Interact 2013 Adex Presentation


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Interact 2013 Adex Presentation

  1. 1. IAB Adex Benchmark 2012Daniel Knapp, IHS Electronics & Media
  2. 2. 2#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.ABOUT THE STUDY
  3. 3. 3#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.A meta-analysis of online ad spend in EuropeRATECARDCampaigns xRatecardGROSSRevenue BilledNETRevenue BilledNo Agency commissions
  4. 4. 4#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Horizontal expansion: country coverage2006: 13 countries2008:19 countries2012: 26 countries
  5. 5. 5#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.26 countries in 2012• Austria• Belgium• Bulgaria• Czech Republic• Croatia• Denmark• Finland• France• Germany• Greece• Hungary• Ireland• Italy• Netherlands• Norway• Poland• Russia• Romania• Serbia• Slovenia• Slovakia• Spain• Sweden• Switzerland• Turkey• UK
  6. 6. 6#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Vertical expansion: format granularity & context
  7. 7. 7#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.BIG PICTURE & CONTEXT
  8. 8. 8#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.The value of the European online ad market 2012€24.3bn
  9. 9. 9#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Eurozone volatility casts spell on media economy…-8%-6%-4%-2%0%2%4%6%2004Q12004Q22004Q32004Q42005Q12005Q22005Q32005Q42006Q12006Q22006Q32006Q42007Q12007Q22007Q32007Q42008Q12008Q22008Q32008Q42009Q12009Q22009Q32009Q42010Q12010Q22010Q32010Q42011Q12011Q22011Q32011Q42012Q12012Q22012Q32012Q42013Q12013Q22013Q32013Q4GDP growth in EuropeEurozone GDP Growth y-o-y France GDP Growth y-o-yItaly GDP Growth y-o-y Germany GDP Growth y-o-ySource: IHS
  10. 10. 10#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.…industrial production & household consumption aregood indictators for advertising market prospects…-15%-10%-5%0%5%10%15%19901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012UK advertising revenue growthActual NAR growth (yoy) Projected NAR growth (yoy)Source: IHS Electronics & Media
  11. 11. …tectonic shifts are characterizing ad markets…110%2%4%6%8%10%12%14%16%18%Indonesia Argentina China Brazil Russia Mexico UK Germany France Spain ItalyCAGR of Total Media Ad Revenue (2011-2017)Source: IHS Electronics & Media
  12. 12. 12#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.…but European online ad growth continues at adouble-digit rate21.824.30510152025302011 2012Total online advertising (€bn)11.5%
  13. 13. 13#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Indeed, online is more resilient to macro-pressurethan other media2.5%9.4%3.8%-5.2%2.9%-4.0%9.5%26.6%11.5%-1.7%7.2%-0.4%-10%-5%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%WE CEE Total2012: economic & advertising growthGDP Total excl. Online Online TotalSource: IAB Europe & IHS Electronics & Media
  14. 14. 14#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Overall ad spend shows volatility, TV is resilient,online shows linear growth trajectory0204060801001201402006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Ad spend per capita by mediumOnline ad spend per capita TV ad spend per capita Total ad spend per capitaSource: IAB Europe & IHS Electronics & Media
  15. 15. 15#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.There is no single factor for print decline & online doesnot absorb all print revenue, but budgets do migrate0102030405060702006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Ad spend per capitaOnline ad spend per capita Print ad spend per capitaSource: IAB Europe & IHS Electronics & Media
  16. 16. 16#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.In 6 years online more than doubled its share of allmedia revenue: 1 in 4 ad €s go to online in 201210.3%19.0%25.6%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%2006 2009 2012Online market share of ad budgets: total Europe
  17. 17. 17#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Online for the first time overtakes print newspaper adspend & becomes 2nd biggest media category in Europe0. 5 10 15 20 25 30CinemaRadioOOHMagazinesNewspapersOnlineTV2012: European advertising market share by mediumNote: Source for non-online ad revenue is IHS. Print ad spend excludes direct mail.Source: IAB Europe & IHS Electronics & Media
  18. 18. 18#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Small number of markets make largest contributionto European ad spend46.0%69.5%78.3%86.7%95.5%0%20%40%60%80%100%Top 2 Top5 Top 7 Top 10 Top 15Share of European online ad revenue by market
  19. 19. 19#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Russia climbs up to 4th largest spender as remaining top10 maintain their position in the European ranking6,6424,5512,7701,536 1,418 1,207920 841 617 59101,0002,0003,0004,0005,0006,0007,000Total online ad spend (€m)
