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Vilnius pres joseph mifsud

  1. 1. IAUVilnius, June 2010
  2. 2. 1st Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Higher Education and Scientific Research Cairo, Egypt, 18 June 2007 – Establishment of EMUNI University EMUNI2nd Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Higher Education, Research and Innovation Brdo, Slovenia, 3 - 4 October 2010 (TBC)
  3. 3. EuroMed: from Barcelona (1995) to Paris Summit (2008)Priority Areas of the Union for the Mediterranean:•De-pollution of the Mediterranean•Maritime and Land Highways•Civil Protection•Alternative Energies•Higher Education and Research, Euro-MediterraneanUniversity with its seat in Slovenia•The Mediterranean Business Development Initiative
  4. 4. EMUNI University was Born/Important datesDec 2006 – Slovenian government appointed an expert group forestablishing the EuroMed University19 Oct 2007 – Center EMUNI was established9 June 2008 – Portoro , Slovenia, Inauguration13 July 2008 - France, Paris Summit - EMUNI is one of the UfM priority4 Aug 2008 – EMUNI Foundation was established26 Nov 2008 – Barcelona, Adoption of the Statue, 1st GeneralAssembly13 Feb 2009 – Registration of the EMUNI University12 Jun 2009 – Accreditation of Study Programmes at Council of HE17 Jul 2009 – Registration in register of HE institutions23 Dec 2009 – Extended ERASMUS University Charter AwardedEMUNI is a university and an international university network withits seat in Slovenia.
  5. 5. EMUNI in Pictures
  6. 6. Established by: Universities,HE&R Institutions and HE&RNetworksPartners:•GA 2008: 115 institutionsfrom 32 countries•GA 2009: 142 institutionsfrom 37 countries•GA 2010: ?? institutionsfrom ?? countries
  7. 7. Vision and MissionEMUNI University provides in cooperation with partnerinstitutions study, research and training programmes, andthus advance the establishment of the Euro-MediterraneanHigher Education, Research and Innovation Area.Acting as a coordinator and a facilitator of joint academicand research activities, EMUNI is becoming a focal point forexchanges of staff and students of partner institutions.EMUNI will provide mainly postgraduate, joint and multipledegree study programmes, “just-in-time” courses in thePriorities of the Union for the Mediterranean with a specialfocus on cultural diversity.
  8. 8. OrganisationPresident: Dr. Joseph MifsudManagement Board: 8 out of 11 members from 5 countriesSenate: 20 out of 25 members from 20 countriesGeneral Assembly: each member/partner has one seatStudent Council: in constitution, students have representatives in bothUniversity bodiesSupporting institutions:Center EMUNI - performing the tasks of Secretariat of EMUNIUniversity, financed by the Republic of Slovenia.EMUNI Foundation - fundraising institution.
