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Mining The Social Web Ch2.Microformat

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  1. 1. Ch.2 Micro-formats (Semantic Markup and Common Sense Collide) 2011. 10. 22 chois7911년 10월 22일 토요일
  2. 2. Introduction • A Web-based approach to semantic markup • Important step forward • Provide an effective mechanism for embedding “smarter data” into web page • Easy for content authors to implement • ex) XFN, geo, hRecipe, hReview... • Increased role in social data meshups11년 10월 22일 토요일
  3. 3. Micro-formats example11년 10월 22일 토요일
  4. 4. XFN and Friends • XFN(XHTML Friends Networks) • Most popular micro-format • Identifying relationships by including a few keywords in the rel attribute of an anchor tag. • Commonly used in blogs or blogroll • example •11년 10월 22일 토요일
  5. 5. A Breath-First crawl of XFN Data(1/4) • Pseudocode for a breath-first search • Useful for social situation • To identify mutual friend11년 10월 22일 토요일
  6. 6. A Breath-First crawl of XFN Data(2/4) • BeautifulSoup package • easy_install BeautifulSoup •11년 10월 22일 토요일
  7. 7. A Breath-First crawl of XFN Data(3/4) - IMG11년 10월 22일 토요일
  8. 8. A Breath-First crawl of XFN Data(4/4) - IMG11년 10월 22일 토요일
  9. 9. Brief analysis of breadth- first techniques(1/3) • Two consideration for an algorithm • Efficiency and effectiveness • Or performance and quality • Standard performance analysis • Worst case time and space complexity • The breadth-first approach is essentially a breadth-first search11년 10월 22일 토요일
  10. 10. Brief analysis of breadth- first techniques(2/3) • Breadth-first search • Both the time and space complexity can be bounded in the worst case by bᵈ • b: the branching factor of the graph • d: depth11년 10월 22일 토요일
  11. 11. Brief analysis of breadth- first techniques(3/3) • Mission accomplished? • Final consideration in analysis is the overall quality of the results • Slight variations in URLs result in multiple nodes potentially appearing in the appearing for the same person • ex),년 10월 22일 토요일
  12. 12. Geo-coordinates: A Common Thread for just About Anything • Geo data is ubiquitous and plays a powerful part in too many social mashups. • The device between “real life” and “life on the web” continues to close11년 10월 22일 토요일
  13. 13. Wikipedia Articles + Google Maps = Road Trip(1/2) • Geo is one simplest and most widely used micro-formats • Two techniques for describing Geo • A slew of popular sites use geo and micro-formats to expose structured data in their pages • Wikipedia,Yahoo! Local, MapQuest Local ...11년 10월 22일 토요일
  14. 14. Wikipedia Articles + Google Maps = Road Trip(2/2)11년 10월 22일 토요일
  15. 15. Slicing and Dicing Recipes - Food Network • hRecipe • micro-format for food recipe •년 10월 22일 토요일
  16. 16. Collecting Restaurant Reviews - Yelp • hReview • micro-format for reviews •년 10월 22일 토요일
  17. 17. Summary • Remember that micro-formats are a way of decorating markup to expose specific types of structured information • HTML5’s micro-data • HTML5 specification used to nest semantics within existing content on web pages • microdata.html11년 10월 22일 토요일