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Empowering startups

How IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners) helps startup teams to grow to a successful business

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Empowering startups

  1. 1. Empowering Startups
  2. 2. • Portfolio, Project, ITSM consultant and trainer • Ph. D. in System Analysis • Ph.D. in Technical management • PgMP®, PMP® • EXIN accredited trainer for ITIL®, MOF® • DANIL DINTSIS
  3. 3. • Economic growth • Prosperity growth • More satisfied customers • New market opportunities • Market agility • Technology development • Self-employment • Professional development • Person’s self-development Role of start-up initiatives in IT growth
  4. 4. Goal: Increase number of valued partners in community - More partners – more products- more common projects – more benefits for each IAMCP member and vendor as well
  5. 5. 10/#2c9f3f555e19 FORBES: 90% start-ups fails
  6. 6. Start-up Teams’ Challenges - Young teams focus on technology - Poor internal processes - Lack of market business model
  7. 7. - Bad partners -Poor marketing -Technology-based -Non-technical experts … 90% of start-ups fails Common challenges to grow from a team of developers to a business
  8. 8. 10/#2c9f3f555e19 FAIL TO SUCCEED
  10. 10. Microsoft Accelerator: Build – Scale - Grow
  11. 11. • Collaborate with world class experts • Learn from industry experts • Join efforts to create sales pipeline • Alumni phase for future growth and sustain Microsoft Accelerator: Build – Scale - Grow
  12. 12. VALUE for IAMCP members - More partners – more customer projects - 360⁰ customer satisfaction - Grow customers from free users (estimation: 10% of free users become customers when grow); - Raise their level of awareness in the community.
  13. 13. WHO: Target Audience for the Mentoring initiative - Bizspark members - Action Pack members - MPN Registered members (basic level)
  14. 14. WHAT - On-line free framework with free content on business, project, service management and marketing - Social media groups, i.e. - LinkedIN ( International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners – EMEA)
  15. 15. Guru’s threads in LinkedIN IAMCP Group
  16. 16. HOW - Webinars - Videos - Templates - Presentations - Consulting sessions
  17. 17. TBK Consult helps the distributor - Future Group TBK Consult helps Future Group Oy with transitioning of their partner channel from traditional prepaid perpetual license model to a subscription and cloud based model.
  18. 18. PC Magazine/RE Awards The Best of 2015 Soft Sales growing in 2016 (+ Chiesi, Rosatom, Norilsk Nickel, local Bank From Top-10), etc.: •IAMCP (sales tools, resources, ideas); •Startups events participation (4 Years From Now, Slush, DevCon, etc.); •Work with analytics and WW press; •Telesales Campaign with webinars and events for customers; •1:1 communications with customers (surveys, interviews, customer satisfaction meetings with IT Directors); •etc. Enterprise Mobile Workplace
  19. 19. SUCCESS STORY – PETRALEX & SPECIALIST The Petralex® start-upteam and the Specialist CCT (Microsoft Gold Partner Learning Solutions) offered a special solution for virtual learning of people with hearing impairs The solution is the LERN winner in Programming category
  21. 21. IAMCP Mentoring Program - IAMCP members: Microsoft Learning partners and consulting partners offers their content and services (both free and chargeable); - Microsoft: information support - Non-Microsoft training and certification organizations and institutes (i.e. EXIN and its partners) - * - GlobalKnowledge CEE supports us
  22. 22. Web site: Mentoring Web resources
  23. 23. Startup Advise is Aimed at: - Project management best practices - Marketing tools - Best practices in Partnering - Implementing Processes, Tools, and Templates
  25. 25. SING ASSIST is the WPC 2016 Partnering Contest Finalist
  26. 26. Microsoft® Corp. – IAMCP Mentoring Program Goals for the IAMCP Mentorship Program are: •Help Mentees to get to Gold in a Cloud Competency. •Help Mentees to increase growth and profitability. •Help Mentees to base their offerings on top of cloud services provided by Microsoft. •Register here: •Additional information in e-mails from Per Werngren, IAMCP Worldwide president can be found at:
  27. 27. - Microsoft -Social nets (LinkedIN IAMCP EMEA Group) -Microsoft® Corp. & IAMCP Worldwide Mentoring Initiative -Mentoring ItStartUpAdvise.Me website and Slideshare RESUME
  28. 28. Let’s grow together! Q & A’s