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CS II.5 - G. Bexell


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CS II.5 - G. Bexell

  2. 2. Two main questions of this conference• How can universities become more decisive partners in the issues on the global agenda?• How can we take a more active role in shaping humanity´s common future?• Rethink and apply academic values!
  3. 3. The heart of universities: academicvaluesNo academic values - Academic values: yes!no universitiesAcademic freedom andresponsibilityacademic integrityacademic qualityacademic collegiality
  4. 4. Threats against academic valuesConservatism andinstrumentalismDefense of privilegesChange of organizationInternal misuse ofpowerExternal demands
  5. 5. Human values and academic valuesMutual supportGlobal and sharedvalues
  6. 6. Academic values and ethical guidelinesEthics: values, normsand virtuesThe purpose ofguidelines: to supportvalues
  7. 7. The new IAU-document• Valuable document• Guidelines more than values• Future goal: one document including values• Implementation; Ethical Advisory Committee• Rules of sanctions• Ethical knowledge and sensibility
  8. 8. Two documents: IAU and LundUniversity• Ethical Issues at LU:• LU is part of a worldwide value system• Researcher ethics and research ethics• Model for discussion of ethical issues• Collection of examples from LU• IAU: Ethical guidelines for actions• Find your own way!
  9. 9. Higher education and ethicsA twofold purpose of ethics for Why ethics?Higher Education:Defense against misconduct (anegative task)Challenge to build universitieswith ethical commitment (apositive task)
  10. 10. Guidelines: defense against misconduct• Discrimination• Cheating• Corruption• Bribes• Increase accountability, assessments, support within IAU• Cf reports by Stephen Heynemann, Jami Salmi
  11. 11. Ethics as a challenge: the teacher as a role modelIncorporates academicvaluesin education andresearchin daily lifeOne way to influencetomorrow´s globalleaders!
  12. 12. Ethics as a challenge: the student as an academic citizenFoster the student tounderstand, integrateand implementacademic valuesAn academic citizenA future global leader
  13. 13. Ethics as a challenge: the societal responsibility of a university• Universities are not value-neutral in society• Represent human and academic values• Rethink how to influence society!• Responsibility towards society• Protect free speech and publishing, non-discrimination, analysis and alternatives, relevant education and research, participate in public debate
  14. 14. Ethics as a challenge:the global responsibility of a universityGlobal issues: MDG, Global futurepost 2015 UN goalsStudents: globalcitizensAcademic valuesagainst other valuestaking over the globalleadershipA global unity of sharedvalues and academicdiversity
  15. 15. Ethics as a challenge:the university as a role model institution• High confidence of the public is necessary for universities• Intellectual and ethical independence from economic, political and religious powers• No identification with antidemocratic systems, mere capitalism, narrow-minded utility, globalism• High ethical standard• An enormous impact on society
  16. 16. Thank You!My latest book (in End!Swedish): Akademiskavärden visar vägen,Stockholm 2011(not yet translated:Academic values showthe way)