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E sports

  1. 1. 20092626Lee HyunAh
  2. 2. E-Sports Electronic sports, abbreviated e-sports is used as a general term to describe the play of video games competitively. Other terms include competitive gaming, professional gami ng and cybersports. One of the founding fathers of electro nic sports leagues is Angel Munoz, founder of the Cyberathlete Professional League. Games that are played as electronic sports normally belong to the real-time strategy (RTS), fighting, first-person shoot er (FPS), massively-multiplayer online (MMOG), and racin g genres. They are played competitively at amateur, semi-pr ofessional and professional levels including in leagues and tournaments.
  3. 3. E-Sports Over the InternetThe easiest way to play an electronic sports match is over the. Generalonline play is subject to the lessened ability to detect cheating and themore unpredictable network latency not being the ideal environmentfor high level competition; however, due to its convenience, even players who are used to LAN games use Internet games for fun and exhibitiongames. Over a local area networkPlaying over a Local area network(LAN) has a number of advantages:the network has less lag and higher quality, and the competitors can bedirectly scrutinized for cheating. At professional events administratorswill normally be present to ensure fair play
  4. 4. Electronic Sports History Arcade eraVideo games have been played competitively since their inception. Twin Galaxies isknown for keeping track of high scores on many classic arcade games, and theycreated the U.S. National Video Game Team in 1983. The team ran a number ofcompetitions, including the 1987 Video Game Mastters Tournament for GuinnessWorld Records. Early PC Era-DoomThe release of Doom on December 10, 1993 introduced multi-player death match ga mes. Doom spawned newsgroups, chat rooms and among the first knownusers of IRC for gaming. Players connected to each other modem-to-modem andonline competitive gaming was born. A handful of Doom fan sites report the favoredmaps of the time being e1m4 and e1m5.-Doom II
  5. 5. World Cyber GamesThe World Cyber Games (WCG) is an internationalcompetitive video-gaming (e-sports) event operated bySouth Korean company World Cyber Games Inc. , andsponsored by Samsung and Microsoft. WCG eventsattempt to emulate a traditional sporting tournament,such as the Olympic Games; events include an officialopening ceremony, and players from various countriescompete for gold, silver and bronze medals. The official motto of WCG is "Beyond the Game", which is also thetitle of a documentary about e-sports.
  6. 6. Major electronic sports games StarCraft StarCraft: Brood War – Real Time Strategy (1vs1, PC)This game has found a home in South Korea, where many play it professionally or as a spectator sport.In Korea, Starcraft has leagues such as Ongamenet Starleague,MBC Starleague, and Proleague. Finals for these league attract tens ofthousands of fans and are viewed on cable TV with great popularity. FIFAWorld League eSport Bundesliga Kick-Off EventFIFA Football – Sports (PC)FIFA Football is a part of the World Cyber Games since its beginning in 2000 and also at every regional WCG Tourney like the SEC or the Pan-American WCG.
  7. 7. Major electronic sports games Warcraft III Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne – Real Time Strategy (1vs1, PC) Played professionally all around the world with hot spots in South Kore a, China , France and Germany, there are a few dozen "professional" tea ms. The game lacks a uniting body and has no definable world champi onship. Warcraft III is seen as the competitive RTS-game with the second bigge st playerbase, with the number players online at Battle.net ranging bet ween 70,000 and 100,000 at any given moment.
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