Inspecting your CMV


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Inspecting your CMV

  1. 1. Agriculture OutreachOffice of Motor Vehicle Enforcement Iowa Department of Transportation
  2. 2. DISCLAIMERThis slide module is intended to summarize commercial Vehicle rulesand regulations and is not intended to be used for legal guidance or asa substitute for applicable local, state, and federal statutes.While every attempt has been made to ensure the completeness andaccuracy of the information contained in this presentation, it is not adetailed explanation of all applicable local, state and federal statutes.The module is part of a larger presentation and as such is only part of asummary of regulations that may or may not apply to you.By use of this resource, the user agrees the Iowa Department ofTransportation assumes no liability or responsibility for the user’sunderstanding and compliance to the rules and regulations
  3. 3. Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) Inspecting your CMV
  4. 4. Truck inspectionsAnnual inspections Required for all vehicles 10,001 lbs or more or rating used in interstate or intrastate commerce A copy of a report or decal must be available with vehicle Conducted by qualified Individual
  5. 5. Vehicle inspection Inspector qualificationThe motor carrier is responsibleto ensure the person performingthe annual inspection is qualified.Applies to:  Carrier employees.  Commercial repair shops.
  6. 6. Vehicle inspection Brake inspector qualificationThe motor carrier must ensurethat all inspections, repairs orservice to brake systems aredone in compliance to FMCSA’srule 396.25
  7. 7. Truck InspectionsAnnual Inspection Inspection Must Comply With Standards Found in Appendix G of 49CFR
  8. 8. Truck Inspections Inspection report  Copy of inspection report dated within 12 months, carried on vehicle  Must be produced on request  Decal attached to vehicle, must be legible, show date and certify theAny Trucking Co. inspection was doneAny Town, Iowa according to FMCSA’s rules
  9. 9. Vehicle inspection Out-of-service criteria Critical vehicle inspection  Likely to cause an accident or breakdown  No one shall operate, require another to operate a vehicle declared out of service until repairs are made  An inspector cannot release a vehicle declared out of service until repairs are madeThe critical vehicle inspection criteria was established bythe Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance – representatives ofindustry and government -- across the United States, Canadaand Mexico.
  10. 10. Vehicle inspection Required front lights IDClearance OOSHeadlamps Turn/Hazard/Park
  11. 11. Vehicle inspectionSide marker lights Front Intermediate if Rear 30 ft or more
  12. 12. Vehicle inspection Required rear lights OOS StopOOS Tail IDLicense OOSClearance Turn/Hazard
  13. 13. Vehicle inspectionSteering defects OOS
  14. 14. Vehicle inspection Windshield 2”1” Allowed damage: 1” •Single crack (nonintersecting) •Chips ¾ inch or less in size if not within 3 inch of other damage Top of the steering wheel
  15. 15. Vehicle inspection Windshield wipersOOS Mirrors Check the mirrors
  16. 16. Vehicle inspectionLow air 55-60 psi OOS
  17. 17. Vehicle inspection Must be secured and charged Emergency triangles
  18. 18. Vehicle inspectionFuel leak OOS
  19. 19. Vehicle inspectionDamaged/Bulged OOS
  20. 20. Vehicle inspection Appendix GDefective brakes Need ¼” of lining OOS
  21. 21. Vehicle inspectionDefective brakes OOS
  22. 22. Vehicle inspectionDefective brakes OOS
  23. 23. Vehicle inspectionCracked brake drum OOS
  24. 24. Vehicle inspectionSpring brake housing OOS
  25. 25. Vehicle inspectionFrame rails OOS
  26. 26. Vehicle inspectionCracked front springOOS
  27. 27. Vehicle inspectionBroken main springs OOS
  28. 28. Vehicle inspectionLoose U-bolts OOS
  29. 29. Vehicle inspectionSteer TiresNeed 4/32 inch tread OOS
  30. 30. Vehicle inspectionOther TiresNeed 2/32 inch tread OOS
  31. 31. Vehicle inspectionFlat/Missingtires OOS OOS Bulged sidewall
  32. 32. Vehicle inspectionLoose fastener OOS
  33. 33. Vehicle inspectionBroken studOOS
  34. 34. Vehicle inspectionCracked wheel OOS
  35. 35. Contact information Motor Vehicle Enforcement Information Line 800-925-6469E-mail: