Overview of Southern Fried Supernova


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By 2017, Southern Fried Supernova will be Atlanta’s global signature event, featuring the best of the arts, technology, and startups. This vision shouldn’t surprise anyone. We’re just building on Atlanta’s strengths and a long history of being bold. When you consider this history and the five-year vision, our 2013 goals are quite humble: 1) Connect the Awesomeness  and 2) Galvanize a Commitment for the Future.

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Overview of Southern Fried Supernova

  1. 1. In five years, Southern Fried Supernova will be Atlantaʼs global signature event, featuring the best of the arts, technology, and startups. This vision shouldnʼt surprise anyone. Weʼre just building on Atlantaʼs strengths and a long history of being bold.
  2. 2. When you consider this history and the five-year vision, our 2013 goals are quite humble:  1. Connect the Awesomeness  2. Galvanize a Commitment for the Future
  3. 3. Connect: Featured Events Over the stretch of six weeks, Atlanta will host at least 22 events showcasing the best of the arts, technology, and startups.
  4. 4. Connect: Overarching Narrative Southern Fried Supernova will create a connective tissue between them all and weave an overarching narrative by launching two community assets.
  5. 5. Connect: Cross Promotional Website Anyone visiting SupernovaSouth.com will find a full listing of all 34 events with a brief description and links to each individual eventʼs website.
  6. 6. Connect: Universal Hashtag With help from our partners, weʼll launch and promote a universal hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. Our friends at Turner Broadcasting wiill pull all the images shared using the universal hashtag into a visually stunning mosaic chronicling these amazing seven weeks. #SupernovaSouth
  7. 7. Galvanize: Core Reaction/Resolution On October 17-18, 100 people with the proven ability to turn ideas into action will gather for Core Reaction, a two-day opportunity to build out ideas answering the question: How do you want to see Atlanta to thrive, play, and grow?
  8. 8. More than a two-day event, Core Reaction is a five month community collaboration
  9. 9. Phase I: Call for Participants On September 2, we launch a community-wide call for participants to attract innovators from various sectors and professions from across metropolitan Atlanta.
  10. 10. Phase II: Selection/Onboarding 100 will be selected based on their proven ability to turn ideas into action, diversity of community and expertise, and willingness to roll up their sleeves. The first 50 will come from those applying by Monday, September 23 and the second 50 from applications received by Monday, October 7.
  11. 11. Phase III: Idea + Input Collection On September 30, Core Reactors will help promote the launch of CoreReaction.org, the online platform where anyone can add their ideas, everyone can contribute ways to improve them, and we can provide open, transparent communication of progress. Ideas will also flow in through the TEDxCity2.0 and (co)lab Summit kicking off the Southern Fried Supernova.
  12. 12. Phase IV: Core Reaction Live On October 17-18, the 100 Core Reactors will gather at the Promenade to develop the most compelling ideas into viable projects that can be launched in 2014. Through rapid iteration cycles and participant voting, the three most compelling projects will be shared publicly as the Three Big Ideas.
  13. 13. Phase V: Big Ideas Incubation On October 30, we'll form a Build Team for each of the Three Big Ideas, pulling together the Core Reactors who hatched it, community partners with resources, and individuals with needed skills & expertise.
  14. 14. Phase VI: Core Resolution On 1/14/14, we will gather for the Core Resolution, where the three Build Teams will present their progress and brief the community on when and how their idea will be fully implemented in 2014.
  15. 15. How You Can Help: Sponsors Sponsors are what fuel the Southern Fried Supernova and Core Reaction. You have three sponsorship levels to choose from: Southern Fried Supernova Premier Sponsors (1 of 2 remain): $35,000 Recognized on all media as “made possible by Coca-Cola and XXX” Core Reaction Presenting Sponsors (3 of 3 remain): $15,000 Exclusive branding of Townhall Stage, Knowledge Bars or Social Lounge Core Reaction Meal Sponsors (3 of 5 remain): $5,000 Thurs breakfast, lunch, & cocktail reception | Fri breakfast & lunch
  16. 16. How You Can Help: Partners Community-wide collaborations make bigger impact with more partners. Featured Event Partners In return for our efforts to promote your event, all we ask from is: • Southern Fried Supernova logo/link and text on footer of your website • Media pass to your event for our media correspondent Promotional Partners Spread the word about the Southern Fried Supernova and Core Reaction and will give you lots of love and recognition. Weʼd love your help promoting the #SupernovaSouth universal hashtag. Creative/Artistic Partners Help capture the spirit of the Core Reaction experience and demonstrate the important role art will have in shaping the future of Atlanta.
  17. 17. Organizing Partners
  18. 18. Get Connected Scott Henderson Executive Director, Hypepotamus 404.725.4441 scott@hypepotamus.com
  19. 19. Many thanks to for their teamʼs delicious design! www.curiositysquad.com 905 Bernina Avenue Atlanta, GA 30307 404.221.1705
  20. 20. Thanks also to for providing the collaboration space for Core Reaction