IABC France Membership Benefits - January 2013


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This document summarizs the benefits professional communicators enjoy when joining professional association IABC France.

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IABC France Membership Benefits - January 2013

  1. 1. Membership HighlightsJanuary 16th, 2013 #iabcfr
  2. 2. ~€5000 resources included in your membershiphttp://discovery.iabc.com
  3. 3. In-depth books and manuals• Building the High-Trust Organization• Vital Connections: Building Relationships with Key Stakeholders• IABC Handbook of Organizational Communication• Communication Behaviour of Virtual Workforces• Communication Research Primer• Crisis Management and Communication• Managing the Communication Function• Business without Boundaries
  4. 4. Communication WorldComing to a mobile device near you in May 2013
  5. 5. Networking
  6. 6. EMENA: ~ 600 members in 20 countries
  7. 7. A global network at your fingertipshttp://www.iabc.com/members/search/
  8. 8. Visibility 1. Communities of practice http://srlink.x.iabc.com http://x.iabc.com 2. Private working groups with other members http://yourURL.x.iabc.com 3. Public website/blog to showcase you or your area of interest http://yourURL.x.iabc.com An exclusive service created to connect consultants with prospective customers in need of communication serviceshttp://marketplace.x.iabc.com
  9. 9. Hidden Job Market• http://france.iabc.com/jobs
  10. 10. Professional and career development• A career roadmap to – Help professionals to plan their career development and obtain the most appropriate professional development at each stage of their careers – Help organizations align their communications management and recruitment to a common understanding of the professional – Provide milestones for professionals to demonstrate their advancement along the career path
  11. 11. Personal growth• Getting actively involved multiplies the benefits you gain from membership!– Stronger network ties– Development of leadership and management skills– Opportunity to experiment with new communication techniques and strategies you can then apply/adapt professionally
  12. 12. Gold Quill Awards®• The highest honor an intl communications professional can achieve Deadline: 5 March 2013• Based upon IABCs 7-point scale of excellence for communication planning and execution• Hundreds of entries from around the globe• Winners recognized at the annual Gold Quill Gala• Entry deadline: May 2013
  13. 13. Winning a Gold Quill means…• Recognition for your communication excellence on a global scale.• Validation that your work contributes to business outcomes.• A stronger resume that will raise your professional profile.• Street cred that takes your potential through the roof.• A reputation that precedes you.• New respect from your boss for making a real difference.• The personal brand of an innovator.
  14. 14. Professional Certification• Foundational level certificate of training• Mid-level certification: CV, examination, demonstration of skills through references• Strategic level certification: mid-level certification criteria fulfilled, plus additional examination, etc. Demonstration of continued skills building, leadership, etc.required to maintain credential
  15. 15. Free Webinars• The Power of Framing: Challenging the Language of Leadership presented by Gail Fairhurst, University of Cincinnati - July 2012• Engaging Employees in the Strategic Direction of your Organization presented by Linda Donlin, Mayo Clinic - September 2012• 2013 schedule coming soon at: http://www.iabc.com/education/webseminars.htm• Previous webinars and handouts archived: http://www.iabc.com/education/private/webseminars/
  17. 17. UPCOMING EVENTS21 Feb: Social Media Week 2013 From Content Push to Engaging Communities21 Mar: Evolving Role of Communicators in a New Content Paradigm16 Apr: IABC-AUP Mentoring Workshop24 Apr: Multicultural Communications - Balancing Global with Local22 May: Thought Leadership Advantage for B2Bs18 June: Trends In Shaping How We Communicate & Market27 June: IABC France AGM (Annual General Meeting) Subject to Change - Please Stay Informed By following us on: Twitter @IABC_France, LinkedIn Group , http://france.iabc.com/eventsThank you to the AUP, other partners, venue providers and IABC France Events Committee!
  18. 18. EuroComm 2013 10-12 April | Brussels“Disruptive communications in disruptive times” Learn more! http://EuroCommBrussels.eventbrite.com
  19. 19. 23-26 June 2013• Taking the pulse of the new generation: Communicating effectively with the millenials• Digital assassination: Protecting your reputation, brand or business from online attacks• Conversation with the transformative CEOs…And many breakout sessions!• Brand Management •Finance and Communications• Crisis Communications •Public Relations for today and tomorrow• Employee Engagement •Marketing inside and out• Social Media and the Digital World Learn more! http://wc.iabc.com/
  20. 20. Ready to invest in yourself? www.iabc.com/joinCorporate packages available: • 5-10% savings - depending on number of employees in group • Additional benefits available for silver and gold packages
  21. 21. THANK YOU!For further information: Kristen Sukalac kristen@prospero.befrance@iabc.com @IABC_France
  22. 22. 2012 -2013 BOARD MEMBERS• Claudia Vaccarone - President• Lise Bissonnette Janody -Vice President• Bob Simpson - Past President• Kristen Sukalac - Secretary• Thomas X. Scott - Treasurer
  23. 23. 2012-2013 EXTENDED LEADERSHIP• Andrew Hennigan - Director of Communications• Eileen Lavergne – Dir. Professional Development & Events• Marie-Laure Blanc - Director of Member Relations• Maureen Jenkins - Co-Director of Career Development• Tatiana Orozco - Co-Director of Career Development• Kristen Sukalac – Dir. of Leadership Awards & Accreditation