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Older peopleinrsa


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Older peopleinrsa

  1. 1. AIM OF PRESENTATIONRAISE AWARENESS OF THE UNIQUE NEEDS AND POTENTIAL OF OLDER PEOPLE IN THE SOUTH AFRICAN CONTEXT3. Contextualise life world of older people in SA4. Policies and frameworks5. Challenges associated with old age6. Developmental needs of older people7. Social needs8. Psychological needs9. Potential of older people10. How to engage with older people11. How not to engage with older people
  2. 2. CONTEXTUALISATIONSharp increase in number of people 60 +SA: 2009 = 3.7 million (5 % of population)2015 = 4.42 million (9.5 % of population)Implications for health and social services
  3. 3. 2005 = South African Policy for Olderpersons2006 = Older persons ActPromote psycho-social, and physical well-being of older peopleKeep older people engaged in communitiesas long as possibleUN principles: being independent,participating, care, self-fulfilment, dignity
  4. 4. Poverty: Older people in SouthAfrica amongst poorest people in SA25 % chronically poor2.3 million older people receive old-age grantSocial exclusion, migrationLack of access to care servicesInaccessibility of informationDiscriminationDiseases: TB, malaria, HIV/AIDS
  5. 5. HOW TO ENGAGE•Unique circumstances and unique needs•Meet older people within specific contexts•Orientate them to participate from their understanding of the world•Clear communication (instructions and content) in terms of Expectations Involvement Information needed•Demonstrate compassion and understanding for them as people•Share interests and find common ground•Plan sustainable involvement•