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Gamification applied to Service Industry

  1. 1. Subject : Service Industry over Gamification Theory. Presented by Arnold
  2. 2. Contents • • • • SAPS model in Game & Service Industry Ranking applied in Service Importance of first one minute Reputation / attention in game&organization • Results • Reference
  3. 3. SAPS model in Game • Status = Comparative position in relationship with other gamers. Ex) Level, Badge • Access = Accessibility that only a few player can approach to specific event. Ex) Only high level players can enter the gate • Power = An authority that player can do something unique action. Ex) One player can manage the forum instead of operator (Player just have a self-pride to be the operator) • Stuff = Not only physical compensation but also substantial value that it has. Ex) Free „ice cream king‟ title badge
  4. 4. SAPS model applied in Service Industry • Status = Starbucks “membership card” (Depends on visiting frequency, different card) • Access = Short line in Ski slope. (VIP Season members can go to „short line‟ and don‟t have to wait that long) • Power = Best drivers‟ traffic order service Ex) They work with no profit but the pride • Stuff = At Café. Free coffee when visiting on Birthday (Low cost - > High feeling of reward)
  5. 5. Ranking in Game • We all live in competitive society. We have an instinct to do „better‟ than „others‟. • Ranking sometimes shows the outcome of the people.(How many level / item did players got). It makes the players want to do better than others. Ranking in Service Customers are attracted by these kind of promotions. However, actual “Reward” is really a small thing. Inexpensive, minor opportunity cost for organizations. But people want to be “Best of the month”. This idea is based on „Ranking‟.
  6. 6. Importance of first 1 minute in game • Many game systems try to make the players to sign up before even players get to know the game. • However, if players get to know what the system is about, and if it is interesting enough, they would automatically sign up. • In short, First 1 minute is very important to „Attract‟. Importance of first 1 minute in service • Service / Game both are not a „Physical product‟. = >can‟t be seen, can‟t be touched (Intangible) As so, „Showing‟ the „Intangible‟ product is important. • Ex) In hotels expectation Nice lobby = > Nice room
  7. 7. Reputation / Attention in Game • For the players who are “Achievement” & “Killers” type, Gaining reputation and attention in game is very important. • Ex) Player‟s information(ID/Character) displayed on the main page(or server) • By one action, player can gain reputation. It doesn‟t have to be in a calm and orderly way. • Giving the Self-esteem to player can maintain the player, and attract new players.
  8. 8. Reputation / Attention in industry • Service industries are interdependence with „Reputation‟. • Reputation is one of the most powerful variable that can „show‟ and ensure the corporate‟s product. • There are non-profit organizations that only work for public good (reputation). Instead, they get much more valuable results. Ex) IOC(International Olympic Committee) Exists for public good. • In game also, Not only reputation does maintain the player to keep play the game, But also it gives much more valuable results to player. Ex) Hardcore gamer acquires reputation and be a pro-gamer. No one can easily be the pro-gamer if „Reputation‟ is not „Displayed‟
  9. 9. Results • As we reviewed, Organization‟s strategies / Promotions / Managements are based on „Game theory‟ • Game theories are also applied to War, Psychology, Industry, Tourism, etc. • It is important to understand in which else we can apply this theory in order to „attract‟ people for (Public good / Revenue / Reputation / R&D / etc).
  10. 10. References Photos 8&aid=0000137492 Theories 『Gamification by Design』 - Gabe Zichermann, Christopher Cunningham