  9. 9. EMUNI Bodies MeetingsGENERAL ASSEMBLY:• 1st session, 26 November 2008, Barcelona, Spain• 2nd session, 25 November 2009, Sousse, Tunisia• 3rd session, 27 November 2010, Ankarana, TurkeySENATE:• 1st session, 27 and 28 February 2009, Palermo, Italy• 2nd session, 26 and 27 June 2009, Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia• 3rd session, 24 November 2009, Sousse, Tunisia• 4th session, 26 and 27 February 2010, Portoro , Slovenia• 5th session, 11 and 12 June 2010, Alexandria, Egypt• 6th session, 26 November 2010, Ankara, TurkeyMANAGEMENT BOARD:• 1st session, 26 November 2008, Barcelona, Spain• 2nd correspondence session, 29 January 2009• 3rd session, 27 and 28 February 2009, Palermo, Italy• 4th session, 26 June 2009, Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia• 5th extraordinary session, 25 September 2009, Portoro , Slovenia• 6th session, 24 November 2009, Sousse, Tunisia• 7th session, 26 and 27 February 2010, Portoro , Slovenia• 8th session, 11 and 12 June 2010, Alexandria, Egypt• 9th session, 26 November 2010, Ankara, Turkey
  10. 10. ENPI ProjectMAIN ACTIVITIES:• preparation of 8 Master Study programmes in the Priorities of the UfM,• establishment of Higher Education Observatory,• dissemination of results (conferences, EMUNI regional days and publications)TEAM LEADER: Prof. Dr. Nehale Fariid Mostapha
  11. 11. EMPA Working Group EMUNIChaired by: Ms Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou, Vice-President of the European Parliament• 4 members from the European Parliament (already nominated Ms Rodi Kratsa- Tsagaropoulou, Ms Carmen Romero Lopez, Mr Ivo Vajg; 1 more is in the process of nomination)• 6 members from the European National Parliaments (Mr Eduardo Cabrita, Mr Gennaro Malgieri, Mr Franco Juri, Mr Xavier Bettel, Mr Eero Akaan-Penttila, Mr Jordi Xucla Costa)• 10 members from the Mediterranean Partners (Mr Mohammad Zreikat, Mr Mohammad Abul-Enein, Mr Hamid Narjisse, Ms Zeynep Dagy, Dr Walid Khoury, Mr Joseph Maalouf, Mr Abdelaziz Chebil)
  12. 12. Funding for 2010 – 2011 and long-term ...• EC ENPI project 2010 – 2011 (1 mio EUR), other EC ENPI projects?• Other projects (UfM, EC, ESF Slovenia and other countries ...)• MHEST RS Slovenia; annual contribution for University’s secretariat (600.000 EUR?) and providing a seat• Other countries contribution?• EMUNI members contributions?• Tuition and/or registration fees• EMUNI foundation – financing agreed part of the University’s programme• Donations ...
  13. 13. International Agreements• ALF - Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures (MoU),• AoC - United Nations Alliance for Civilizations (MoU),• Association of Arab Universities (MoU)• CIHEAM – International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies,• EFIMED – The European Forest Institute Mediterranean Regional Office (Partner),• EMPA – Euro-Mediterranean Parliament Assembly,• ETF – European Training Foundation (Project Cooperation),• IPEMED - Institut de Prospective Economique du Monde Mediterraneen (MoU),• PAM – Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean,• Tyre Foundation (MoU)• UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.Planed Membership in: EUA, IMHE, IUA, EAIE, ACA, EURASHE
  14. 14. International Meetings in pictures
  15. 15. Study Programmes: Master and DoctoralProfessional School: Free-standing courses, Summer Semesters, PhD Seminars, Research and development projects EMUNI Observatory Conferences (ReSouk, HE&R, MedPri, Regional Days and other events) International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies and other publications
  16. 16. EMUNI was Awarded the Extended ErasmusUniversity Charter in December 2009• Erasmus Institution ID: SI PORTORO03• Erasmus University Charter No: 255839-IC-1-2010-1-SI-ERASMUS- EUCX-1• The type of the charter is EUCX• Time Coverage of the Charter: until the Academic Year 2013/2014EMUNI University has signed 15 preliminary Erasmus partnership agreements for academic years 2010/13 with the following countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.Student Mobility 2010/11 - Information about courses that will be implemented in the academic year 2010/11 will be available on the website in July.
  17. 17. Master Programmes Already AccreditedStudy Programmes at Partner HEI• 1st call - 27 January 2009, the Senate adopted 14 study programmes (in April 2009)• 2nd call - 3 September 2009, the Senate adopted 1 study programme (in November 2009)HEI are from France, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Palestinian Authority and Tunisia.• 9 study programmes were submitted to NAKVIS, 2 programmes have already been notified.• Out of 7 programmes, 4 programmes obtained positive or partially positive opinion of Slovenian HEI, while for 3 study programmes negative opinion was issued (reason: HEI does not have a comparable study programme).
