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Ecommerce School: Roger Lopez on Content Strategy Framework for Ecommerce Websites


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This will cover recommendations for how an ecommerce site should build a content strategy with the aim of becoming more useful and therefore helping with SEO performance in the mid to long term.

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Ecommerce School: Roger Lopez on Content Strategy Framework for Ecommerce Websites

  1. 1. Content Strategy Framework for Ecommerce Websites Instructor | Roger Lopez Twitter: @inemode
  2. 2. Why Content makes your site memorable Research shows that 40% of ecommerce transactions are  carried out 24 hours or more after users first visit the website
  3. 3. What? Content Strategy Framework Content Audit  Document •Typography Shareable Content •Brainstorming •Readability •Competitor Analysis •Spelling/grammar •Examples &  screenshots from  competitors •Shareability •Keyword use •Copyscape report on  stolen content •Social media shares branded3 Informative Content User Generated  Content Site Structure •Research Q&A on  Yahoo Answers, Quora,  Facebook, Twitter •Reviews – implementation,  incentivisation etc •Where does content  need to go (blog or  Q&A etc) •Search for questions in  Analytics data &  keyword tool data •Q&A section or Q&A on  product pages etc •How should the  sections be structured •Forums, blog  comments, guest blog  posts, in‐depth content  reviews •Design & UI •Gap Analysis of current  content •Examples &  screenshots from  competitors etc •Examples &  screenshots from  competitors etc •Interlinking between  sections •Examples &  screenshots from  competitors Content Roadmap  Document •Monthly or weekly  content plan •Special events &  calendar •Blog calendar •PR calendar
  4. 4. Who? People are already doing this
  5. 5. Goal of Content Does it Help your user make a decision to Buy, Share, Buy Again Sales Funnel Step 1 Step 2 $
  6. 6. Content Ingredients
  7. 7. Useful & Informational Content
  8. 8. Useful & Informational Content Know the content • User of this Content are usually higher in the sales funnel • Have Higher Lifetime Value to brand • Have a plan to navigate them from learning to buying
  9. 9. Q&A’s One of the best ways to add unique and  user generated content to your product  pages is by using Q&A content where  your customers ask questions and your  expert staff members answer them in a  timely and helpful manner.
  10. 10. Q&A’s This has a major impact on  conversion rates with IR  500’s seeing a 58% increase  and many other brands  reporting similar numbers.
  11. 11. Product Reviews 3 big reasons for Product Reviews • Long Tail SEO Traffic • Improved Conversion Rates • NEW ‐Social Sharing
  12. 12. Product Review Tips • Create a CRM system that emails customers a week or two after the purchase  to ask for their feedback on the product • Make sure the email is well designed with strong call to action  • Incentivise customers with monthly prizes or discount codes if they leave a  review • Create a strong landing page for customers to add their reviews without having  to login or find the product – link directly from the email to a nice form they  can complete • Make sure customers can review multiple products in the same form • Allow customers to review different attributes such as value, quality, price etc and then calculate an aggregate rating • Try to use your own system, if you have to use 3rd party reviews be careful  about duplicate content and always own your data • Encourage users to share their review via social media when it’s posted • Place the reviews on the product page not on a separate URL
  13. 13. Internal Review Testimonial ‐Increased Conversion Rate
  14. 14. External Review Company Ratings • • Improved CTR Improved Conversion
  15. 15. Product Pages Product Pages are not exciting BUT…due to Google… They cant be • • Short  • Bland • Or Duplicated Must be designed to encourage to purchase 
  16. 16. Product Page Tips • Write informative & descriptive copy designed to reflect your brands personality • Write for your target audience • Make sure the copy sells the product & covers features / benefits • Forget about SEO and keywords • Inject some fun into the descriptions • Don’t make them too short – it’s rare that less than 250 words is OK • Add an extra Experts Opinion to explain why you should buy this product over another • Try to cover all the likely objections and questions people might have about the product • Think about the product description as if you were stood on stage in front of thousands of people trying to sell the product – what would you say? How long would you spend writing your speech?
  17. 17. Category Pages Biggest Challenge  • • Small Specialist Retailer will rank higher • Think of them as a Hub for the category Users are usually in the Middle of the Sales Fun.
  18. 18. Category Pages Biggest Challenge  • • Small Specialist Retailer will rank higher • Think of them as a Hub for the category Users are usually in the Middle of the Sales Fun.
  19. 19. Other Ingredients • Inforgaphics • Videos • UGC – User Generated Content • Product Recommendations • And much more…. • But first perfect the Meat & Potatoes
  20. 20. Questions Contact Roger: Twitter: @inemode Web: