CS III.5 - L.J. Edmonds


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CS III.5 - L.J. Edmonds

  1. 1. GDM-ImpactBECOMING THE MINISTER OF HEALTH IN OUTERSPACE: Women’s Education for Equity andInnovation for AllUniversité d’Ottawa/University of OttawaLorna Jean Edmonds PhD
  2. 2. • Instead of thinking ‘outside the box’ lets think ‘inside ourselves’ about a subject so very close to us all • Health • The Health of the Global Population • Health Human Resources • Health of Canada • Models of development • charity, medical , social, and citizenshipApproach
  3. 3. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Alwaysremember, you have within you the strength, thepatience, and the PASSION to reach for the starsto change the world. Harriet TubmanMaybe not quite for all..
  4. 4. Girls in underprivilegedcommunities
  5. 5. These girls have dreams too
  6. 6. Malala Yousafzai PakistanShe wantsto be a doctorShe was shot in the head for sharing her dream
  7. 7. • Information technology and communication• Globalisation• Climate change is looming large• Outer Space is the next frontier• ONE Knowledge economyThe most impactfultrends in the 21 st century
  8. 8. The problems today are the problemsof the world
  9. 9. TALENT Those who master the talent challenge will dominate the markets in the 21st century Deloitte, 2009Where is the real power toaddress these challenges ?
  10. 10. Talent is Mobile Brain drain, gain, chain… Why migrate? Control, Opportunity - choicesWouldn’t you – that is thinking inside our selves
  11. 11. Global Tension for Innovation, Talent and Partnerships
  12. 12. It is not only Africa that needs science… Science itself needs researchers from Africa Wired, August 12, 2012
  13. 13. Research in a Globalized World- Canada and the University of Toronto -
  14. 14. • Global instability • Disengaged community • Notwithstanding LIFE in Outer Space, it is a playground of unregulated activity impacting on all of us • Less than 10% of all astronauts are women • Current Research and Innovators need help!Problem
  15. 15. Strategy
  16. 16. Growth Strategy for Vulnerable Communities International Development??• Millenium Development Goals • Goal 2: by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls, will complete primary schooling • Goas 4,5,6: Child and Maternal Health and HIV/AIDS: Primary health care• The (Global Health) Development Industry: • Foundations, Development Banks, NGOs, Charities, Consulting • Education and research institutions??• RemittanceIs this approach working ?
  17. 17. Pillars of an international development strategyMDGs • Access to primary education • Access to health • Access to human rights • IMPLICATIONS…. before innovation growth and (good governance)Is this approach working?
  18. 18. GLOBAL DIVIDEND FOR MAXIMUM IMPACT: GDM –I Quality human capital – educated people – drives excellenceStrategy: Educating women forequity for innovation
  19. 19. Pillars of Global Dividend for Maximum Impact • Access to quality • higher education and research capacity • Scholarships for women • Internships and mobility opportunities for men and women • Signature competitions to engage students from all over the world to solve global issues • Gender policies and MENTORSHIPStrategy: equity for innovation
  20. 20. GDM-I Result: Gender Equality • Women support girls and boys, men and women and communities • Women are in supportive roles influencing leaders • Women are in leadership roles • Women and men are partners and • If you invest in women you can be certain that men will make sure investments are also for them.• Equal investments in, and gains for women equate to equal gains for men and womenWhy focus on women ?
  21. 21. GDM-I Result: Flat Global Platform for Talentthe real power comes from the diversity ofwomen and men from all corners of the world andall disciplines working together and using theirexperience to solve complex problems andaccelerate innovation and create stability andsecurityWhere is the real power in decisionmaking and development?
  22. 22. The pillars of a global innovations agenda• MDG + GDM-IIntegrated Strategy for fairglobal competition
  23. 23. Malala Yousafzai, PhDMinister of Health for Outer Space