  18. 18. Development of new EMUNI master studyprogrammesDegree will be issued by EMUNI University and at least one institution from theconsortium/EMUNI member.Partner institutions in consortium are from Albania, Croatia, Egypt, France,Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, the Netherlands, PalestinianAuthority, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Kingdom.Area of the study programmes:•Future Infrastructures and Landscape in EuroMed1•Development studies and intercultural dialogue1•Environment1•Security1•Migration, Culture and Human Rights2•Systems Dynamics to Manage Sustainable Business Development2•Executive MA in Higher Education Management, revenue and quality enhancement2•Maritime Cultural Heritage2•Euromed master study programme in development communication (COMDEV) for regional integration and sustainabledevelopment in the Mediterranean3•Euro-Mediterranean master in interreligious dialogue and tourism (EMIDT)3and other programes in the priorities of UfM. 1programme adopted at the Senate session in November 2009 2 programme adopted at the Senate session in February 2010 3plan to be adopted in June 2010
  19. 19. “EMUNI label” Master Study Programmesin 2008/09 and 2009/10• Euro-Mediterranean Cultures and Policies• Energy and Sustainable Development• Environment• Migration and Intercultural Relations• Euro-Mediterranean Master in Culture and Tourism83 students from 18 countries, 155 guest professors from 16 countries, students attend the module Euro- Mediterranean Studies in Slovenia.
  20. 20. EMUNI Programmes (label) in the Academic Year2010/11 (TBC)General characteristics:• Multicultural learning and teaching environment• Inclusion of the module Euro-Mediterranean Studies (10 ECTS) which will be implemented at EMUNI University in Slovenia• Degree/diploma is issued by Partner university, EMUNI issue a certificateStudy programmes (one PhD, other masters)• Criminal Justice and Security Studies (PhD),• Marine Hydrology,• Intercultural Business Communication,• Applied Geological Sciences for Building and Land Management,• Master in Public Management, Speciality Euro-Mediterranean Management,• Environment,• Environmental Analysis and Management,• Landscape, Territory and Patrimony,• Euro-Mediterranean Master in Culture and Tourism.Partners universities from: France, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia,Tunisia.The programme Joint Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations can be also proposed for the implementation under EMUNI “label” study programme. The universities in the consortium are from: Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Portugal and Slovenia.
  21. 21. Lifelong learning - EMUNI ProfessionalSchoolProfessional upgrading study programme Euro-MediterraneanStudies (10 ECTS)•obligatory course Euro-Mediterranean International Relations - 5 ECTS(presentation and overview of international relations theory and practice,incorporating interdisciplinary perspectives from economy, law, history,culture and policy)•elective courses (33 courses, possibility to add also new electives).Courses will be delivered in a form of free standing courses. In case thatthe participants fulfil all study obligations they receive a transcript ofrecords with obtained ECTS credits. This certificate can at a later stage beused for entering study programmes.
  22. 22. Professional School / Free Standing Courses2008/09•Euro-Mediterranean International Relations (10 ECTS), University of Urbino, Italy•Rural Geography & Touristic Regions in Europe (6 ECTS), Community of Mediterranean Universities / University ofBari, Italy and University of Maribor, Slovenia2 courses - 12 professors from 7 countries and attended by 28 participants from 11 countries.2009/10•Euro-Mediterranean International Relations (5 ECTS),•Geographical Perspectives and Tourist Regions (5 ECTS),•Public Management and Sustainable Development in the Euro-Mediterranean (2x3 ECTS), University PaulCezanne – Aix Marseille III, France•Internationalization and Management in Higher Education (2x5 ECTS).6 courses - 13 professors from 8 countries and 36 participants from 15 countries 2010/11 (TBC)•Power and Dynamics of Civil Resistance (5 ECTS),•Internationalization and Management in Higher Education (10 ECTS),•Euro-Mediterranean International Relations (5 ECTS),•....PLAN ... 10 COURSES
  23. 23. Professional School / Summer Semester20087 courses in Slovenia – 88students and lecturers from 29countries.20097 courses in 4 countries – 317lecturers and students from 40countries.20107 courses in 5 countries2011(TBC)10 courses in 10 countries (plan)
  24. 24. Professional School / Doctoral ResearchSeminars2009•De-Pollution of Mediterranean Basin, Hacettepe University, Turkey –10 students from 7 countries and 6 professors from 4 countries2010•Intercultural dialogue in HE, University of Sousse, Tunisia – 11students from 7 countries and 4 professors from 4 countries•Leadership for Cultural Diversity, University of Cyprus - 8 studentsfrom 7 countries and 5 professors from 4 countries2011 (TBC)•4 seminars in the area of priorities of UfM (plan)
  25. 25. EMUNI ObservatoryFour policies in the fields of:• master programmes,• PhD programmes,• e-learning,• QAAwill be developed in 2011.