  20. 20. 20#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.What is driving growth?• Both emerging markets growing from low basis and established markets thatdemonstrate sustainability of online ad momentum• Video• Mobile• RTB has the potential to be a driver• Social networking sites• Europeanisation and consolidation of classifieds & directories• Localisation & individualisation of search, mobile search
  21. 21. 21#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.CEE leads growth, but remarkable is thesustainability of growth in mature markets12%-10%-5%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%Online ad growth
  22. 22. 22#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.BulgariaCroatiaCzech RepublicDenmarkFinlandFrance GermanyGreeceHungaryIrelandItalyNetherlandsNorwayPolandRomaniaRussiaSerbiaSpainAustriaBelgiumSwedenSwitzerlandTurkeyUK-10%-5%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%0 20 40 60 80 100 120Online ad spend per capita (€)OnlineadmarketgrowthNote: country bubbles represent market size
  23. 23. 23#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.BulgariaCroatiaCzech RepublicDenmarkFinlandFrance GermanyGreeceHungaryIrelandItalyNetherlandsNorwayPolandRomaniaRussiaSerbiaSpainAustriaBelgiumSwedenSwitzerlandTurkeyUK-10%-5%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%0 20 40 60 80 100 120Online ad spend per capita (€)OnlineadmarketgrowthNote: country bubbles represent market size
  24. 24. 24#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.FORMATS
  25. 25. 25#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Search outperforms, display still high single digit,classifieds & directories pick up pace17.9%15.3%5.7%14.5%15.5%9.1%6.3%11.5%0%2%4%6%8%10%12%14%16%18%20%Search Display Classifieds & directories Grand totalYear-on-year growth by format2011 2012
  26. 26. 26#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Search remains strongest segment in 201247.1% 48.8%32.7% 32.4%19.6% 18.5%0%20%40%60%80%100%2011 2012Format shares of onlineOthers Classifieds and directories Display Search
  27. 27. 27#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Display growth shows few strong outliers aboveaverage rate, yet more outliers below average rate-20%-15%-10%-5%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%
  28. 28. 28#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Online video is now 13% of all online display…13%0%5%10%15%20%25%Italy Spain EuropeanaveragePoland UK Finland Russia Sweden TurkeyOnline video share of display
  29. 29. 29#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.…but range of growth varies tremendously…50.6%-50%0%50%100%150%200%250%Online video growth
  30. 30. 30#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.…and so do absolute video market sizes0204060801001201401601802012: size of online video advertising by market
  31. 31. 31#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Mobile revenues are becoming significant, but arestill lagging behind consumption5%0%2%4%6%8%10%12%14%Mobile display share of total online display2011 2012
  32. 32. 32#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Role of video & mobile as drivers becomesapparent if factoring them out of display-30%-20%-10%0%10%20%30%40%Online display growthdisplay display excl. video display excl. video and mobile
  33. 33. 33#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Classifieds & Directories sees group of countrieswith strong positive outliers above average rate-20%-15%-10%-5%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%Classifieds & directories growthNote: Russia not measured for classifieds & directories
  34. 34. 34#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Majority of markets outperform average searchgrowth, largest search market just shy of average-20%-10%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%Search growth
  35. 35. 35#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.OUTLOOK
  36. 36. 36#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.What may the future hold? Addressable market isnot only growing in mobile, but fixed-line as well…20304050607080902006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017Fixed Broadband penetration of households (%)France Germany Italy Spain UK Nordics total Western EuropeSource: IHS Electronics & Media
  37. 37. 37#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.…yet the emerging multi-device landscape createsnew opportunities0 100 200 300 400 500PCConnected TV setsGames consolesBlu-ray disc playersSTBsTablets and eReadersSmartphonesWestern Europe: Connected Devices (m)20162012Source: IHS Electronics & Media
  38. 38. 38#INTERACT13©IAB Europe 2013. All rights reserved.Thank you!