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True car presentation


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Published in: Marketing, Automotive, Business
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True car presentation

  1. 1. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 1 IAML Services, Inc. presents the better car buying experience…
  2. 2. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 2 What is TRUECar? Average savings of $3,078 below MSRP per new car sold through the TRUECar Employee Car Buying Program.** *TRUECar can be used by your employees and their families (and even retirees, if you wish). **Average savings off of MSRP based on user-configured new vehicles between 04/01/13 and 04/30/13. See site for complete details. TRUECar’s Employee Car Buying Program provides a pain-free buying experience with impactful savings for your employees.* • TRUECar is dedicated to bringing transparency, ease and most importantly, savings to the new and used car buying market. • With dedicated dealer contacts, upfront pricing from more than 7,700 TRUECar Certified Dealers, buying a car is fast, easy and a 100% no-haggle experience. • TRUECar’s state-of-the-art online platform and extensive proprietary database allows employees to compare vehicle choices with real-time sales data to ensure they are paying a fair price for their new car. • Through the TRUECar Employee Car Buying Program, your employees* can purchase both new and used vehicles that are priced below TRUECar open market sites!
  3. 3. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 3 About TRUECar • Based in Santa Monica, California – founded in 2005 • Established leader, providing… - Employee car purchase program with a proven track record for employers/employees - Pre-negotiated, upfront pricing from a national network of over 7,700 Certified Dealers - Fastest and easiest way to get transparent and accurate car pricing - State-of-the-art technology platform provides up-to-the-minute local, regional and national sales data to give employees the most timely and comprehensive car purchase information available - Service-oriented business model - Total commitment to smooth implementation/operation of the program • Organizational retention rate over 99% • TRUECar has sold more than 700,000 cars and saved consumers over $1.7 billion since 2005 • named as one of the 20 best websites to help individuals make better money decisions • TRUECar ranked #209 on the Inc 500 list of the Fastest Growing Companies in America
  4. 4. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 4 and many more… A few TRUECar partners…
  5. 5. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 5 Employee Benefits Employer Benefits Benefits of the TRUECar Employee Car Buying Program • TRUECar provides the most comprehensive, unbiased, real-time sales data available in the car buying market • TRUECar’s extensive database allows your employees the ability to search and configure new and used vehicles of their choice without any commitment or obligation • Guaranteed TRUECar price certificate includes all rebates and incentives for an easy, convenient way to purchase a new or used vehicle • When your employees are ready to make their purchase they are introduced to trained dealer point of contacts who are dedicated to providing a better car buying experience • Employers bear absolutely no liability, risk or incremental costs • TRUECar’s Car Buying Program can be implemented at any time in as little as three weeks • TRUECar provides all marketing content and all customer service support • Easy-to-implement program that supports your goal of building a winning team of employees • Gives your organization’s benefits package a competitive edge • This responsible alternative helps reduce financial stress in the workplace and increases employee productivity • A thoughtful way to increase employee options at an opportune time Average savings of $3,078 below MSRP per new car sold through the TRUECar Employee Car Buying Program.**
  6. 6. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 6 Employees who purchase at a Program Certified Dealer (out-of-network dealer purchases do not qualify) are eligible for the following benefits at no cost for one year. Potential benefits of over $2,000 only available through TrueCar’s Employee Car Buying Program:  20% Auto Repair Expense Reimbursement – valued at up to $1,000  Up to $500 reimbursement on repair (parts included) twice during year  Automobile Deductible Reimbursement (ADR) – valued at up to $1,000  Reimburses customer for auto insurance deductible for a claim they submitted to their insurance carrier up to $500 twice during year  Auto Expert Opinion – value dependent on usage  Provides customer the ability to speak directly with a certified mechanic by calling a toll-free number to discuss recommended repairs, understand vehicle maintenance schedules and verify estimated repair costs  Roadside Assistance – valued at up to $150  5-point program covering tow, lockout, jump start, tire change and fuel delivery TRUECar Buyer’s Bonus Features
  7. 7. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Employer Auto Buying Program (ABP) Flow 5. Certified Dealer and TrueCar receive inquiry and immediate follow- up commences. Employee* visits store, buys car and Dealer reports sale to TrueCar. 1. Employees* receive messaging to drive awareness to Auto Buying Program website. Promotion comes from links, banner ads, email campaigns, etc., maintained and provided by TRUECar. 2. Once on the ABP site, employee* researches & builds a new car or finds a used car based on desired specs. 3. TrueCar integrated technology finds local program dealer(s) and publishes upfront price directly within platform. 4. Employee* enters contact info and is presented with a Member (Employee) Savings Certificate, simple instructions, and the Certified Dealer(s) location and dedicated point of contact. Awareness Research/Selection Upfront Pricing Dealer Connect Purchase/Reporting 7 Note to Employers who Offer Manufacturer Discount Programs The TRUECar Employee Car Buying Program does not compete with manufacturer discount programs. Rather, TRUECar can be a wonderful complement to these programs by allowing employees* to search both new and used vehicles on all makes and models. (TrueCar ensures that employers can offer great prices to all of their employees regardless of what brand they might be interested in.) In many cases, TRUECar’s prices will be lower than even the manufacturer discounts. Moreover, TRUECar searches and Member (Employee) Savings Certificates are available free without any commitment or obligation whatsoever for your employees.* *Program can be available to employees, retirees, and their families
  8. 8. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 8 TRUECar Buying Experience - Customized Site TRUECar customizes your Auto Buying Program with your company’s logo and a unique URL. Employees are able to access the site behind a password protected firewall on your benefits page.
