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Social entrepreneur academy presentation INSEAD


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INSEAD Alumni Association France - Center of Excellence Corporate
Club Management & Société - animé par Jean-Yves Grisi (MBA 90D),
Mercredi 3 octobre 2012 de 8h30 à 10h00
Accenture - 118, avenue de France, 75013 Paris

Petit déjeuner sur le thème : Danone et l’entrepreneuriat social : l’exemple de 1001 fontaines

avec Emmanuel Marchant, Directeur Général Délégué de «danone.communities», Jean-Francois Rambicur, Président de 1001 Fontaines, ancien partner chez Accenture, Yves Bernaert, Senior Executive, Accenture

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Social entrepreneur academy presentation INSEAD

  1. 1. Agenda1. Present 1001 Fontaines mission & context2. Present Danone communities mission & projects3. Present the Social Entrepreneur Academy (learning platform and training path, pilots achievements)4. Present next steps for the Social Entrepreneur Academy (growth, projects: mobility…) Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 2
  2. 2. 1001 Fountains presentation• 1001 Fontaines vision / mission • Presence in two countries: Cambodia and Madagascar with projects of deployment in India and Bangladesh • Setup community service business by training and helping entrepreneurs to set up their own micro-companies to produce and sell drinking water to villagers (customers) • A worldwide network with partners for missions & funding (Accenture, Danone, Merieux video présentation Foundation...), sponsors (Saur, Philips...), private donors and local partners (Enfants du Mekong...)• Relationship history and past outcomes • Support of Accenture France and its foundation since 2008: involved 13 pro bono for 3445 man-days • Past pro bono missions concerned IS building & evolution and partnership / fundraising help Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 3
  3. 3. 1001 Fontaines context 120,000 175 70 Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 4
  4. 4. Danone CommunitiesOur mission is to fund and develop local businesses with a sustainableeconomic model, oriented towards social goals: reducing poverty andmalnutrition. Alongside social entrepreneursThis support goes through both investment via a SICAV general public but alsoby a technical support through a network of committed experts who conveytheir experiences.Beyond these projects, we wish to share our lessons to inspire other individual andcollective initiatives in the service of a more cohesive society.We are now present in 6 countries. Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 5
  5. 5. Social BusinessNutrition and accessto safe drinking water Partnerships Innovation 6
  6. 6. 5 years in one page In October 2005, Franck Riboud, Danone CEO, and Muhammad Yunus decided to create a « social business model » in Bangladesh. This company, Grameen Danone, aims at maximizing social value – nutrition to the poor and poverty alleviation – while being profitable enough to be sustainable.• In 2007, danone.communities SICAV (mutual fund open to the public) was set up to finance social businesses. The SICAV has raised 70M€ of which max10% maximum can be devoted to social businesses.• danone.communities projects benefit from extensive support from Danone competencies : R&D, quality, marketing, supply.• danone.communities is supporting 10 projects – in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Senegal, India, China, Mexico and in France – in 3 clusters: Kids Nutrition; Safe drinking water; Developed countries• Since mid 2011, danone.communities has renewed its financial tool and is focusing on strengthening its projects and preparing their replication 7 7
  7. 7. Grameen Danone
  8. 8. 10 projects; a cumulative impact on 1M people France Nutrition France Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition Water Water Water Nutrition
  9. 9. PRIORITIES 2011-2013• Reinforce projects: – Health and social impact – A patient plan to break-even – Strong and empowered local management teams in each project• Accelerate scale-up and replication: – Scale-up and/or replicate successful models – Develop learning sharing between projects; prepare open-source strategy• Reinforce d.c team and organization• New financing tool V2 and more funds• Foster communities management to fuel replication 10
  10. 10. Why? • Part of Danone genes, economic and social project, Danone’s mission • Learn from new markets, new consumers, new partners, freedom to innovate to reach base of the pyramid consumers • A new network, co-building with stakeholders, incl. NGOs • A huge impact on motivation of Danone people. 11
  11. 11. The Social Entrepreneur Academy Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 12
  12. 12. Next steps for 1001 Fontaines• Based on lessons learnt during project: • Need for concrete learning tools, guiding the entrepreneur & supporting him in day to day activities & progress • Lack of methodology & training content on delivery• Mobility for on-going learning on delivery• Mobility for structuring entrepreneur’s activity • Store and organize business information • Analyze and act upon customer needs• Mobility for driving behavioral change • Mobile app as a structured, professional tool • Smartphone as a statutory device Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 13
  13. 13. Next steps for the Social Entrepreneur Academy• Social Entrepreneur Academy raising the interest of NGOs & private sponsors• A NGO already willing to benefit from the Academy: Naandi• A proposed roadmap to sustainability • The Social Entrepreneur Academy: targeted to be a Social Business in itself • Proposition of progressive approach combining pro-bono contribution from Accenture Foundation, private financing from other Academy sponsors & annual fee from NGO Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. 14