Tribhuvan University and EFA


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A presentation of some of Tribhuvan University's initiatives in EFA at the IAU Workshop on higher education for EFA, Kathmandu, Nepal, on 6-7 December 2012.
Presented by Prof Dr. Prakash Man Shrestha, Faculty of Education, TU

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Tribhuvan University and EFA

  1. 1. THE EFA CONTEXT• Poverty Reduction• Economic development• Increase life expectancy.• Reducing morbidity and mortality.• Quality of life–enhanced.• Enhancing quality of upper level of education
  2. 2. EFA-A World Education Campaign• The campaign of EFA started off by the World Conference- Jomtein, Thailand-1990• The World Education Forum on EFA held in Dakar, Senegal-2000• The Forum adopted the Dakar Framework of Action, EFA – 6 goals• Second Jomtein meeting – 2011
  3. 3. EFA in Nepal• EFA National Plan for Action, Nepal, 2001- 2015• EFA strategic Plan – 2004• SSRP, 2009-2015
  4. 4. EFA Goals and TU contributionsGoals TU contributions1. Expansion and improvement of ECCE •B.Ed. in ECD •Researches2. Free and Compulsory primary •B.Ed. In primary educationeducation •TPC •TT programme through ODL modality •Researches3. Youth and Adult life skills (Curriculum- •Researchespractical, vocational)4. Adult literacy •Researches5. Gender parity •Content included in the curriculum •Researches6. Quality education •Trainings •Teacher Training ProgramOne More •Researches7. Quality of basic and primary education •Help developing training packages.through mother tongue
  5. 5. Other contributions• Policy formulation• Preparation of documents• Inclusion of EFA content in curriculum.
  6. 6. Weakness• Unaware of EFA• Lack of coordination among key players• No investment in teaching part and negligible intervention in Research institution.• Ignored concerned Higher Education Institutions.
  7. 7. Future Supports from TUWhat Who• Dessimination of EFA programme • jointly by TU, MOE and other institutions.• Assessment study at national level • Research centres of TU• Technical support to prepare plan and • FOE and other Faculties.programme• Produce and provide quality teachers, • FOESSs, RPs.• Conduct tailor-made training • FOE
  9. 9. Keep in mind• I/Alone x To achieve EFA goals• We/Group √