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Corporate Marketing Integration: Merging Traditional And Digital Media


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IABC/Richmond Program - February 2012
Speakers: Jesson Zafar and Sara Anderson

This presentation is Part Two of our January 2012 program.

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Corporate Marketing Integration: Merging Traditional And Digital Media

  1. 1. Corporate Marketing Integration:Merging Traditional And Digital MediaPart 2 February 2 2012
  2. 2. Integrating Digital & Traditional Use social media to SUPPORT not to REPLACE traditional media Ensure consistent messaging to your clients and customers  For example, communicate the same sales and offers via print that you do online Use digital marketing to drive traffic to your physical locations and/or your online business & services
  3. 3. Example: Social & Traditional
  4. 4. Integrating Digital & Traditional (cont.) Integrated online marketing strategy SEO, PPC, Social ads
  5. 5. Example: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  6. 6. Example: Pay Per Click (PPC)
  7. 7. Example: Social Ads
  8. 8. Social Media Marketing Options Facebook  Massive potential for engaging with clients and customers in a conversational tone Twitter  Great tool for market research & engagement and outreach LinkedIn  Professional network great for organizations YouTube  High search volume and great engagement potential Google+  Still researching, but growing in popularity so good to keep an eye onKey Point: Research your options & target audience to choose what is right for your firm or organization!
  9. 9. Online Marketing Strategy Determine marketing goals  Customer, customer, customer  Customer profile  Understand pain points  Solve problems  Experiment  Measure  Evolve & Adapt
  10. 10. Online Marketing Strategy: Examples Determine marketing goals  Rural & Commercial customers  Ongoing customer research  Information & advice  How-to…from homeowners to farmers  Testing various methods/vehicles  Analytics, campaign activity, social insights  Embrace change and roll with it!
  11. 11. Gaining Support From Employers Buy-in & strategy  Keyword data  Trending topics  Online customer opportunity
  12. 12. Gaining Support From Employers Getting “buy-in” from your employer  Do your research and share the facts NOT just the thoughts & opinions  Prove that your target audience is present on the social media networks you’re proposing  Brainstorm strategy for how to implement your social media marketing plan
  13. 13. Getting Folks On Board Understand internal/external functions Use data Focus on ROI & Opportunity Cost  Data for SEO & PPC v. Social
  14. 14. Social Media Time Management Hootsuite  CoTweet  Digsby  Mobile Apps  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn
  15. 15. Research Resources Tools: Google, Yahoo, Bing News: Blogs, People, Awareness Research: Search, Ask Data: Companies  
  16. 16. Any Questions? Jesson Zafar  (Southern States)  804-281-1179  (Business/Personal)  804-201-7596  Twitter: @jessonzafar  LinkedIn Sara Anderson  (Southern States)  804-281-1204  Twitter: @selrva  LinkedIn