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Yhteiskeittiö Kattila ja Kaveri Common Kitchen


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Hyvinvointi-hackathon 21.-22.10.2016 etsi uudenlaisia ratkaisuja hyvinvoinnin haasteisiin: mm. kuinka houkuttelemme ihmisiä hyvinvoinnin pariin.

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Published in: Healthcare
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Yhteiskeittiö Kattila ja Kaveri Common Kitchen

  1. 1. Forging communities around food Yhteiskeittiö Kattila ja Kaveri
  2. 2. User AnalysisMattijaMaija • Young couple living in Helsinki region. • Matti loves to cook. • Maija likes to learn about nutrition. Kari • Elderly gentleman living in care home. • Loves to talk about his time in the army. Juha • Middle-aged unemployed gentleman diagnosed with depression due to loneliness.
  3. 3. Stakeholders Government bodies Food wholesalers Oragnisers (Associations and NGOs) Users (Both paid and guests)
  4. 4. Competitors and Potential Collaborators • The Church • Has places to host events as well as resources • Social Service NGOs • Super Kitchen
  5. 5. Marketing plan • Digital Native Segment • Online social platforms • Digital Immigrant Segment. • Personal phone and SMS based marketing
  6. 6. Funding • Government bodies(Ministry of health and social welfare) • Corporates (Corporate social responsibility) • Paid Users
  7. 7. Solutions • Participation • Belongingness • Nutrition • Sustainable development