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Ideas for Plot


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Ideas for Plot

  1. 1. Key Scenesand Ideas
  2. 2. Opening Section- Logo of distributers (The distributer of our main influences, Billy Eliot and Submarine)- Chasing down the corridor – Running into the class room.- Find the piano. Transitions/Jump cuts of walking to piano, opening, fiddling. Pressing 1/2 keys.- Teacher then enters, disapproving. “Get out”
  3. 3. Linking Scenes- Join the music forum – Meet the girl – Time lapse date change- Sat in a group of friends, not listening.- Panning shot – Bully behind looking in disgust.- (Random shots of playing the School piano)
  4. 4. Mid-Section- Handing out posters/leaflets for performance in hall. “Sold all” but no one turns up, but still plays.- Handing out to passers by. Putting a poster up, slow zoom in.- Walking away shot, but a mocking look on the other students face.OR- Go for an audition for the local play. The interviews ask for qualifications and skills. Character doesn’t have any. The interviewers look to each other with a scoffing expression.- “I can play.”- Receives email saying that he lacks qualifications. He phones the girl and begins to rage.
  5. 5. Linking Scenes- Leaving school without piano playing – signifying disheartenment with it.- Phone call “Have you checked your emails?”- Received email about London Music College interview.- Fade to black (Music stops)
  6. 6. Final Section- Filming in London- On train station (Leaving) (Music picks up)- Meets girl- Upward panning shot, revolving around the main character’s face, but she is next to him- Shots of the College of Music and Art, with the characters outside – Romance – holding hands.- Title of film and awards etc.
  7. 7. Ideas for Titles- Symphony- Virtuoso