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Борис Омельницкий


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Борис Омельницкий

  1. 1. Interactive Advertising Trends & Yandex Solutions Boris Omelnitskiy, Business Development Director ADFOX by Yandex President IAB Russia 2017 07 07
  2. 2. ussian Interactive Advertising Market, 2015-201 * Includes revenue of publishers and tech sellers, exc. VAT Sourse: IAB Russia Segments/Value* 2015 2016 YoY Bln. Rub Bln. Rub Performance Search 50,7 58,7 16% CPX 36,6 49,5 35% Total 87,3 108,2 24% Branding Video 5,6 6,6 19% Banners (CPM) 19,4 21,2 9% Total 25,0 27,8 11% Total online Ad 112,3 136,0 21% Classifieds 25,0
  3. 3. Russian Ad Market Segments Share 44.5% 31.6% 10.4% 7.6% 4.6% 1.4% 2015 TV INTERNET OUTDOOR PRINT MEDIA RADIO REST of media Sourses: АКАР, IAB Russia 41.9% 37.8% 10.6% 5.5% 4.2% 2016
  4. 4. US Interactive Advertising Market, 2006-2016 ($ bln)
  5. 5. US Ad Formats Shares
  6. 6. US Advertising format Share, 2008-2016
  7. 7. Conclusion › Mobile › Video › Programmatic › Big Data & Machine Learning
  8. 8. The Future is Mobile
  9. 9. │ 30% Yandex searches are mobile
  10. 10. Video
  11. 11. 61% 85% of all Russians watch online video regularly of Russian internet users watch video Mediascope, WEB-Index,
  12. 12. Russian Online Video Ad Market*, 2010-2016 * Includes revenue of publishers and tech sellers, exc. VAT Sourse: IMHO, IAB Russia Bln. Rub.
  13. 13. Yandex is the #3 video platform in Russia 72,896 51,161 28,372 12,743 12,157 11,691 9,521 8,189 8,107 6,955 6,841 5,697 5,033 3,993 3,534 YouTube Vkontakte Yandex Sites Kinogo Sites Facebook Vimeo ZEFR TVIGLE.RU Gazprom Media VEVO TVZAVR.RU ZOOMIN.TV MEGOGO.NET TIVIZOR.RU Monthly Viewers (000)
  14. 14. Yandex properties: LiveStream aggregators: TV channels: OTTs and others:
  15. 15. And even you don’t have a video, there is a solution
  16. 16. Programmatic
  17. 17. Programmatic buying challenges › Transparency of inventory › Managing buying across “walled gardens” › Synchronizing creatives and targeting data across different platforms
  18. 18. Strict viewability control: › Viewing time is twice as long as the IAB recommendation. › Payment only for viewable display impressions. › Leading fraud detection solutions. Inventory: quality control
  19. 19. You can use buying in open auctions for inventory of Yandex’s own services and on tens of thousansds of partner-sites in the Yandex Ad Network Open auction: available inventory
  20. 20. Preferred deals: available inventory Through preferred deals you can access exclusive inventory not available in open auctions, cherry-pick them, and negotiate terms with each publisher. You may find non-standard ad types with preferred deals
  21. 21. Cross-device frequency capping › We use Yandex.Crypta to understand that one person uses several devices. › This information is used for cross-device and cross-platform targeting and frequency capping
  22. 22. Inventory & Audience to reach › Yandex Display Advertising serves ads to over 75 million users monthly, accounting for 96% of the Russian internet audience › We reach this audience on all types of devices: desktop, mobile, tablets. › All display ad types are available: banners, video, and audio
  23. 23. Big Data & Machine Learning
  24. 24. Open auction: targeting Search retargeting Choose from a variety of audience groups based on their search activity
  25. 25. Open auction: targeting Users interests Yandex.Crypta analyzes user behavior and defines their long- term interests
  26. 26. Targeting with Yandex.Audience Yandex.Audience allows you to use first- and third-party data to create, analyze, and manage your target audience segments in one place.
  27. 27. Yandex.Audience: ways to create segments Upload customer data, such as emails, phone numbers, or device IDs Import segments of website visitors from Yandex.Metrica or segments of app users from AppMetrica. Select physical geolocations Use a tracking pixel to create customized segments
  28. 28. Yandex.Audience: customer data segments › Lists of customer emails, phone numbers, or device IDs are uploaded into Yandex.Audience › Yandex.Audience uses uploaded data to find your customers online › Matched customers are collected into a segment in Yandex.Audience
  29. 29. Yandex.Audience: Metrica and Appmetrica data › Segments of website visitors or app users are created in Yandex.Metrica or AppMetrica. › These segments are automatically imported into Yandex.Audience
  30. 30. Yandex.Audience: location based segments › Location-based segments can be created by selecting target locations on a map and frequency of visits to those locations › Supports mass location upload
  31. 31. Yandex.Audience: custom tracking pixel › Create a tracking pixel to measure any customized audience › Create, for example, a segment of users who have seen your video ad campaigns
  32. 32. Yandex.Audience: look-Alike audiences › Look-Alike segments can be created based on existing Yandex.Audience segments › Look-alike segments allow to choose between prioritize accuracy or reach
  33. 33. Yandex.Audience: 3rd party DMPs You can choose data from integrated 3rd party DMPs: open-market or created specifically for your needs
  34. 34. have we done?
  35. 35. 39 Looking for a human being
  36. 36. MatrixNet: Powerful Machine Learning MatrixNet
  37. 37. AI learns from human-generated signals Smart (AI) algorithms
  38. 38. Crypta MatrixNet
  39. 39. Cookie matching By factors Login, email address, phone#, etc. By probabilities Machine learning Un-matching Reverse process, aimed to increase precision while keeping reach cookie d1 cookie d3 deviceid 1 cookie m1 Login 1 Login 1 email 1 cookie d 2
  40. 40. 700 Online Ads: Cookies Robots Anonymous users Single-day cookies mln Real cookies: Different browsers on different devices bln Cookies After matching 60 300mln mln Crypta IDs
  41. 41. We enrich Crypta IDs Geo data Search intents Click-streams of real people CRM data 3rd party DMP data Crypta ID
  42. 42. Build precise cross-targeting Cross- products Cross-devices
  43. 43. of modern advertising: We deliver!  Building consistent communication with customers across all media, all channels, all levels of the purchase funnel
  44. 44. Thank you Boris Omelnitskiy Business Development Director ADFOX by Yandex