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How to create Contacts in HyperTeam CRM


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Easy to use HyperTeam CRM with more and more interface.

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How to create Contacts in HyperTeam CRM

  1. 1. How to Create Contacts in HyperTeam CRM
  2. 2. www.sharepoint-florida.comStep 1: Select the Contact page on the menu
  3. 3. www.sharepoint-florida.comStep 2: Click the plus icon to add a new contact
  4. 4. www.sharepoint-florida.comStep 3: Fill in all applicable information
  5. 5. Quick Tip: Type the contact’s name to find their Facebook profile A. Contact Information
  6. 6. B. Address Add up to 5 addresses!
  7. 7. C. Link Accounts • If the account is already in the CRM, simply type and select the account name in the “Add Account” box. +Click the plus sign to add the account. +Once added, the account will be listed under “Account Name” and the contact and account will be linked in the CRM. • To delete an account, click the X icon. • If the account is not in the CRM, leave this section blank. +The account can be created and linked to the contact at a later time.
  8. 8. D. Important Details Quick Tip: Connect with your clients and make them feel special by using this section to “remember” the information that’s important to them!
  9. 9. www.sharepoint-florida.comStep 4: Save the contact I. Save by selecting the save icon at the top of the profile II. OR by simply clicking “Save” on the bottom of the profile
  10. 10. To edit contacts select the pencil icon
  11. 11. To delete contacts select the trash can icon
  12. 12. www.sharepoint-florida.comCongratulations you’ve created a contact! You can now deliver superior customer service by referring to this profile for all of your client’s important information. And not just for their addresses or phone numbers! This profile also includes important details such as: