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  1. 1. Gamification By Jace
  2. 2. What is Steam? Valve Corporation’s Game Publishing Service. This is not a Game Software. – Online Game Publishing System. This is not a Offline Package Sale. - Online Download Service.
  3. 3. What is Gamification? GAME THINKING GAME MECHANICS ENGAGE USERS SOLVE PROBLEMS “The process of game-thinking and game mechanics to engage users and Solve problems.”
  4. 4. Gamification in Steam Steam Adopted Gamification Marketing Methods.
  5. 5. Points 1)Personal Points -Buy New Games -Clear Game Missions 2)Social Points -Number of Friends -Comments Counts
  6. 6. Badges If You Want To Get Unique Badge, You Should Clear Some Difficult Mission You Can Collect Badges and Show Off Your Game Talent.
  7. 7. Engagement Loops Powerful and Irregular Discount Price. Users Connect to Steam EVERYDAY EVERYDAY for checking prices and enjoying games.
  8. 8. Reference Book Gamification by design - By Gabe Zichermann, Chrisopher cunningham Web Sites