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Future of Media - Rupert Slade, PHD Worldwide for IAB Forum 2012


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Future of Media - Rupert Slade, PHD Worldwide for IAB Forum 2012

  1. 1. 2016 | Beyond The Horizon
  2. 2. Media has always been changing fast
  3. 3. Complexity suits agencies
  4. 4. Clients believe they aren’t stupid and definitely don’t like to be told so
  5. 5. We all want to make money
  6. 6. Clients have always wanted neutrality and balance
  7. 7. Digital agencies: Digital is only one part of my communication
  8. 8. Digital suppliers: Your channel does not work on its own
  9. 9. Media agencies: You are in the driving seat, but think ideas and not just channels •Measure KPIs that work for my business, not ones that work on your post-buy.
  10. 10. Ad agencies: Please think channels, not just ideas
  11. 11. What do FMCG advertisers dig for?
  12. 12. We need to answer these barriers. Make it easy Not sure it works It is too time consuming It is risky It doesn’t build awareness like TV
  13. 13. Going beyond the horizon
  14. 14. You are here
  15. 15. The true driver is us
  16. 16. Right now, one in every two people within the developed world is connected-up into a social network (source: ComScore, Nielsen, eMarketer, ITU and SNS).
  17. 17. That’s 1.2 billion social networkers
  18. 18. That’s 1.2 billion independent media owners
  19. 19. Social sites are infecting the entire web
  20. 20. Upwardly Mobile One in four of the developed world owns a smart phone One in every three access internet via the phone (source: eMarketer and IDC 2010).
  21. 21. The next one billion will enter via the mobile
  22. 22. Social access via a smart-phone >> A quickening in the speed at which information & influence, is moving.
  23. 23. Changing societies. Changing history
  24. 24. Picture the world five years from now
  25. 25. What on earth is driving us?
  26. 26. Infrastructure
  27. 27. Interface
  28. 28. Internet
  29. 29. Thank you