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Internationalisation order form

  1. 1. New IAU Publication Order Form Internationalization of Higher Education: New Directions, New Challenges IAU 2005 SurveyInternationalization is fast becoming one of the most important and complex forces in highereducation. The last decade has seen unprecedented growth in the international dimension ofhigher education and the future promises the same.From its unique vantage point, IAU is committed to undertaking worldwide internationalizationsurveys of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and other key actors on a regular basis.Internationalization of Higher Education: New Directions, New Challenges, acomprehensive report by Dr. Jane Knight, is the result of the second IAU internationalizationsurvey, undertaken in 2005. The analysis of results is based on responses from HEIs in 95countries making this the largest internationalization study of its kind!Preliminary findings of the 2005 IAU Survey were published in February 2006 and areavailable in both English and French online on our website ( A printed version in English is available onrequest.Internationalization of Higher Education: New Directions, New Challenges is now availablefor sale. It has been launched on the occasion of the IAU 2006 Conference in Beijing, China.(For further details on the Conference, please see: order Internationalization of Higher Education: New Directions, New Challenges, pleasecomplete and return by fax (Fax: +33 (0) 1 47 34 76 05) or by post (see address at the bottom ofthe form) the coupon below, noting the prices as follows: • € 28 Special Offer for IAU Members, IAU Affiliates and IAU Associates • € 35 Non IAU MembersPrices include postage (economic rate) and packing charges; publications will be sent uponreceipt of payment.Should you wish to receive the book by priority mail, please be so kind as to add 5 € to yourpayment.
  2. 2. Order FormPlease send me _____ copy(s) of the book Internationalization of Higher Education: NewDirections, New Challenges, IAU 2005 SurveyMy institution / organisation is: □ a Member of IAU □ an IAU Affiliate/Associate □ not a Member of IAUName: _____________________________________________________________Title: ______________________________________________________________Institution: _________________________________________________________Mailing address:___________________________________________________________________Email address: ______________________________________________________Payment:Payment is requested in Euros or the equivalent in U.S. Dollars by: Cheque payable to: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITIES (IAU) Credit Card: [ ] Visa [ ] American Express [ ] Mastercard [ ] EuroCardCard Number: Expiry Date:Last three digits on reverse of card: Name of card holder:_____________________Transaction charges will be added to the amount due. Bank Transfer (without charge to IAU) to one of the following IAU accounts:Euros:IBAN and Account N°: FR76 30003 03301 00037270143 17SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE, Agence Seine Amont10 rue Thénard, 75005 PARIS, FranceDate/signature:______________________________________________________ International Association of Universities (IAU) UNESCO House 1, rue Miollis F-75732 Paris Cedex 15 France Tel : +33 (0)1 45 68 48 00 Fax : +33 (0)1 47 34 76 05