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E commerce marketing tricks


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E commerce marketing tricks

  1. 1. Conversion Tips and Tricks Getting the Most Out of Your Startup Dollars Lessons Learned & E-Commerce Tips Instagram Social Media Hacks Negotiating Like Amazon (ShipStation, Same Day Couriers) Hover Intent Exit & other tricks to enhance conversion Contact: Hadi Irvani (404)493-6248
  2. 2. Enjoy Hard Work Previous Experience:
  3. 3. Southern Infused Internationally Inspired
  4. 4. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel Don’t Forget the Customer Don’t Stop Iterating Your Business Model Don’t Let Anything Blunt Your Enthusiasm Four E-Commerce Don’t’s
  5. 5. Replace Need for Money with Outsourcing Actively Pursue Strategic Alliances Leverage your Core Competencies Buy Dinner for Your Team Every Week Four E-Commerce Do’s
  6. 6. Reduce Cost Cultivate Dynamic Team Create Strategic Web Content Growth Hack Experiment Continuously Tips & Tricks
  7. 7. Experiment Continuously
  8. 8. Office Crashing Experiment
  9. 9. Experiment Mystery Coupon
  10. 10. Reduce Costs
  11. 11. Partner Wisely vs. Save $70K on $10M
  12. 12. Leverage Free Tools
  13. 13. Cut Staffing Costs Where You Can
  14. 14. Growth Hack
  15. 15. Social Media: Follow Back Strategy
  16. 16. Twitter Audience Growth
  17. 17. Create Strategic Web Content
  18. 18. Leverage Templates
  19. 19. Hover Intent Exit Behavioral Targeting Social Bribery
  20. 20. 10 x Email Signups PADIACT
  21. 21. Auto Responders
  22. 22. Cultivate Dynamic Team
  23. 23. Make the Company Look Busy and BIG
  24. 24. Incentive Motivators for Team Milestone Adventures Team Dinners Conferences Free Food
  25. 25. Final Thought Enjoy the Adventure Contact: Hadi Irvani (404)493-6248For more information visit