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This year’s Supercomputing Conference 2013 took place in Denver, USA, from November 18th – 21st. Fortissimo was represented through several partner booths and participated in the Collaboration Hub “Adopting HPC” at the Intel booth. Two presentation were given in the exhibition by Mark Parsons, Executive Director of EPCC, and Guy Lonsdale, CEO of Scapos AG.

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Fortissimo Summary Parsons 2013 11-20

  1. 1. Fortissimo Enabling manufacturing SMEs to benefit from HPC Professor Mark Parsons EPCC, The University of Edinburgh
  2. 2. The Fortissimo Project • Building a Cloud of HPC Resources to solve SMEs’ business challenges • One of the I4MS* projects within the “Factories of the Future” initiative • Complementing generic SME initiatives in EC FP7 Programme - specific support to deliver economic growth through modelling and simulation • Focus on problem solving – not technology development • Brings together all of the players in a marketplace (*) ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs 2
  3. 3. Fortissimo – scale & structure • €22m costs, €16m EC funding, 45 partners growing to 90+ over the 3 year duration • 20 initial “Experiments” with SMEs • Each experiment has 2-4 partners • Funding of up to €250,000 per experiment • 2 Open Calls for proposals • First opening in November 2013 HPC Service Provider HPC Expert End user Indepen dent Software Vendor • Second opening May 2014 • Optimised financial and legal structure to assist SMEs Applicati on Expert Research Software Provider 3
  4. 4. Our goal To improve company competitiveness through the use of HPC to deliver new or improved products and services Modelling and Simulation on HPC is increasingly being used to provide competitive edge Europe has world class HPC assets and expertise Economic growth for Europe
  5. 5. HPC for business HPC and economic growth • It is understood worldwide that to compete in the global marketplace companies need to innovate • Many industrialised economies (both developed and developing) have identified HPC as a key tool for innovation • In the USA the phrase “to out compute is to out compete” has been used to make the case to Government • Very few funding agencies have properly tried to study the true economic benefit of HPC to their company base
  6. 6. HPC for business HPC adoption best practice • Many companies don’t make use of HPC because there is a large hurdle to overcome • Initial costs are high: modelling, software, skills • Fortissimo is designed to help companies overcome that hurdle and become regular users of HPC • Demonstrating its value • Based on existing model best practice for working with SMEs • E.g. Supercomputing Scotland
  7. 7. Pilot projects • Deep Casing Tools Ltd • Oil & gas sector • Mud-powered reaming device • Prospect FS Ltd • Renewable energy sector • Shallow water wind turbine • Fios Genomics Ltd • Bio-science sector • Genomics services
  8. 8. Collaborative scenarios HPC Service Provider HPC Service Provider HPC Expert End user End User HPC Expert Successful HPC projects rely on multiple collaborative relationships Independent Software Vendor HPC Service Provider Application Expert HPC Service Provider Independent Software Vendor HPC Expert End user End user HPC Expert Independent Software Vendor Application Expert Research Software Provider
  9. 9. Examples of Fortissimo Experiments  Exp. 6: Reducing energy and emissions using Cloud HPC for urban planning  Exp. 18: Cloud-based CFD simulation for SMEs  SME: Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd  World leading hypercar manufacturer  Using HPC to move from modelling individual buildings to urban scale  Demonstrating faster, cheaper, detailed CFD modelling  SME: Koenigsegg AB 9
  10. 10. The current “cloud” of experiments ….aerodynamics of light aircraft .. Multiphysics simulation …continuous casting … tools for urban planning …high pressure vessels of metal flanges … molecular simulation for industrial chemical engineering … CFD for turbomachinery .. CFD … automotive design … routing architecture optimisation.. … air-quality over cities .. correlation .. simulation & tests for .. CO2 emission prediction mechatronics for automotive engines … risers, moorings and flowlines ... low-pressure die-casting … … structural crash tests … commercial computational chemistry … eolian snow transport for civil engineering … Information available at: 10