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Utrecht sa- rafael cordera campos


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Utrecht sa- rafael cordera campos

  1. 1. Rafael Cordera CamposSecretary-General, UDUAL, Mexico Utrecht, Netherlands, July 2008
  2. 2. Policy lines BOLOGNA UDUAL Adoption of a system of To be an strategic easily readable and instrument to encourage the comparable degrees; transformation of its affiliates, promoting the Adoption of a system cooperation with the national essentially based on two and international organisms, main cycles; to transform them in efficient Establishment of a elements to contribute for system of credits; the economic, social, cultural, and technological development in the countries of the region. To defend the autonomy of the universities, the freedom of teaching and research.
  3. 3. BOLOGNA UDUAL Promotion of mobility Promote and supportfor students and the academic mobility,academic and internationaladministrative staff; cooperation andPromotion of European internationalization ofcooperation in quality knowledge.assurance; Promote a culture of aPromotion of the evaluation andEuropean dimension in accreditation tohigher education. guarantee the quality ofGreater openness to the the services that areworld, responding to the offered to society.challenges of a Promote a higherglobalized world. quality of education and articulate the academic actions in different subject areas, creating the Cooperation and Study Organisms which are subject networks.
  4. 4. UDUAL To analyze and construct a contemporary concept of university autonomy. Relate higher education to the national realities, regional needs and international context
  5. 5. The HE system in LA 1950 2006 75 HEI, public 1500 HEI most universities most of private them 276,000 students 12 million students 2% of population 18- 21% of population 24 in HEI 18-24 in HEIGarcía Guadilla. CRESALC-UNESCO
  6. 6. PROGRAMS AND ACTIONS Students Academic Mobility Program (PAME) Universities Century XXI Program Creation of the Latin American and the Caribbean Space of Higher Education ALBAN WHO- OPS ALFA III GUNI & IAU
  7. 7. BOLOGNA AND LA PROPOSSALS ALCUE (PARIS 2000) LATIN AMERICA TUNING PROJECT (2004) 6 X 4 PROJECT UDUAL Latin American and the Caribbean Space of Higher Education. (2008 CUENCA) IESALC-UNESCO (CRES 2008)
  9. 9.