Communications Skills
Motivation, Persuasion & Creativity Skills
Team Building
Project Management
Coaching Skills
Creativity and innovation
Negotiation Skills
Giving A feedback
Personal Development</li></ul>Included Courses:<br /><ul><li>Presentation Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Advanced Emotional Intelligence personal Skills
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IRA Training Profile


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IRA Training Profile

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT AGENCY (IRA)IRA<br />TRAINING PROFILE<br />Contact us: 24 EL Obour buildings, Salah Salem Rd,<br /> Apt.72, Nasr City, Cairo<br /> Tel/Fax: 022 40 48 430<br /> Mob: +2018 895 88 86<br /> E-mail:<br /> Web site:<br />Our trainers are a team of experienced professionals with strong educational backgrounds.This dynamic combination has greatly impacted the effectiveness of our training programs. Trainings are meant to help individuals improve their skills in their Professional or Personal lives. The change management concept that was taught to us in this training was really helpful and this suits to any professional to do any changes in the system.<br />OUR MISSION<br /> To provide training of exceptional quality through trainers who are constantly evolving to achieve their highest potential and are empowering others to do the same. This results in not only increased productivity but also enhanced personal effectiveness.<br /> Why IRA Training Solutions?OUR METHODOLOGY<br /> We use a combination of Case Studies, Role Plays, Games, Activities and Audio and Video Clips along with Power Point Presentations in order to make the process of learning at least 70% experiential.<br />OUR QUALITY<br /> Our training programs have consistently been rated very highly by our clients who keep coming back for more.<br /> <br /> Why IRA Training Solutions?<br />OUR VALUES<br />Connecting Your Business to the Training Resources You Need Training at work for you..<br /> IRA Training Solutions is company that is an ‘end-to-end’ soft skills training consultancy. Since our inception, we have been growing exponentially. Our client list and feedback are a testament to our quality, effectiveness and commitment. <br />Each training program is fully customized<br />To meet your company’s specific needs.<br />OUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES <br />• Instructor-led Soft Skill Training <br />• Outbound Training <br />• Creation of Content for Soft Skills Training Programs <br />• Sales of Soft Skills Training Programs <br /><ul><li> OUR SOFT SKILL TRAINING COURSES ARE:Management Training</li></ul>Included Courses:<br /><ul><li>Leadership skills
  2. 2. Communications Skills
  3. 3. Motivation, Persuasion & Creativity Skills
  4. 4. Team Building
  5. 5. Project Management
  6. 6. Coaching Skills
  7. 7. Creativity and innovation
  8. 8. Negotiation Skills
  9. 9. Giving A feedback
  10. 10. Personal Development</li></ul>Included Courses:<br /><ul><li>Presentation Skills
  11. 11. Emotional Intelligence
  12. 12. Advanced Emotional Intelligence personal Skills
  13. 13. Body Language Part 1
  14. 14. Body Language Part2
  15. 15. Time Management
  16. 16. Decision Making
  17. 17. Report Writing
  18. 18. Anger Management
  19. 19. Personal Impact
  20. 20. NLP Core Skills
  21. 21. Assertiveness Skills
  22. 22. Interpersonal Development</li></ul>Included Courses:<br /><ul><li>How to influence people
  23. 23. Meeting Skills
  24. 24. Handling difficult People
  25. 25. Advanced Emotional Intelligence Interpersonal Skills
  26. 26. Conflict Management </li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Core Essentials for Business Professionals Courseware Bundle </li></ul>Included Courses:<br /> Conflict Resolution <br />Controlling Anger Before it Control You <br />Current Project Techniques to Increase Effectiveness <br /> Negotiation Skills<br /> Secrets of Change Management <br />Train-the-Trainer-Inspire, Motivate and Educate <br /><ul><li>Sales and Marketing Courseware Bundle</li></ul>Included Courses:<br />Building Relationships for Success in Sales <br />Dynamite Sales Presentations <br />Advanced Writing Skills <br />Overcoming Objection to Nail the Sale <br />Prospecting for Leads like a Pro <br />Selling Smarter <br />An Introduction to Customer Relationship Management <br />Call Center Training: Sales and Customer Service Training for Call Centre Agent <br />Telemarketing: Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool <br />Customer Service Skills<br />Telephone Skills <br />Sales Skills<br /><ul><li>Career Development Courseware Bundle</li></ul>Included Courses:<br />Emotional Intelligence <br />Critical Thinking <br />Public Speaking: Presentation Survival School <br />Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills <br />Skills for the Administrative Assistant <br />Communication Strategies<br />Mastering the Interview to Further your Career <br />Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance <br />Working Smarter: Using Technology to your Advantage <br />Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People <br />Business Writing That Works <br />Customer Service: Critical Elements of Customer Service <br />The Minute Taker’s Workshop <br />Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge <br />Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio <br />Getting Your Job Search Started <br />Speak Easy: Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public <br />Public Speaking: Speaking under Pressure <br />Writing Reports and Proposals<br /><ul><li>Supervisors