What do I need?


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What do I need?

  1. 1. Agriculture OutreachOffice of Motor Vehicle Enforcement Iowa Department of Transportation
  2. 2. DISCLAIMERThis slide module is intended to summarize commercial Vehicle rulesand regulations and is not intended to be used for legal guidance or asa substitute for applicable local, state, and federal statutes.While every attempt has been made to ensure the completeness andaccuracy of the information contained in this presentation, it is not adetailed explanation of all applicable local, state and federal statutes.The module is part of a larger presentation and as such is only part of asummary of regulations that may or may not apply to you.By use of this resource, the user agrees the Iowa Department ofTransportation assumes no liability or responsibility for the user’sunderstanding and compliance to the rules and regulations
  3. 3. Commercial Vehicle (CV) What Do I Need?
  4. 4. CMVs 10,001 lbs or moreRequirements1. USDOT numbers and markings (for- hire intrastate and interstate carriers)2. Driver qualification – medical / age3. Hours of service log books - 49 CFR 3954. Driver licensing – C, D, or C-CDL5. Equipment standards – 49 CFR 3936. Vehicle inspection and maintenance7. Cargo securement – 49 CFR 393
  5. 5. CMVs 26,001 lbs or moreAll previous categories, plus:  Commercial driver’s license  Drug and alcohol testing  Apportioned registration  Fuel tax permits
  6. 6. Vehicle markingsThe Iowa DOT’s Office of Motor VehicleEnforcement is not requesting orrequiring intrastate private carriers toobtain a USDOT number.Warnings or citations will not be issuedfor intrastate private carriers notdisplaying a USDOT number.
  7. 7. Vehicle markingsMust have USDOT numbers displayed
  8. 8. Vehicle markingsLegal or single trade nameFor-hire motor carriers must display theiroperating name and USDOT number.As reported on the MCS-150 report to the FederalMotor Carrier Services Administration (FMCSA).
  9. 9. Vehicle markingsHow to mark your vehicle.Mark both sides of the power unit. Use a sharply contrasting color.The markings must be legible duringdaylight, from 50 feet, when vehicle isstationary.
  10. 10. Vehicle markingsTo obtain a USDOT number,visit FMCSA’s website www.fmcsa.dot.govor call them at 800-832-5660
  11. 11. Unified carrier registration (UCR)UCR – who needs to file?UCR applies to the followingoperating interstate.  Motor carriers  Private motor carriers  Freight forwarders  Brokers  Leasing companies
  12. 12. Unified carrier registration (UCR)To obtain a UCR:Complete and submit an applicationform, which is available at the: • Iowa DOT’s Office of Motor Carrier Services website at www.iamvd.com/omcs. • National UCR website, which is operated by the State of Indiana at www.ucr.in.gov.
  13. 13. Registration and fuel permitsInterstate travel –registration/fuel reciprocity Registered vehicles with two axles and weighs 26,000 or less traveling in and out or through other states are granted reciprocity from apportioned registration and fuel permits.
  14. 14. Registration and fuel permitsInterstate travel – apportionedregistration/fuel reciprocity Registered more than IA IL ND NE 26,000 lbs MN MO SD Weighs more than 26,000 lbs Three-axle power unit
  15. 15. Registration and fuel permitsPermanent IFTA permit or single-trip fuel permit for adjoining state(s) plus an Iowa single-trip fuel permit for re-entry into Iowa
  16. 16. Registration and fuel permitsFuel permit agreements withborder states include: Minnesota and Wisconsin – no permit needed within 30 miles of the Iowa border. Nebraska – no permit needed in Omaha, Bellevue, Dakota City, South Sioux City and Nebraska City.
  17. 17. Registration and fuel permitsTruck registration Special farm Regular IRP/Apportioned Business trade
  18. 18. Farm special license plates Iowa farm special registration is valid in other IRP states. Other states may honor the plate, but only at the licensed weight, not including the 25 percent tolerance.
  19. 19. Business-trade trucks (BTT)2010 trucks under 10,000 lbsnow weight/list Beginning with model year 2010 trucks, the annual registration fee for trucks weighing 10,000 lbs or less is based on the same weight/value formula that applies to cars and multipurpose vehicles.
  20. 20. Business-trade trucks (BTT)2010 or newer model year truck weighing10,000 lbs or less that is: Owned by a corporation, LLC, partnership or a person who files a schedule C or F form with the IRS that is eligible for depreciation under the IRS Code. Leased BTT – truck is a BTT only if the lessee is a corporation, LLC or partnership and it is used primarily for business purposes or the lessee is a person who files a schedule C or F form with IRS and the truck is used primarily for purposes of the persons own business or farming operation.
  21. 21. Business-trade trucks (BTT) Registered by tonnage like other trucks Penalties, up to $2,250, apply for falsely registering a vehicle as a BTT 25 percent of penalty is retained by county treasurer Owner must certify on title application to claim business-trade usage
  22. 22. License tonnage tolerance Iowa law allows for a tolerance on the registered weight or tonnage 5 percent for all processed products 25 percent for all raw ag-productsThe license weight tolerance doesnot mean a truck can be overloaded.
  23. 23. Contact information Motor Vehicle Enforcement Information Line 800-925-6469E-mail: omve@dot.iowa.gov www.iamvd.com