  26. 26. EMUNI ProjectsPolicy• applying on international and Slovenian calls, where the objectives, eligibility, finance and other criteria suit to EMUNI mission and activities;• acting as a project applicant or project partner. As an applicant it is searching for partnership in the projects among EMUNI partner institutions;• promoting the six priority areas of the Union for the Mediterranean.Project in Entrepreneurial LearningProject manager: European Training Foundation (ETF)Covering: 16 countries of South Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.Aims: help build capacity for developing lifelong entrepreneurial learning and the creation of enterprise skills in general and higher education.EMUNI joined the project in 2009, with four EMUNI partners (2 Slovenia, 1 Morocco, 1 Tunisia).
  27. 27. 9 June 2009Unity and Diversity of Euro-Mediterranean IdentitiesPortoro , Slovenia and 17 co-organisers in 14 countries, 254 active participants from 23counties, more than 2000 participants through internet.14 June 2010Living Together in the Multi-Cultural SocietyAlexandria, Egypt and 19 co-organisers from 14 countries Euro-Mediterranean countries.2011Each year at different locations in Euro-Mediterranean countries – to be linked with theMediterranean Day (21 March), Lebanon (TBC).
  28. 28. 9 June 2008, SLIntercultural Dialogue and Higher Education120 participants from 14 counties25 – 26 September 2009, SLInternationalisation and the Role of University Networks150 participants from 16 counties23 – 25 September 2010, SLEntrepreneurial Learning and the Role of Universities2011, September, country (TBC)back to back with one of the institutions in the field of HE – to strengththe cooperation
  29. 29. 26 – 29 Nov 2008 Barcelona, SpainIntercultural Dialogue and Management25 – 28 Nov 2009 Sousse, TunisiaCreativity, Innovation and Management24 – 27 Nov 2010 Ankara, Turkey,Social Responsibility, Professional Ethics and ManagementMedPri sessions2011, November, country (TBC)back to back with one of the institutions in the field of priorities of UfM –to strength the cooperation)
  30. 30. Other conferences, EMUNI as co-organizer/12008ACAM 2008: Mediterraneity, Political Project and Civilization Challenge5th symposium in Monastir, Tunisia12 – 14 December 2008Organisation: ACAM - Association pour la culture et les arts méditerraneans, Tunisia200914ème Forum International du GRETEuroméditerranée : Histoire d’un futureRabat, Morocco, 9 – 10 April 2009Organised by: G.R.E.T."EUROPEAN DAY" Italy-SloveniaStudent Mobility as an added Value to the Intercultural Relations in EUNova Gorica, Slovenia, 24 April 2009Organised by: European Commission, University of Nova Gorica, University of Udine - GoriziaEnlargement of European Union: What next?,Udine, Italy, 3 July 2009,Organised by: Cattedra Jean Monnet in ‘Government And Politics Of The European Union, Udine, Italy;17th Annual Colloquium of the IGU Commission on the Sustainability of Ruraly SystemsNew Challenges for Sustainable Rural Development in the 21st CenturyMaribor, Slovenia, 13 - 18 July 2009.Organised by: IGU, University in Maribor
