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Interact 2017: Is complexity the enemy of quality in advertising?


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Interact 2017: Is complexity the enemy of quality in advertising?

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Interact 2017: Is complexity the enemy of quality in advertising?

  1. 1. Is complexity the enemy of quality in advertising? #InteractIAB
  2. 2. European Viewable Impressions Initiative Background and context #InteractIA • Need to improve the overall quality of digital ad inventory • Requirement to develop more robust digital measurement techniques • Vital step towards delivering ‘realistic’ brand exposure levels • Support the drive for transparent measurement of ‘viewability’ of digital ads • Drive for comparability withTV • Establish digital ‘opportunity-to-see’ • Progress towards digital ‘gross rating points’ • Individual markets: varied viewability trading practices and market characteristics, different stages of development • Continue to demonstrate European market can deliver best practice, value and quality to the development of the global digital market
  3. 3. European Viewable Impressions Initiative #InteractIA Overall challenge • Inconsistent methodologies used to measure the “viewability” of online ad impressions - commercial issue for all parties • Impacts on many stakeholder groups across the industry - including advertisers, agencies and publishers Towards a solution • Created European cross-industry SteeringGroup to collaboratively develop an effective solution • Identified primary and “urgent” need: • to ensure greater consistency of methods used to measure viewable digital advertising in Europe (global outlook) • Agreed overall purpose: • develop structured, harmonised best practice for measuring viewable digital advertising across Europe (& beyond)
  4. 4. European Viewable Impressions Initiative #InteractIA Phase 1 Phase 2 1. Set of principles to reduce measurement discrepancies between viewability measurement providers across Europe 2. Develop a pan-European viewability certification framework to ensure viewability measurement providers are meeting the agreed set of European principles (see point 1) in terms of their measurement tools used 3. Evolve guidelines for defining a viewable impression based on space / time for which ads will be considered ‘viewable’ Core Objectives - At a macro level: • enhance minimum quality standards for all stakeholders across Europe • measure digital ad exposure which is deemed a key step to increasing confidence in digital ad trading • improve advertiser confidence in the digital ad environment N.B. Input from local IABs, EACA andWFA members and other stakeholders around the globe (e.g. testing and auditing companies along with other industry associations) – is an important part of this process.
  5. 5. European Viewable Impressions Initiative Benefits for all stakeholders #InteractIA 1. Significant reduction in viewability measurement discrepancies: • ensure all measurement providers use a consistent methodology (based upon a standard and robust set of principles) to ensure results are comparable across providers 2. Towards a fully viewable digital advertising environment: • standardised process and certification framework will help significantly reduce payment for non-viewable impressions 3. Improved transparency and value for all stakeholders (e.g. advertisers, agencies, publishers, measurement vendors): • deliberately designed to have a positive impact upon the whole industry - irrespective of business model or size 4. Harmonised multi-national approach: • generates significant benefits (efficiencies and effectiveness) to all multi-national businesses in the advertising ecosystem • alternative is a series of disparate and costly national initiatives - in mid to long-term, would cause ongoing challenges for all major stake-holder groups
  6. 6. European Viewable Impressions Initiative Modular approach #InteractIA 2 Measured Items 1 Environments 3 Measure- ment 4 Transparency & reporting 6 Invalid Traffic (basic) 5 User experience 7 Invalid Traffic (extended) 8 Brand Safety 9 In target Standard certification Extended certification (phase 2)
  7. 7. Measurement Priorities #InteractIA • Brand safety, invalid traffic and viewability key priorities for the industry • Brand advertising metrics for digital campaigns sought by the industry • TV and online compatibility remains high on the agenda • Understanding audience behaviour and advertising effectiveness across mobile devices is very important • The industry wants to see a move towards real-time data
  8. 8. Quality of the Advertising Environment #InteractIA More than half of the respondents state that brand safety and invalid traffic are most important to to defining the quality of the ad environment
  9. 9. Quality of a ‘contact’ #InteractIA In-target verification and the length of time and proportion of display and video ads that view are rated as the most important criteria to define a quality ‘contact’ or ‘impression’
  10. 10. Brand advertising and performance campaign KPIs #InteractIA Brand awareness and purchase intent still come out on top in terms of brand campaign KPIs For performance campaigns, uplift in search and direct site visits are most important
  11. 11. Cross-platform / device measurement #InteractIA TV and online still prevails as the most important multi-platform combination for audience and measurement For devices it is clear that understanding audience and advertising effectiveness across mobile devices is important as the following combinations come • Smartphone and TV • Smartphone and desktop and TV
  12. 12. Real-time data is key in today’s programmatic world #InteractIA Programmatic trading is becoming mainstream and is driving the need for real-time metrics. Half of the respondents want to see ad impression and reach data updated in real-time