Ideas@Work - Avondseminarie Lean - Presentatie IAW


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Ideas@Work - Avondseminarie Lean - Presentatie IAW

  1. 1. “Lean: Performance through people”Introduction to Lean transformations(30/05/2013)
  2. 2.  Ideas@Work 2011 2Short introduction: Ideas@WorkWe are a consulting company specialised in Operational Management.People &CultureTeamDynamicsLeadershipNon violentcommun.Coaching…IT System& ToolsProcessAutomationDashboardsIT PMBusinessAnalysisProcess &OrganisationLeanBPMOrg. DevelopmentPerformance MgmtProject & ChangeGovernance…Lean Projects: global transformations• Culture & Behaviour• Process & Organisation• Systems & ToolsOur Clients• Major Organisations• Focus on Service / AdministrativeSector• Belgium & EuropeOur Expertise: Operational ManagementOur People• 30+ Sr Management Consultants(average age ~37)• Lean & BPM Experts, ChangeManagers, Program Managers• 5 Managing Partners
  3. 3. 30/05/2013A Definition of Lean« Respect & Value »1
  4. 4.  Ideas@Work 2011 4What is Lean ?There are 2 core Principles in Lean: Value (for the customer or citizen)and Respect (for the people delivering value).VALUEDefine your target from thecustomer point of viewUse your resource toproduce customer valueRESPECTEmpower & Motivate the teamBottom-UpParticipative Management
  5. 5.  Ideas@Work 5• Define Value from the Customer point of View  which productfor which price (also for Public Administration)• Deliver what customers need : not less … and not more !!!Value…is what the Customer (Citizen) is ready to pay forThe Voice Of Customer (VOC) method is used for understanding thecustomer expectations and defining the expected process results.Prioritise customerexpectationsUnderstand customerrequirementsPlan improvement actions+-CharacteristicPresence+-CustomerSatisfactionSATISFIERSDISSATISFIERS+- Satisfaction+-ImportancePriority ABCDEF1 2 43DEFB1243CAOwner Due date Status CommentsDescriptionRECOMMENDATION & ACTION PLANMethod
  6. 6.  Ideas@Work 2011 6Value: use your resources only to deliver ValueMaximizing the Value Delivery requires to eliminate all activities notnecessary for the customer. The improvement potential is infinite.• Maximise Value delivery: remove unnecessary efforts• Standardise Processes (SOP) around Best Practices• Strive for Perfection
  7. 7.  Ideas@Work 2011 7Respect… people as they are central for delivering ValueHigh Performance Culture as Foundation for Performance andContinuous Improvement.• Focus on building a High Performance Culture (Skills &Attitudes)• Team Dynamic is a key enabler
  8. 8. Strategy for implementing Lean« To Lean or To Be Lean »2
  9. 9.  Ideas@Work 2011 9Lean TransformationRequires fundamental cultural &organisational changes.Lean initiatives often fail because of unclear expectationsWhile Lean principles are easy to understand, implementing themrequires fundamental changes whom complexity is underestimated.Lean ProjectCan be executed (and perceived) asa « classic » improvement project« To Lean or To Be Lean…That is the question »
  10. 10.  Ideas@Work 2011 10What are the Lean ambitions?Should Lean be applied for reaching Short Term objectives or fortransforming the Organisation Culture and Management Processes?Lean Project“To Lean”Lean Transformation“Be Lean”LEAN AMBITIONSSupport & Involvement Commitment: Walk the TalkManagement RoleInvolvement & Participation Commitment & OwnershipPeople RoleCoercive & Convince Experience & ConvinceChange Lever1 to 3 years Longer term (> 5 years)TimingCherry Picking GlobalScope1 shot ... Not sustained ContinuousBenefitsCost Reduction Performance CultureFocusCope with Culture Change CultureChange ChallengeLimited to significant Very ImportantChange Effort
  11. 11.  Ideas@Work 2011 11Expected Benefits and Objectives have to be clearDoes your organisation targets specific, “one shot” improvements or aLong Term transformation centred on High Performance Culture?Lean ProjectsLean TransformationLimited Scope &TimingTargets High PerformanceCultureSustainable & ContinuousImprovements+–– +Benefits(Performance Improvement)Complexity(Time&Resources)Possible evolution:from Lean Projectsto LeanTransformation
  12. 12.  Ideas@Work 2011 12Expected Benefits and Objectives have to be clearDoes your organisation targets specific, “one shot” improvements or aLong Term transformation centred on High Performance Culture?Lean Projects Lean TransformationSpecific (Scope & Time)performance improvementsHigh Performance CultureSustainable, Global &Continuous performanceimprovements
  13. 13. Three Customers Cases3
  14. 14.  Ideas@Work 2011 14Today’s Focus: The customer &• Leen Donné - bpost:bteam: een bottom-up Lean aanpak voor duurzame verbeteringen• Martin Brichet - Delta Lloyd (FR)Lean bij Delta Lloyd: een integrale aanpak met oog voor de menselijke factor.Veronique Ansseau -Eurocontrol (FR)Voice Of Customer, of hoeinspelen op de verwachtingen vande klant en deze integreren in deverbeteringsaanpak van Lean.
  15. 15.  Ideas@Work 15