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Stakeholder management


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A brief presentation for young entrepreneurs how to deal with main stakeholders and manage their expectations and influence on a project

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Stakeholder management

  1. 1. STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT IN 10 MINS. Danil Dintsis Ph. D., PMP®,
  2. 2. BRIEF ABOUT THE PRESENTER  Ph. D. in System Analysis (Doctorate degree, ISCED verified)  Ph.D. in Technical management (Candidate degree, ISCED verified)  Portfolio manager and IT consultant, and a trainer for 15+ years with the following certifications:  PMP®  EXIN accredited trainer for ITIL®, MOF®, Cloud computing, Operation services and Analysis (OSA®)
  3. 3. PROJECT VS SERVICE Measurable business targets New (Renewed) Service BP Improvement Business Process
  4. 4. STAKEHOLDERS: WHO AND WHY Lead to Measurable business targets Be supportable/ usability Attract shareholders Project must align Business demands
  5. 5. TOOLS Laws, bylaws, procedures Focus groups, Charts Mission and vision Brainstorming & Delphi
  7. 7. STEP1. STAKEHOLDER REGISTER NAME Position ROLE in a PROJECT CONTACTS DEMANDS EXPECTATIONS INFLUENCE RELATION to a PROJECT Mr. X CEO Sponsor Decrease expenditures per client Innovation solution from world known vendor Increase brand value High Devoted to this project DGY Company SW developers Vendor Compatibility with current IT platform Medium Highly interested to become an official supplier
  8. 8. STEP2. CREATE IMPACT/SUPPORT QUADRANT Stakeholder impact High Low Negative Stakeholders: often middle management Strategy: WIIFM, communicate in person Sponsor, key stakeholders Strategy: involve, include maximum demands and expectations Often: users, low-level staff. Strategy: Describe, educate, ignore (administrative efforts) Power users, team members Strategy: involve, delegate Project support Negative Positive
  10. 10. STEP3. STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT STRATEGY Name Influence Impact on Project Strategy
  11. 11. STEP4. DO IT REGULARLY  Revise stakeholder register  Revise stakeholder attention and influence  Revise Stakeholder management plan  Ask sponsor for a help  Initiate change
  12. 12. ONGOING WEBINARS  Project change management  Sponsor: role, types of collaboration
  13. 13. THINK POSITIVE! CAN IT MAKE THE WORLD MORE HAPPY? Our services for start-ups: detailed information on the subject Request our detailed consulting service Enjoy our free templates, presentations and video
  14. 14. THANK YOU!  .     LET’S STAY IN TOUCH