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The Search and Social Connection: Marketing Alignment in a Google and Facebook World


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In the heads of marketers, defining where “search” meets social has become a challenge in our fast-moving marketplace. Join IAB Members PerfectMarket, who will share case studies and best practices that demonstrate the ROI and long-term value of aligned campaigns in search and social. Specifically, come to learn more about the:

• Recent updates in search and social algorithms (e.g., what to expect beyond Google's Panda);

• Trends in referral traffic

• Approaches to understanding content ROI

• Social media’s role in SEO

• Techniques that SEO's and SMO's can use to drive traffic to high-value content

Join the IAB and speakers from PerfectMarket, including:

Tim Ruder, Chief Revenue Officer and GM/SEO Practice. Former VP Marketing, Washington Post Newsweek Interactive @TimRuder

Sheigh Crabtree, Vice President, Audience Development. Former news and programming director, Entertainment, Los Angeles Times @Sheigh

Robertson Barrett, Chief Strategy Officer, former Executive Vice President, Tribune Interactive @HRBarrett

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The Search and Social Connection: Marketing Alignment in a Google and Facebook World

  1. 1. Perfect Market: Search and IAB Member WebinarSocial April 27, 2011 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT The Search & Social Connection: Alignment in a Google and Facebook World hashtag: #iab #googface
  2. 2. What is #GoogFace? Search Social #GoogFace hashtag: #iab #googface sources: @perfectmarket @iab2
  3. 3. How social drives SEO Improved rank enables more Content is readers to tweeted find content shared organically linked Shared links All of these drive increase more shares PR, improve and links site authority Content published Visibility Link shared attracts new on networks site viewers exposed to subscribers real-time crawler Real-time crawler supports fresh visibility In enginehashtag: #iab #googface sources: @perfectmarket @iab
  4. 4. Impact of social on search Prior to social campaign  Post campaign – Small PV numbers – Day of promotion: 25x daily traffic – No rank – 10x daily traffic after promotion – Position 4-7 page one Tweet Tip: Social: 25x boost day of campaign. Search: 10x boost in organic search via social links. #googface #iab
  5. 5. Social capital impact on search Donald Trump stories in WaPo: o The Fix dominates search results o Kathleen Parker … ?
  6. 6. Social capital: WaPo comparison Kathleen Parker  Chris Cillizza (The Fix) Online Social Capital: Online Social Capital: Twitter Followers: 1,829 Twitter Followers: 69,772 Facebook Fans: 1,256 Facebook Fans: 14,107 Klout Score: 36 Klout Score: 72 Peer Index: 19 Peer Index: 57
  7. 7. What is the Panda Update?  Google algorithm change  Launched Feb 23, 2011  Update and international rollout Apr 11, 2011  Target: – Low-quality sites (content farms)  Thin content  Duplicated or scraped content  Low quality content “We actually came up with a classifier to say… IRS, Wikipedia or New York Times is over on this side, & the low-quality sites are over on this side…and you can really see mathematical reasons.” – Matt Cutts, Wired Magazine Q&A7
  8. 8. Instant Traffic Drop For Affected Sites 30-40% 30-40%8
  9. 9. Social Update: Google +1 “….we’ve also incorporated new user feedback signals to help people find better search results. In some high-confidence situations, we are beginning to incorporate data about the sites that users block into our algorithms.” Source: GWC Blog, 4/22/11
  10. 10. How-to: 5 easy steps 1. Identify high value content with promotion potential. 2. Coordinate promotional efforts. 3. Set up tracking and analytics. 4. Campaign and monitor. 5. Review results … modify, rinse, repeat. Source:
  11. 11. Thank you @Sheigh @TimRuder hashtag: #iab #googface sources: @iab @perfectmarket
  12. 12. Questions Please type your questions into the chat feature on the upper-right corner of your screen. hashtag: #iab #googface sources: @iab @perfectmarket
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