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Beijing goolam mohamedbhai


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Beijing goolam mohamedbhai

  1. 1. IAU International Conference“Internationalization of Higher Education” Beijing, China, 13 October 2006 Opening Remarks by Goolam MohamedbhaiPresident, International Association of Universities
  2. 2. IAU in ChinaWelcomeLast meeting in China in 1994 in Tianjin70th Administrative Board Meeting inTianjin, 9-11 October 2006, hosted byNankai UniversityThis conference in partnership with CEAIE
  3. 3. IAUCreated in 1950, UNESCO-based international NGOBrings together HEIs and associations worldwide fordebate and reflectionPromotes international networking among HEIsHas over 600 HEIs as members + 25 associations,representing about 2500 HEIsOnly a few HEIs from China, situation needs to beredressedChinese HEIs should join IAU to create a trulyworldwide HE community
  4. 4. Internationalization of Higher Education (1)Universities always international in outlook, part ofglobal structureOver past couple of decades, internationalization hasassumed much greater importanceBecause of globalization, greater mobility of staff &students, graduates take employment in othercountriesTherefore HEIs must ensure degrees are recognisedinternationallyInternational collaboration is best approach
  5. 5. Internationalization of HE (2)Because of knowledge economy, large demand for HEIn developed countries, increased competition forforeign students from developing countriesTertiary education enrolment 10% in developingcountries, 60% in industrialised countriesFor economic development, enrolment must be about50%Most developing countries cannot provide additionalfunding for expansion of HEHence opening up to foreign providersWith globalization and GATS, cross-border educationhas taken shape
  6. 6. Internationalization of HE (3)Need for promoting intercultural dialogue andinternational understanding imperativeInteractions among people of different countries andcultures have increased dramaticallyRegional groupings for political or economic reasonsOutsourcing of business services in foreign countriesGreater international mobility of workforceIncreasing preference for cultural tourismReligious fundamentalism and culturalmisunderstanding given rise to terrorism, violence &conflicts across nations
  7. 7. Internationalization of HE (4)Businesses, professionals have to interactwith people of different culturesHEIs must produce graduates whounderstand different cultures, can discusscritically, can accept differences, who arecitizens of the worldMost important but most challengingreason for promoting internationalisation inHE across the world
  8. 8. IAU & Internationalization (1)Internationalization, including CBHE andintercultural dialogue, an important focus for IAUfor a decade 2000: Statement on Internationalization of HEThematic Working Group on Internationalizationestablished2002: Conference in Lyon, FranceSpecial section on internationalization on IAUwebsite
  9. 9. IAU & Internationalization (2)2004: Statement on “Sharing Quality HE AcrossBorders”Sets out principles & recommendations to HEIsand governments on CBHEStatement signed by 35 university associationsworldwideFollow-up with “Checklist for Good Practice”Documents available on IAU website:
  10. 10. IAU & Internationalization (3)Intercultural learning & dialogue a priority for IAUJuly 2004: IAU General Conference in Brazil on “Roleof Universities in Promoting Dialogue & Development”Nov 2004: Seminar on “Intercultural Learning andDialogue”, Hungary2006 Essay Competition on “HE and InterculturalLearning and Dialogue”Winner of competition: Dr Loo Seng Pien of UniversitiBrunei DarussalamEssay to be published in Higher Education Policy
  11. 11. IAU & Internationalization (4)IAU’s worldwide survey on internationalisation of HE2003: first survey, covered only IAU members. Reportof findings published2005: second survey, covered larger no. of institutionsworldwide. Responses from 95 countries receivedFindings of 2005 survey presented by Dr Jane KnightBook on 2005 survey to be launched laterPlans for third survey in 2008
  12. 12. IAU & Internationalization (5)Joint CEAIE-IAU Workshop on 15 OctoberWill build on outcomes of this conferenceWill look at pressing issues at internationaland specific regional levels
  13. 13. Internationalization of HE has taken newdirections but raised new challenges2005 Survey: 2/3 of institutions consider itof high priority, all feel there are benefits,70% feel there are risksNeed to highlight benefits and minimizerisksIAU ready to assist in any way possible
  14. 14. IAU thanks Nankai University and CEAIE forcollaboration and assistanceIAU looks forward to continued collaboration THANK YOU