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Preparing Presentations 2009


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Short course on presentations

Published in: Education
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Preparing Presentations 2009

  1. 1. What you put on the page affects how well it’s delivered Andy Morffew
  2. 2. When some people speak, every word is heard - for the rest of us……. 2 Ref:
  3. 3. we have to work harder. 3 Ref:
  4. 4. This presentation aims to help improve presentation structure u Introduction u Deciding upon the content and sections u The modern style – Horizontal Logic – Vertical Logic u The horror of bulleted lists and other things u Introductions and Summaries 4 Ref:
  5. 5. Introduction 5 Ref:
  6. 6. The best speakers use their slides as the framework for their talk not the content Total Information about Subject Information to be delivered Information on slides 6 Ref:
  7. 7. If you try to give a badly structured presentation it becomes a battle Missing Running major out of time points Confusing the Not getting the audience message across Losing confidence 7 Ref:
  8. 8. But if you use some simple rules you will find your presentation is much easier to deliver u Understand your audience u Have the right amount of material u Don’t confuse all the information about the subject with what you can deliver in a talk u Make sure the slides tell the story u Make the slides attractive to help hold the audience’s attention u Start and end well 8 Ref:
  9. 9. Deciding upon content and sections 9 Ref:
  10. 10. The first step is to strike the balance between what you want to say and the time available Subject & Message TIME 10 Ref:
  11. 11. Filling the time is rarely the problem u Given an hour prepare for 45 minutes u I have given hundreds of major presentations in the last 20 years but have finished too early on less than ten occasions u Be realistic about the number of overheads you need - 1 slide per 3 minutes is a good guide (not counting separators) u Decide upon the 6 to 8 major points and make them your sections 11 Ref:
  12. 12. The modern style 12 Ref:
  13. 13. The top part of the slide is where you tell the story Back up or amplification of the Headline 13 Ref:
  14. 14. If all the Headlines are linked, the whole story should be told This is the Horizontal Logic 14 Ref:
  15. 15. Each Headline should be complete - not depend on the material below to be understood 15 Ref:
  16. 16. The material below the Headline drives the message home This is the Vertical Logic 16 Ref:
  17. 17. Structuring your presentation in this way has some major advantages u The path through the presentation is clear and once written requires less preparation u The presentation can be repeated in the future with very little work u Someone else could give the presentation u The presentation handouts are more easily understood 17 Ref:
  18. 18. Use a picture to help people through a complex presentation structure Understand issues and priorities Identify Document Deliver new Customer Define Deliver new existing Define SMS Requirements new SMS Systems SMS systems new SMS Systems Systems Systems Understand user requirements 18 Ref:
  19. 19. Highlighting the section you are currently addressing can be very helpful This approach is particularly good for explaining complex methodologies 19 Ref:
  20. 20. There are other ways of helping the audience keep their place in the presentation structure Understand Issues and Priorities You can have a text area on the left of each slide 20 Ref:
  21. 21. Watch out for clip art that is widely used as it can take attention away from your message Microsoft PowerPoint clip art is particularly popular. At one time you couldn’t escape the Screen Beans 21 Ref:
  22. 22. The horror of bulleted lists 22 Ref:
  23. 23. With bulleted lists the audience has to concentrate too hard to absorb the material u The lack of variation becomes tedious very quickly u The listener has to read everything in case the presenter refers to it rather than repeats it u Presenters may read the bullets making it a very dull presentation u As the subject gets more complex the bullet points can become paragraphs u Each slide that comes up starts to become a challenge to the listener 23 Ref:
  24. 24. Many people think in pictures Visualization 35% Internal Sounds 20% 45% Internal Feelings 10% Dialog 24 Ref:
  25. 25. The worst way of presenting a bulleted list is the slow reveal u The frustration that builds up u during this kind of presentation u is unbelievable. u The lack of confidence of the speaker u means that they try to stop the audience u from moving ahead at a different speed u with disastrous results. 25 Ref:
  26. 26. Morffew’s law - there should never be more than two consecutive slides with bulleted lists u First line, take this uNow take this uNow this, we haven’t finished uYet more, keep awake Give us a break….. 26 Ref:
  27. 27. There are some things to say in defence of bulleted lists u They are quick to write u A lot of factual material can be put on a page for later reference u They break text into the important “bites” 27 Ref:
  28. 28. Bulleted lists can be disguised with a little thought Did you spot this one? Missing Running major out of time points Confusing the Not getting the audience message across Losing confidence 28 Ref:
  29. 29. Sometimes you can change a list into a million dollar chart The Development of an Industry Stable Environment Environment Turbulent Nothing Changing Moderate Discontinuous Rapid New Slowly Change Shifts Continual Change Generation Growth Consolidation 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s 2000’s 29 Ref:
  30. 30. Putting a clip art at the bottom of the list doesn’t let you off u This is still a bulleted list u It has bullets and text u This picture doesn’t change anything u Morffew’s Law still applies 30 Ref:
  31. 31. And, while I’m on my soap box - laser pointers u Are you looking at this? u Why are you looking here???? u My pointer is still on the first line . u Did you note this word in particular? u Is this getting boring or what? u This is how they teach 4 -year olds to read u I’m getting too old for this u I need to lie down!! 31 Ref:
  32. 32. Getting pictures is easy now we have the internet and they can add value 32 Ref:
  33. 33. Quotes can be a great benefit to your message "Seventy percent of all re-engineering initiatives fail because not enough account of the people has been taken" Source Hammer & Champy 33 Ref:
  34. 34. Humorous quotes are even better but they must be relevant "We don't like their sound. Groups of guitars are on their way out." Decca Records spokesman in 1962 34 Ref:
  35. 35. International audiences are a great challenge to a speaker and require a modified approach u Often people from other countries are better at spoken English rather than written English - so write less. u Translators cannot translate your slides unless you read what is on them. u The talk has to be slower - this will only work if there is less material. u The best English speakers from other countries tell me they only understand 80% of what is said. 35 Ref:
  36. 36. Introductions and Summaries 36 Ref:
  37. 37. The beginning of the talk is very important - you need to grab the audience’s attention Try to use something unexpected and popular. If it is an interest of yours, your enthusiasm will come across. 37 Ref:
  38. 38. The end of the talk is also critical so you can leave on a high The most elegant ending links back to the attention grabber………. 38 Ref:
  39. 39. Follow these rules and this can be your victory speech http// 39 Ref:
  40. 40. Last tip - end up with your title slide What you put on the page affects how well it’s delivered Andy Morffew