and Managers Courseware Bundle</li></ul>Included Courses:<br />Leadership Skills for Supervisors <br />Accounting Skills For New Supervisors <br />Effective Planning & Scheduling <br />Risk Management<br />Marketing & Sales <br />Negotiation for Results <br />Business Leadership: Becoming Management Materials<br />Coaching: A leadership Skill <br />HR Training: HR for the Non HR Manager <br />Motivation Training: Motivating for Your Workforce <br />The ABSs of Supervising Others <br />The Professional Supervisor <br />Delegation: The Art Delegating Effectively <br />Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams <br />Inventory Management: The Nuts & Bolts<br />Budgets and Managing Money Budgets <br />Project Management Fundamentals <br />Intermediate Project Management<br />Advanced Project Management <br /><ul><li>Human Resources Courseware Bundle</li></ul>Included Courses:<br />Talent Management <br />Problem Solving & Decision Making <br />Change Management: Change & How to Deal with it <br />Conflict Resolution: Getting Along in the Workplace<br />Performance Management: Managing Employee Performance <br />Teamwork: Building Better Teams <br />Anger Management: Understanding Anger-Yours & Others <br />Hiring for Success: Behavioral Interviewing Techniques <br />Orientation Handbook: Getting Employees Off to a Good Start<br />Business Succession Planning: Developing & Maintaining a Succession Plan<br />Conducting Effective Performance Reviews <br />Dispute Resolution: Mediation Through Peer Review <br />Stress Management <br />Customer Service Training: Managing Customer Services <br />Interview Skills<br />Stress Management<br />Performance Management<br />Train the Trainer Deliver Skills<br />Diversity Management <br /><ul><li>Workplace Essentials Courseware Bundle</li></ul>Included Courses:<br />Safety in the Workplace <br />Learn Process Improvement <br />Workplace Harassment: What it is and What to Do about it<br />Business Ethics for the Office<br />Diversity Training: Celebrating Diversity in the Work Place <br /><ul><li>Train the Trainer Courseware Bundle</li></ul>Included Courses:<br />The Practical Trainer <br />Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer <br />Developing Your Training Program <br />Facilitation Skills <br />Survival Skills for the New Trainer <br />Using Activities to Make Training Fun <br /><ul><li>Anti Money Laundering</li></ul> Included Courses:<br /> What is Money Laundering<br />International Initiatives<br />Customer Identification Program<br />USA Patriot Act<br />Wolfsberg Principles on Correspondent Banking<br />Terrorist related money laundering<br />Know Your Customer (RBI Guidelines)<br /><ul><li>Financial Management</li></ul>Included Courses:<br /><ul><li>Asset Liability Management
  27. 27. Asset Liability Management for Insurance companies
  28. 28. Asset Securitization
  29. 29. Bank Branch Management - HRM and CSR
  30. 30. Bank Branch Management - Advances
  31. 31. Bank Branch Management - Advances
  32. 32. Bank Branch Management - Ancillary Services
  33. 33. Bank Branch Management - Bookkeeping and Accounting
  34. 34. Bank Branch Management - Deposits
  35. 35. Bank Branch Management - Foreign Exchange Operations
  36. 36. Bank Branch Management - Marketing
  37. 37. Bank Branch Management - Payment and Settlement System
  38. 38. Bank Branch Management - Retail Banking
  39. 39. Bank Branch Management - Risk Management
  40. 40. Bank Branch Management - Technology and Security
  41. 41. Bank Branch Management - Trade Finance
  42. 42. Basel II - University
  43. 43. Basics of Banking
  44. 44. Brokerage-Operations
  45. 45. Budgeting
  46. 46. CTM - Case Studies
  47. 47. CTM - Foreign Exchange Management
  48. 48. CTM - Funding and Investments
  49. 49. CTM - Implementation
  50. 50. CTM - Interest Rate Risk Management
  51. 51. CTM - Treasury Analytics
  52. 52. Capital Adequacy Planning - Basel I
  53. 53. Commodity and Energy Markets
  54. 54. Corporate Governance
  55. 55. Counterparty Credit Risk
  56. 56. Credit Analysis
  57. 57. Credit Derivatives
  58. 58. Credit Ratings
  59. 59. Credit Risk Modeling
  60. 60. Economics
  61. 61. Equity Markets
  62. 62. Estate Planning
  63. 63. Financial Accounting
  64. 64. Financial Institution Analysis - CAMELS Approach
  65. 65. Financial Mathematics
  66. 66. Financial Planning
  67. 67. Financial Privacy
  68. 68. Fixed Income Markets
  69. 69. Flotation
  70. 70. Foreign Exchange Markets
  71. 71. Futures and Forwards
  72. 72. Global Banking Supervision
  73. 73. Global Economic Crisis - Liquidity Management
  74. 74. Governance, Risk and Compliance
  75. 75. International Trade Services
  76. 76. Introduction to Bank Lending Environment
  77. 77. Liquidity Management and Contingency Funding Plan
  78. 78. Management Accounting
  79. 79. Market Risk - Advanced
  80. 80. Market Risk - Basic
  81. 81. Market Risk - Intermediate
  82. 82. Money Markets
  83. 83. Mutual Funds
  84. 84. Operational Risk Management
  85. 85. Operational Risk Management - Basel II
  86. 86. Options
  87. 87. Project Valuation
  88. 88. Risk Analysis
  89. 89. Sarbanes Oxley
  90. 90. Swaps
  91. 91. Trading Operation Controls
  92. 92. UCP600
  93. 93. Understanding Financial Statements
  94. 94. Value at Risk
  95. 95. eFRM Coach: Credit Risk Measurement and Management
  96. 96. eFRM Coach: Market Risk Measurement and Management
  97. 97. eFRM Coach: Operational and Integrated Risk Mgmt, Legal, Accounting and Ethics
  98. 98. eFRM Coach: Risk Management and Investment Management </li></ul> Thank you for choosing IRA TRAINING SOLUTION.<br /> <br />