  31. 31. Other conferences, EMUNI as co-organizer/217th Annual Colloquium of the IGU Commission on the Sustainability of Ruraly SystemsNew Challenges for Sustainable Rural Development in the 21st CenturyMaribor, Slovenia, 13 - 18 July 2009.Organised by: IGU, University in Maribor2nd MED, Euro-Mediterranean Public Management DialoguePortoro , Slovenia, 8 -10 0ctober 2009Organised by: Paul Cezanne University and partnersACAM Forum,The Union for the Mediterranean: Cultural Platform and institutional constructionSousse, Tunisia , 23 - 24 November 2009,Organised by: ACAM Association (Tunisia).2010MED 3: Third Euro Mediterranean Public Management DialogueTunis, Tunisia 7 - 8 October 2010Organised by: EGPA (European Group for Public Administration); IMPGT (Public Management and Territorial Governance Institute)- Paul Cézanne University Aix-Marseille III; ENA (Ecole Nationale dAdministration)
  32. 32. Organised 6 times per year in different countries.•28 January 2010 – Cairo, Egypt•9 March 2010 – Poznan, Poland•16 March 2010 – Koper, Slovenia•3 May 2010 – Beirut, LebanonTo take place (TBC):•Balkans (Bulgaria) – October•Israel – October•Scandinavia (Norway)
  33. 33. EMUNI Foundation opened the EMUNI Talks series this year featuring prominent figuresfrom politics, diplomacy, arts and academia from across the Mediterranean region todiscuss major regional and global challenges. Organised approximatily 6 times per year indifferent countries.Guest Speaker: H. E. Ms Nicole Michelangeli, Ambassador of France to SloveniaUnion for the Mediterranean: State of Play and Expectations26 February 2010, PortoroGuest Speaker: H. E. Mr Alessandro Pietromarchi, Ambassador of the Republic of Italyto the Republic of SloveniaMobility in the Mediterranean area: The Mediterranean policy of Infrastructure andTransport.27 May 2010, PortoroGuest speaker: H.E. Mr. Amr Moussa (TBC)Date and place: 31 August 2010, Ljubljana
  34. 34. 1/2EMUNI organises different Round Tables on the Priorities of the Union for the Mediterranean.2008/2009•How can intercultural dialogue contribute to establishing Euro-Mediterranean as aregionDate and place: 9 April 2009, Portoro , Slovenia•De-Pollution of Mediterranean Region -Survival of an ecosystemDate and place:5 May 2009, Portoro , Slovenia•Emerging pollutants and efficiency of environmental monitoring and toxicity testingDate and place: 12 May 2009, Portoro , Slovenia•Euro-Mediterranean cultures - similarities and discrepanciesDate and place: 5 June 2009, Portoro , Slovenia•Globalization versus De-globalizationDate and place: 24 June 2009, Koper, Slovenia•Challenges in Higher Education”Date and place: 23 September 2009, Portoro , Slovenia
  35. 35. 2/22009/2010 (up to June)•Challenges of Tourism in The Euro-Mediterranean RegionDate and Place: 23 February 2010, Portoro , Slovenia•Intercultural dialogue in Higher Education in the Euro-Mediterranean. The Future of theUnion for the Mediterranean?Date and place: 29 March 2010, Portoro , Slovenia•Public Management and Sustainable Development in the MediterraneanDate and place: 28 May 2010, Portoro , Slovenia
  36. 36. University Press - Academic Publications• IJEMS – International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies, tematic isuess in UfM priorities• Conference proceedings (ReSouk, HE&R, (MIC) MedPri)• EMUNI Projects Publications, Handbooks
  37. 37. University Press - Other Publications• Annual report• Annual academic brochure• Flyer and/or posters for each programme• EMUNI magazine (3 per year, the first “pilot” issue in September 2010)• EMUNI e-News