  9. 9. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 9 Configure Car and Know What Others Paid TRUECar shows your employees what others recently paid in their local market. With real-time, up-to-the-minute data employees can determine what a consumer can fairly and reasonably expect to pay for a new or used vehicle.
  10. 10. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 10 Sample Member (Employee) Savings Certificate
  11. 11. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 11 How to Implement TRUECar 1. Agree to Make TRUECar Available, and Provide URL & Logo File Get “the ball rolling” 2. Implementation Call TRUECar’s lead Project Manager and Technical Director will communicate with you to identify work tasks and timelines 3. Marketing Plan Preparation of customized website and marketing plan 4. Program Launch! Website is presented and made available 5. Post Launch A dedicated Partner Development Manager will be point of contact, facilitate communication plans, and have ongoing responsibility for smooth operation of the TRUECar program. The success of the TRUECar Employee Car Buying Program will largely be determined by the employer’s willingness to communicate the availability of this program to its employees.
  12. 12. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Why You Should Include TRUECar on Your Benefits Platform • TRUECar’s Employee Car Buying Program has revolutionized the car buying experience. With pre-negotiated, up-front pricing from over 7,700 Certified Dealers, TRUECar is able to offer a 100% no-haggle experience with tremendous savings. • Your employees will have access to save an average of $3,078* off of MSRP on new cars • Extensive used car inventory with 100,000s of models to choose from • With affinity pricing, all vehicles are priced below TRUECar open market sites • TRUECar is a timely, effective program that will be greatly appreciated and valued by the employees who choose to use it. • There are no licensing or set up fees. It is absolutely free to add the program to your benefits platform and free for your employees to use it. • TRUECar’s experienced technical team ensures that the implementation is simple and as quick as three weeks without any ongoing demands on internal resources. • There are no eligibility requirements. It can be used by all employees (including part-time employees), their families, and even your retirees. • TRUECar can help maintain your long-term sustainable business advantage… happy and productive employees! *Average savings off of MSRP based on user-configured new vehicles between 04/01/13 and 04/30/13. See site for complete details. 12
  13. 13. © TRUECAR, INC. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 13 Please contact: IAML Services, Inc. 450 Newport Center Dr., Suite 390 Newport Beach, CA 92660 (949) 760-1700 Contact Us IAML Services, Inc. is a full service provider of member/employee benefits solutions, focusing primarily on voluntary benefits. By partnering with many of the nation’s top service and product providers, IAML Services can help employers lower their member benefit costs and administrative demands while providing a "best- in-class" member benefits portfolio for their members. A few of our partnerships include: IAML Services, Inc. is an affiliate of the Institute for Applied Management & Law, Inc. (IAML). For the past 30+ years, IAML has been the leading provider of state-of-the-art public and in-house training and certificate programs in Employment and Benefits Law, and HR Management. In addition, IAML offers AudioPro Teleconferences, Extensive E-Learning and DVD Programs. IAML Services, Inc. is an extension of IAML’s commitment to provide the best possible programs, products and services to our valued clientele. As a special incentive, IAML will extend 20% discounts on all of IAML’s offerings as long as the TRUECar Employee Car Buying Program is being offered to your employees.