.” “ If anybody accuses you it’s them, the devil is the accuser of the brethren. People are so fake that they don’t even know how to unfake themselves.” “ Jesus was waiting for him to die so He could get the glory out of Lazarus smell.” “ God grows everyone differently, your path is not another person’s. Stop trying to run someone else’s race.”
  7. 7. “ What God uses to feed a mouse can’t feed an elephant. If He used what He used to feed a mouse for an elephant it would starve. What we need to do is stay out of God’s business of how He’s feeding and who. Mind your business! Get you some godly business, this is why God gives you stuff to do so you can do it in a godly way and have godly character.” “ You want to do the work of the Lord the way you want to do it, no…you are supposed to look like Jesus.” “ We’re all on the same team. Why do you want to make another person’s spiritual job hard because you’re hating?” “ People need different conditions and different amounts to grow. God is not going to treat everybody alike. Mind your business! He has to find unique conditions for everybody to grow.” “ Stay in your lane. I’m a ride in my Nissan until that BMW comes because I don’t have money for the gas, the oil, and insurance. This isn’t my season for that.” “ God had Abraham take a walk, Elijah took a nap, Joshua a lap, Adam took the wrap, Moses a 40 year time out, David a hop and a dance, Paul a pen and a scroll, wrestled with Jacob, argued with Job, whispered to Elijah, warned Cain, comforted Hagar, Aaron an altar, Miriam a song, Gideon a fleece, Peter a name, and Elijah a mantle.” “ Jesus was stern with the rich young ruler but tender with the woman caught in adultery, why because He knew she was sorry. He was patient with the disciples and blister with the scribes and gentle with the children, and God is saying I’m not one size that fits all! Stop telling Me what to do with you, stay out of My business.” “ A leader will never ask you to do something they have not done themselves.”
  8. 8. “ Spiritual disciplines are not self improvement techniques. You spiritual people, you are doing self-improvement techniques on yourself. You’re trying to get spiritual credit. There is no technique in God but doing it God’s way. Doing things your way is self salvation. You are trying to save yourself.” “ Some of us have signature sins. Every time that sin shows up you sign it. Confusion… you sign it, manipulation…you sign it, lying…you sign it.” Some of you got co-signers. every time you say no to something, your phone start ringing.” “ Get rid of those sins because His grace is sufficient, you can make a u-turn back to Jesus. He’s telling you everything you need to get closer to Him!”
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