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Published in: Marketing
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  1. 1. The most innovative pharmacy discount program for all employees Your logo here
  2. 2. The IAML-RxCut Guarantee We guarantee that your employees always receive the lowest possible price for their medication at the pharmacy whether that is their insurance copay, the pharmacy price or the RxCut discounted rate. RxCut cardholders can use our web-based pharmacy search engine or call our toll free number anytime to find the lowest price.
  3. 3. Key Differentiators • We are a Pharmacy Benefit Administrator, not a PBM, which means – We pay pharmacies a better dispensing fee – We pass all price savings and rebates to the employee, resulting in lower medication costs and better refill rates • We are the only provider who partnered with Google to develop our proprietary technology platform • We reduce direct pharmacy costs for self-funded employers because our card can be used instead of insurance when RxCut is the lowest price • We have full distribution capabilities of the discount card to employees via mobile device, email, web (print-at-home) and traditional hard cards
  4. 4. How it Works • We have contracted with 99% of pharmacies nationwide to ensure employees receive the lowest price on medications • Pharmacies like the program because it drives revenue generating traffic to the store when employees pick up their medications • Everyone wins: Employee pays the lowest price; pharmacy generates new and repeat customers; drug companies get better compliance; companies strengthen employee relationships with enhanced benefits at no cost; companies reduce the overall annual cost of pharmacy claims
  5. 5. Uninsured: Those with no prescription benefits coverage Underinsured: Those with high deductibles, limitations or exclusions Insured: Anyone with prescription coverage with a generic copay of $10.00 or greater Below are actual pharmacy transactions from RxCut members. Not only was our pricing better than the retail price but was also lower than a $10 generic copay. Pricing as of 1/29/2015 Benefiting Everyone
  6. 6. More Reasons to Provide to Employees • We have the industry-leading pharmacy pricing search engine to assist employees with finding the lowest price (see following screen shot) • We provide free support to employees and pharmacies via our toll-free helpline • We provide a secure portal for employers to track all de-identified transaction activity (see following screen shot)
  7. 7. Pharmacy Price Search Employees find the best price for all of their prescriptions at once without leaving home.
  8. 8. Portal: Claim Detail Report In this report, employers can find every piece of information about a transaction EXCEPT for the employee’s name. The report will generate information such as date of purchase, name of the prescription, whether or not it is a U&C transaction, whether it is a generic drug, quantity, retail price, the actual amount paid, savings, and the location of the pharmacy. The data is refreshed every 24 hours for accurate reporting. You will know exactly how much your employees are saving, and which transactions won’t hit your claims file if you are providing a self-funded prescription benefit.
  9. 9. Summary • No cost for employer to participate in or distribute the RxCut Plus discount program, which can be branded with the company name as a free health benefit • Full administrative, technology, branding, marketing, and customer supported provided to employer/employee at no cost • A win-win program that provides a significant employee benefit and strong halo effect for the employer’s brand
  10. 10. Who to Contact Scott H. Schroeder Vice President IAML Services, Inc. 450 Newport Center Drive, Suite 390 Newport Beach, CA 92660 (949) 760-1700