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X Series Programmatic - Publisher Audience Data - Ray Philipose - Olive Media

The power of programmatic buying is especially clear when buyers are able to efficiently reach audiences identified by trusted data. Many buyers would acknowledge however, that there is a shortage of trusted data available. This presentation by Ray Philipose of Olive Media outlines how advertisers can work with publishers to access their first party data, navigating through privacy and data security issues, to benefit from the value of their audience data and the efficiency of programmatic buying.

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X Series Programmatic - Publisher Audience Data - Ray Philipose - Olive Media

  1. 1. Publisher First Party Audience Data & Programmatic A win for Advertisers & Publishers Ray Philipose, VP Olive Audience
  2. 2. •  Types of Data •  Publisher Concerns •  The Solution •  How this Works •  User Privacy & User Experience •  Benefits to Advertisers & Publishers Overview
  3. 3. Comparing Types of Data Trusted Source Transparency Scale Advertiser First Party Data Third Party Data Publisher First Party Data
  4. 4. Advertisers are interested in data 1 IAB / Winterberry Group: Programmatic Everywhere, Data, Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement, Nov 2013 2 Programmatic + Premium: Current Practices and Future Trends; Digiday / OpenX, March 2013 78%   of US buyers are using proprietary first party data1 68% are using third party data1     68% would like more data from publishers to inform bids2
  5. 5. Why aren’t Publishers coming to the party?
  6. 6. Publisher Concerns •  Most users concerned about privacy •  Hold publishers accountable •  Not comfortable with selling data •  Lose track of how it’s used •  Publishers face increasing bad press about privacy
  7. 7. User concern about data privacy 1 TRUSTe “2014 US Consumer Confidence Privacy Report, Harris Interactive, Jan 2014 2 GfK Survey on Data Privacy and Trust, April 2014 92%   of US Internet users worry about their privacy online1 88% are somewhat to very concerned about the protection of their personal data2   59% say their concerns about data privacy have increased in the past 12 months2
  8. 8. Publishers are held accountable 76% 1 US 2013 Consumer Data Privacy Study – Advertising Edition, Harris Interactive, Sept 19 2013 of US Internet users believe website owners / publishers are either “a lot responsible” or “wholly responsible” for protecting privacy in online advertising1
  9. 9. Data Leakage is a problem “An individual campaign… was spawning an unknown third party which in turn was spawning 20 other third party tags.” – Evidon Telegraaf Case Study, Nov 2013 67% of data collection on the Top 50 North American content websites is outside of the website’s control – 2013 Krux Cross Industry Study
  10. 10. Publishers get Blamed “It’s a bullshit story that it’s not in their control. They have always had the power to block those cookies. They are totally culpable.” – Dave Morgan, CEO Simulmedia
  11. 11. It’s seems even hard for Google?
  12. 12. CEO’s now get fired over data
  13. 13. Data governance is a barrier % of respondents Leading Factors that Prevent Adoption of Programmatic Approaches According to US Executive Publishers, Advertisers and Marketers, Sep 2013 Brand safety issues 26% 33% 23% Resistance from current process owners 26% 18% 26% Lack of transparency in the process 21% 24% 17% Internal process/marketing ops challenges 21% 18% 19% Data governance concerns 21% 9% 15% Publishers Advertisers Total Source: Winterberry Group and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), "Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology and the Future of Audience Engagement," Nov 4, 2013 165668
  14. 14. The Solution 1.  Instead of selling audience data, sell the inventory that’s been seen by the audience 2.  Protect publisher data in a DMP o  No PII collected o  Data leakage managed 3.  Provide Publishers contractual assurances •  Systems •  Trafficking
  15. 15. Inventory seen by audiences Audience Extension – Onsite Audience Extension – Offsite Vertical Audience Targeting
  16. 16. Audience Extension
  17. 17. Audience Extension Onsite Run  of  Site  
  18. 18. Audience Extension Offsite Brand  Safe   Brand  Safe   Brand  Safe  
  19. 19. Vertical Audience Extension Brand  Safe   Brand  Safe  Brand  Safe  
  20. 20. Publisher Implementation Tag site with 1x1 collection pixel using a data management provider (DMP) User consumes content, searches & shares information on the site   Data is analyzed into interest-based segments Merchandised as a combined CPM (Publisher Audience Data combined with brand safe inventory)
  21. 21. How this works Buyer Seller Brand  Safe   1   2   3   4   Brand  Safe  
  22. 22. Is a Publisher’s Data Safe? No PII (Personally Identifiable Information) collected Data protected in the data management platform  
  23. 23. Ensuring User Privacy Collection Level (Publisher) •  Privacy Policy •  opt-out mechanism •  DAAC requires link to Ad Choices Campaign Level (Ad Creative) •  DAAC requires use of Ad Choices icon
  24. 24. User Experience Can a user be ‘overtargeted’?   Is this creepy?
  25. 25. Results: Third Party vs. First Party CPG Finance Auto Travel Third Party First Party 0.04% 0.09% 0.02% 0.09% 0.04% 0.11% 0.03% 0.13% +2.5x +3.5x +3.0x +5.0x Olive Media Campaign Data, H2 2013
  26. 26. Can Advertisers overlay their data? Buyer Seller 1   2   3   6   Brand  Safe  Brand  Safe   4   SSP 1   Oh Yeah!
  27. 27. Benefits Advertisers Trusted Sources: Publishers Transparency Scale Turnkey Option to overlay advertiser data Publishers Incremental monetization Data remains safe User privacy safeguarded Turnkey
  28. 28. Publisher Audience Data & Programmatic Questions?