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Fantasy Death Race Android iOS Game by Hyperlink Infosystem


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Who doesn't love to race. We are here with One of the most exciting and addictive racing game. It is a endless driving game with lots of twists and turns. You will be given choice to choose your own style of car and then just Broooooom. Start your exciting journey, cross the hurdles, collect the powers and coins coming in your way. You need to save yourself from the obstacles. You will get some powers like gun shooting, Helicopter to destroy some obstacles, booster, magnet. The more you will play and survive, the more difficulty levels are going to come. So just fasten your seat belt and go racing. This game is for each and every person of any age. This game has everything you need to entertain and thrill yourself. This game will allow you to test your driving skills and your survival strategy in the race. So just fasten your seat belt and go racing. So don't wait for anything now, just play and enjoy.

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Fantasy Death Race Android iOS Game by Hyperlink Infosystem

  1. 1. Fantasy Death Racer Endless driving game By Hyperlink Infosystem
  2. 2. Features  Eye catching HD graphics  Beautiful animation and sound effects  Easy to play  Endless driving game with lots of turns and twist
  3. 3. Gameplay  Select your favorite car and go  Buy new car from earned coins
  4. 4. Gameplay  Live Graphics with beautiful animations  Perfect game for all age peoples
  5. 5. Gameplay  Pickup coins and increase your inventory  Some unique powers will make you more addictive
  6. 6. Gameplay  Destroy hurdles by machine gun  Here the game comes to an action
  7. 7. Gameplay  Cover the best distance and get the rewards
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