Unchartered Territory


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When you are really doing warfare, then the enemy will start showing up with temptation. It comes because temptation causes you to disobey God. Every time you are tempted to look a certain way, think a certain thought, or go where you
have no business going, it is an opportunity for the demon to get you to disobey God.”

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Unchartered Territory

  1. 1. Unchartered Territory “We must learn how to do dominion warfare over the demons that are possessing us.” “If you feel weighed down in the natural, then you are weighed down in the spiritual.” 2 Corinthians 4:4 “If you have a problem with believing, that’s your answer.” We must speak the word with so much assurity in our situation that when you speak the word you believe that there is an angel carrying out the word.” "Temptation is a demon." “When you are really doing warfare, then the enemy will start showing up with temptation. It comes because temptation causes you to disobey God. Every time you are tempted to look a certain way, think a certain thought, or go where you have no business going, it is an opportunity for the demon to get you to disobey God.”
  2. 2. “The greater pleasure the temptation has, the more power it has over you.” The Spiritual Realm Ephesians 4:11 “This is the spiritual ranking of the church. If you walk into any church and you don’t see the ranking, then they are off.” “Most churches are not set up according to spiritual ranking, but ranking titles.” “If the spiritual ranking is not in line, then the demons will take over. Then you will have a transfer of demons.” “There is a demonic rank and a spiritual rank who are supposed to be at the same place at the same time. But because many churches only have one rank it allows access.” “The church has set up the rank up by title. God set it up by spirit.” “The apostle and prophets set up the house. If you go in a church and you only see the pastor, the ranking system is off.”
  3. 3. “The apostle and the prophet have the hardest job. The pastor has the easiest job and because they do, they put themselves in the highest rank. This is why churches are messed up because they are fighting a natural battle, but the battle is a spiritual one.” "The five fold is what God set in place for His church. The apostle sets order in His church. The apostle says, "Why are you all charging, why is there an ATM in this church?" When there is the spirit of an apostle then that comes with the authority of an apostle. A lot of people have pastors, but not the spirit because they don't have the authority." "The apostle and the prophet war together. The apostle says, "Why is this going on here, why is that in here?" The prophet backs them in ranking and exposes who let it in. While this is going on, the pastor is getting an attitude because he's not getting used. The apostle and prophets are setting up, tearing down, building up and rebuking you. When you understand the prophet, then you understand God. The prophets job is not to baby you, it's your pastor's job." "The pastors job is to tend to the sheep. It's his job to say, "Now that you've been cut, here's some ointment. Now ride with it." They are more soft and gentle." "Teachers, they just teach. They teach what was laid by what the apostles and prophets have said."
  4. 4. "The evangelists take what was put into them and carry it out." The Demonic Realm Ephesians 6:12 "You cannot fight against flesh and blood because nobody would win." "Principalities" are free demons allowed to walk around with Satan. Principalities means "arch" (like arch enemy). They are first in rank in the demonic realm. This is why Apostles and Prophets are ranked first. Not because they are better than you, but because they combat them." "Powers" are witchcraft (like the CIA or FBI). When you want a job done, you don't send the sheriff in...but the FBI." "Rulers of darkness" keeps the truth hidden from you. They make fetishes look like fads. They'll turn your demons into something else that you wont even know is in you. They are the ones who have subliminal messages." "Wickedness in high places" is demonic influence from the second heaven. This means that you will be worst off."
  5. 5. Demons: "Succubus" are female demons who take form of human women to seduce men." "Incubus" is a demon that has sex with you in your dream. That's not the women from facebook. The demon saw you take the picture of the girl, so they wrapped themselves in her so you could sleep with it. You are not sleeping with the girl from facebook, but incubus." "Zepar" is a demon that causes women to fall in love with men who are not their husbands. Zepar takes on the form of the woman's husband. Typically what happens is if you get married the first time to the wrong person and then you get married a second time to the right person, you will see that the first person was a counterfeit." "Vepar" is a demon of fortune-telling. This person can discover lost things. If you lose anything they can tell you where it's at." "Suppression" is when a person pushes things all the way down until they believe that it's gone. The demon of suppression creates blockages in your life and hides behind your personality. When you suppress things it causes you to put up barriers and the barriers are going to rise. It's like a trash compactor. You put all this trash in there and compress it all the way down, until it begins to stink.
