Adjunct Faculty Orientation: Academic Affairs


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Adjunct Faculty Orientation: Academic Affairs

  1. 1. Welcome and Introductions Dr. Lourdes Oroza, Campus President Dr. Alicia Giovinazzo, Dean of Academic Affairs
  2. 2. Human Resources Ms. Cindy J. Lau-Evans, EOP Manager
  3. 3. Campus Leadership
  4. 4. Student Services Dr. Vicky Owles, Dean of Students • Code of Student Conduct and Students Rights and Responsibilities • Types of problems (disciplinary, cheating, disruptive, etc.) • Single Stop
  5. 5. Administrative Services Mr. Brian A. Stokes, Sr. Director of Campus Administration • Decals and IDs • Emergency procedures • Facilities Upkeep (e.g. broken/dirty furniture)
  6. 6. Mr. Floyd E. Pittman, Campus CIO • Classroom equipment – Description of Technology Support – 153 multimedia classrooms • Help desk number: How can the help desk help you? – 305-237-2620 (select option 2)
  7. 7. Learning Resources Mr. Erick Dominicis, Campus Director Description of Educational Resources What instructional, educational, and support services can Learning Resources provide? •Description of Facilities, Collections, and Holdings •Hours of operation •Types of services
  8. 8. Student Achievement Initiatives Dr. Alanka Brown, Director, Academic Readiness
  9. 9. Academic Affairs • Adjunct Faculty Role and Responsibilities • A successful faculty = A successful student
  10. 10. Adjunct Faculty Role and Responsibilities • Sign Acknowledgement Form and verify payment distribution • Attend Department Meetings • Submit a copy of the course syllabus to department head by deadline and distribute approved copy to students during 1st class • Meet classes as scheduled
  11. 11. Adjunct Faculty Role and Responsibilities • Administer Student Feedback Surveys in accordance with College policies and departmental guidelines • Review and confirm attendance rolls by established deadlines as required • Maintain accurate attendance records in compliance with departmental / institutional guidelines (e.g. Last date of attendance)
  12. 12. Adjunct Faculty Role and Responsibilities • Comply with online textbook certification process • Enter final grades online by departmental deadline and submit all class records at end of term (e.g. attendance, grade book, Incomplete Grade contracts) • Consistently meet office hours as scheduled (i.e. 1 hour/wk. per 3-credit course)
  13. 13. Adjunct Faculty Role and Responsibilities • Notify department of tardiness or absences and submit lesson plans; cooperate to secure substitute coverage • Ensure the accuracy of grade reporting • Provide feedback on grades and student progress • Embrace coaching and mentoring activities • Remain active in campus and student life activities
  14. 14. Remember: A successful faculty = A successful student The best grade appeal in an institution is the one that never happens.
  15. 15. Additional information may be found in the Adjunct Faculty Handbook. Departmental meetings to follow.
  16. 16. THANK YOU