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Voice Over


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Voice Over

  1. 1. Voice Over Brief and Ideas
  2. 2. MOTHER FRIENDS I can’t do this anymore. You coming out tonight? You won’t do this to me. JAMES: (Rage) Um.. I’m busy, maybe tomorrow. GEORGIA JAMESThere’s an audition…but it’s in Royal Academy of Music? London. Don’t stand a chance. I want to take this further.If you don’t go for this, you’re crazy.
  3. 3. GEORGIA: FRIEND:There’s an audition…but it’s in You coming out?London. JAMES: Um.. Not tonight, maybeJAMES: tomorrow.Royal Academy of Music? Don’tstand a chanceGEORGIA FRIEND 1:If you don’t go for this, you’re crazy. This is really good you know. FRIEND 2:JAMES: I’m well jel.I have no idea how to even get there!GEORGIA: MOTHERMeet me. I can’t do this anymore. You won’t do this to me.
  4. 4. Father Voice Over∗ Dear Son,* I know I haven’t been in contact for a long while now, and I havent been the best parent to you, but I love you.u -Everyone has the potential to reach their dreams and it’s a parental duty to help you reach it.e -Resentment is bitter…but it cant last forever.i -You may only of ever relied on yourself, but perhaps it’s time to look for guidance in others. (Shots of young James)g -Potential is possible to fulfil……but having someone with you makes it easier.s -Life is a task. It is designed to challenge, not control. It’s time for you to understand that. (Just before the music change perhaps) There’s always obstacles in lifeb You’ve just got to push back (At the end when James walks away)