  6. 6. Then you have to go all the way down in there to see what stinks. The spirit of suppression stops you from having fruitful relationships. Because you have suppressed so much, someone tries to go in and help you but you have suppressed so much and it stops your relationships from being fruitful. When something is suppressed it has to be released out. Even when they compact trash it has to be released out." "When you have all of these demons in you, it creates a hook in your soul. The hook is the incident which caused whatever demonic activity you are dealing with. When you have a hook there is something for a demon to latch onto." "Suppressed people appear to have victory until the time releases. It's like a time release capsule. There is a time for it to be released and then once it is time for it to be released, they lose it. It could be the most basic conversation, you ask them a question, and then they flick off and everything comes out." "The worst thing you can do is call a prophet and they tell you what God says and you disobey. You are not disobeying them but God." "The demon of "oppression" is a task master. The root of the bondage is inside of the person (when you are oppressed you live with manifestations you cannot put your finger on). A person who is oppressed will find themselves doing things they can't explain, or in situations that make you act outside your normal personality.
  7. 7. Then you try to be subconscious and aware of everything that you do. Then you start going crazy and that's the task force. If you are suffering from oppression, the spirit of a slave is upon you because you have no authority to rule over your own flesh. So you always feel heavy and you are always talking to yourself. You just talk to yourself all the time (while your walking, in the shower) and you ask yourself why can't you get it together and nobody is there to answer. So how do I get out....the yoke must be destroyed." "When you are looking for answers from God, they are so simple. So simple to the point that it looks foolish to you because you are in a difficult situation. Then you respond to God by saying you've heard it before, but He says you haven't done it before. Then when you don't get the difficult answer you are looking for then comes the demon of frustration, then the demon of anger." "The yoke must be destroyed because the yoke is an object that connects the people to the object. You cannot see it in the natural, you have to have someone into the supernatural to see it. The yoke is the object that connects the people to the stronghold. What destroys the yoke is the anointing and if you're not anointed, then that's why it's not being destroyed." Isaiah 10:27 "Being yoked up keeps you in a guilty state. Depending upon how many yokes are on you, you're gonna need different anointings.
  8. 8. "Obsession is a demon that is a dominating preoccupation spirit that resides in the mind." This demon hi-jacks your thoughts and this happens when you blank out. The thoughts of obsession are connected to the spirit of distraction. You are easily distracted. When they come and hi-jack your thoughts with distraction, they come with the spirit of addiction. You become addicted to whatever attacks your mind. The addiction then moves you out of the will of God. When you are out of the will of God, these 3 spirits follow you, the spirit of fear, anxiety, and error. The error does not take place in what you do, but where your mind is because naturally outwardly you are going to try and do what is right so no one can see your errors. People who have addictions whether it be to sex, drugs, etc, live in realm where they think they can never do right." "Obsessed people love to gamble...with their life and their time, especially time, right down to the very minute." "In obsession, your mind is hi-jacked and your body will follow." How do you get rid of demons: "The solution to obsession is your mind needs to be renewed. But how? The only way to get rid of this is to have an encounter with Jesus. No other way. If you try it on your own, you're gonna give in to at least one of the spirits, if not more." Most people begin naming all the ones they think they have control over when all they have done is suppressed them."
  9. 9. "You must be delivered from mental anguish that causes you to abide in the place of addiction." "The best example of having an encounter is Paul. When you experience an encounter with God, you will never be the same." Demons Cont'd: "The "victim demon" wants people to feel sorry for them. Don't given them any tissue. They always fall in and out of position. When you don't give them any attention they get angry." "The "rebellion demon" is nothing but a witch and can be a male or female. A rebellion demon carefully thinks out their plans of how they are going to work in darkness. These demons are so powerful they can see your thoughts.” "A "wounded demon" makes you have a wounded spirit that causes your heart to get bitter. A person with a bitter heart lives in the past. They never let go of the past and always talk about what somebody did to them. Woe is me." "When you keep playing with God, the spirit of "reprobation" will come over you. This is when you won't be able to decipher truth. You're gonna think you're right and you're always going to be wrong. This happens when you keep resisting the truth and you don't want to hear it and you start self-medicating yourself. God will put you in spiritual confinement! You can tell people who play with God because even in the midst of a rebuke they don't obey. They take it as a joke. "
  10. 10. "The difference between people who play with rebuke and those who don't are those who don't cant enjoy anything around them because it is imperative that they get it right."
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