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Presented at IAB Canada's X-Series: Metrics event on December 4, 2013, AdParlor highlighted their relationship with Molson Coors and how they harnessed weather data to send tailored ads to the brand's fans throughout the summer.

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AdParlor - Heat Up Performance

  2. 2. Agenda 1. AdParlor – Ads API 2. Mobile & Facebook 3. Molson Objectives 4. Weather Targeting Solution 5. Results
  3. 3. AdParlor Ads API
  4. 4. Who Is AdParlor Optimize Your Social Initiatives on a Single Platform Global Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD) Technology - That Delivers ROI Superior algorithms and optimization strategies Real-time bid optimization/reporting Teams – Experienced Experts Follow The Sun Service Social media experts - Consultative approach Tools - Leading Edge Platform Advanced insights & analytics Powerful ad creation and management Official Twitter Ads API Partner
  5. 5. Mobile & Facebook Stats
  6. 6. Mobile Ad Spending In Canada 2012 - 2017  By 2017, mobile advertising in Canada will be almost 10 times its 2012 level and make up about one in three digital dollars spent.  Spend on the mobile channel in 2012 nearly doubled from the previous year.  Advertisers spent CA$160 million on mobile in 2012, and eMarketer forecast even greater growth of CA$344 million in 2013. Mobile Ad Spending in Canada, 2012-2017 Millions of CA $ and % Change
  7. 7. When Social Becomes Mobile Reaching Your Mobile Audience on Facebook in Canada Every Day Every Month 14M people daily 9.4M people daily on mobile 19M people monthly 13M people monthly on mobile Source: Facebook Internal Data based on stated and inferred data, average for June 2013; percentage of internet and mobile phone users calculated with data from eMarketer, April/May 2013 That‟s 71% of internet users 55% That‟s of mobile phone users
  8. 8. Molson Objectives
  9. 9. Molson Coors The Market  Canada‟s Oldest Brewery founded in 1786  An estimated 10M Canadians drink beer making it the number one alcoholic beverage in Canada  85% market share of total Ontario beer sales* *Molson Coors Canada is part-owner of The Beer Store in Ontario Brewers Retail Inc., operating as a beer distribution and retail chain. Molson Coors Canada owns 50% of Brewers Distribution Limited in Western Canada
  10. 10. Molson Coors Seasonal Challenges  Sustain active fans and fuel engagement within the Molson Coors community on Facebook during the summer months  Weather conditions have a meaningful impact on beer sales, both positive and negative  Continue to create innovative marketing strategies to support sales and differentiate Molson Coors from it‟s competitors
  11. 11. Molson’s Objectives Increase Product Awareness and “Refresh” Brand Positioning  Introduce and support a new product within the Canadian market - Molson Cider  Reinforce the brand positioning and sales of an established brand - Coors Light
  12. 12. The Solution
  13. 13. The Solution 1. Own Mobile – reach users that are moving off of desktop and onto mobile for the summer 2. Own Weather – Rather than a risk, turn it into an opportunity to communicate unique messaging Real-time Weather Targeting
  14. 14. The Solution Activate ads on a city level based on the local weather conditions Weather API Integration Target City, 25-34 API Integration
  15. 15. Methodology Real-Time Data and Optimization Technical Integration Development of Logic Campaign Execution       Weather API Built a rule-based engine Work into existing optimization process Based on feedback Developed rule framework    Develop creative – completed by internal teams with client approval Additional targeting applied: gender, age, location, time of day Establish control group Optimized campaign based on performance
  16. 16. Results
  17. 17. Results  The ads based on the „hot weather conditions‟ delivered higher engagement. Users who clicked on „Weather Specific‟ ads were 89% more likely to click a link, 50% more likely to mention the brand page and 33% more likely to comment as opposed to users who clicked on the „Generic‟ ads.  CPC rates on the „Weather Specific‟ ads were 67% lower than the „Generic‟ ads.  Engagement rates were the highest among males 19-34.  The „Weather Specific‟ ads outperformed the „Generic‟ ads within multiple engagement categories. 89% 50% 33% more likely to click more likely to mention the brand page more likely to comment CPC rates 67% lower
  18. 18. Results – Engagement Metrics An Established Brand  Drive awareness and engagement around Coors Light‟s ice-cold refreshment positioning  The campaign was targeted to males and females ages 19-49 in the following cities:     Winnipeg Toronto Montreal Halifax Vancouver St. John‟s Moncton Edmonton
  19. 19. Results – Engagement Metrics A new product launch  Educate and support a new product launch  The campaign was targeted to males and females ages 19-34 in Toronto and Halifax
  20. 20. Thank You! Mladen Raickovic GM, AdParlor