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Indian polity kindle edition


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Indian polity kindle edition

  1. 1. IASpireD Launches Kindle edition eBookIndian Polity
  2. 2. Digital List Price : $2.99Kindle Price (US$) : $2.75You Save : $0.24 (8%)Kindle Price (INR) : Rs. 157.81Language : EnglishAuthor : Team IASpireD
  3. 3. Highlights• Introduction to Constitution• Silent features of the constitution• The Preamble• Union and its Territory• Citizenship• Fundamental Rights• Directive Principles
  4. 4. • Fundamental Duties• The Union Executives• The Union Legislature• The Judiciary• The State Executive• Union-State Relations• Financial Provisions and Trade• Emergency Provisions
  5. 5. • Services Under Union and State• Elections• Language Provisions• Amendment Of the Constitution• Panchayati Raj Institutions
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